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See the sample sop for computer science with work experience. In this sample sop for computer science engineering, you will see how different facts are put together and how the paragraphs are logically getting connected.


Standing at the present juncture of my life, when I look back at the previous academic tenure, I have a strong feeling that I have been racing against time. I would say that I have always shared an intense passion for computer science, and my quest for knowledge in this particular bandwagon has been deepened by an intense level of passion and fascination which I used to share anything that was closely or remotely connected with the realm of computers. I can still recollect the memories of the cozy afternoons; I spent playing myriads of computer games with the dedication of a staunch devotee. I believe those cozy moments do have a persuasive role to play in implanting a deep seated love for crucial components of computer science, namely coding and programming language. Since childhood, I had fallen so much in love with computers that I felt I could spend hours in front of it without feeling fatigued or disgusted. Being a student in this discipline has been a total fun experience which helped me to look at the very spectrum of my life with a value added perspective.

The world of computer science is replete with a flurry of activities that allows you to unleash your creative streak. This is the faith which kind of charmed me to the majestic realm of computer science since my school days. As time flew by, I started getting more enamored with CS. All these years of my formative years, which I chose to spend in ECE, multiple projects as well as full time vocations in my core domain, I made my efforts to achieve optimal range of success in whatever aim I pursue.

MS in Computer Science is likely to add wings to my overall career aspirations and big moves, which I have painstakingly sketched for the last few years. It will surely be a chance to enhance whatever vital knowledge I could garner while pursuing Electrical & Computer Engineering, in B Tech. During my B Tech years, I was somehow convinced that I would be able to veer my Enthusiasm, patience, dedication, and the zeal for experimental activities in the right direction provided I opt for an MS in my discipline. It will actually serve as a perfect option to validate my passion towards my core domain. As I had always opted passionately for a respectable and rewarding stand in life, I have always been more than meticulous in terms of finetuning my skillsets with pristine and unprecedented dedication. In order to add an extra force to my understanding of the field I even went for additional coursers on crucial subject s like Java. While doing so I was chiefly motivated by the idea of preparing myself years in advance. My ECE days have been a stormy phase when I was trying to give my best to grow from strength to strength.

During my school days , I remember my role to be that of a consistent performer. I have managed to maintain it all throughout. It was this phase when I was getting a strong grip over maths and science. I happened to be a part of a school project in bio diversity which got me accolades at National Science Congress. During this phase, I was also into extra curricular activities such as dancing, debate and poetry. I was adorned with accolades and awards for these creative feats.

When my academic endeavor was being addressed emphatically I thought I had found my calling on the very occasion and decided to make my move for ECE engineering. During my BTech days at the famed Rayat and Bahra Institute of Engineering and BioTechnologies, I could nurture my soft skills and leadership capabilities apart from sharpening my strength in core areas such as crucial CS subjects such as  Data structures, divergent aspects of Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming keeping a compliance with C++, Computer Networks, Operating System as well as Computer Graphics. While pursuing my passion, I made it a stringent point to pay attention to all nuances of my academic discipline. May be, this is the chief reason, I was able to raise my test scores in my college exams, which has eventually garnered significant accolades for my feats. To come closer to my aspirations, I was working hard as well as smart. I focused majorlynon analyzing the question patterns, got inputs from my seniors, emphasized on gathering hardcore research materials and continued with solving critical questions at a stretch. This really proved helpful in scoring god grades. As I was studying in depth and acquiring knowledge of the aforesaid subjects, the desire to go for a full-length MS was taking a more prominent shape in my mind. In spite of opting for the ECE, I believe I have always nurtured a soft spot for software engineering. I honed up my innate skill sets in the CS subjects b applying for regular courses from revered training academies and opting for CS projects.  It is imperative to add in this regard that I attained the 3rd position in intra-college event for delivering a presentation on “Manifestation of engineering and its importance day to day life”.

As I successfully completed my ECE, a new opportunity pop up in the form of an internship at Moojic. I would love to state that it was kind of a game changer for me. This was the specific phase which actually smoothened my transition to computer science by paving the road to salvation. Before Moojic happened I was like a lonely flute, but life at Moojic helped me mingle with the like minded souls. As I hailed from ECE background, I had to endure a lot of initial hiccups trying to cope up with the core web development and app development process. However, I somehow managed to tide over the challenges, as I had done a short course in Java as well as OOPS technology. Very soon things started falling in groove. I started acquiring new skill sets and even made myself indispensable with some of the core app development projects. This was the phase when I tended to learn in depth about HTML and graduated in advancing my knowledge in this field as well. That stint with Mojic kind of changed the course of my career and brought me into the midst of a domain which was more challenging as well as rewarding.

When it was time for me to give a sturdy and well thought kick start to my career, my journey brought me to the boorstep of Directi. This is where I started getting the real vibe. Directi was the workplace where I had a stint of a productive 2.5 years and sharpened my skill sets. It was a meaningful vocation for me as I could essay the role of a frontend engineer over here.  I graduated in gathering my experience as a platform engineer along with the highly famed Express payment division. It is crucial to note in this regard that I managed to work on various important projects, giving solo performance during this stint. I would like to touch upon one crucial project which is Touch POS. The solutions whichnI devised happened to be installed in Cisco as well as Wipro. The project was like a valuable feather added to my cap.

As of now, I seek an entry to a respectable academic establishment wherein I will be in touch with the best brains who nurture budding talent and turn them into hardcore professionals. I believe my stint with this academic establishment is going to be a goldmine of knowledge and experience in the true sense of the term. The distinctive knowledge, which I will be adorned with while studying in this reputed University, will be helpful in future years when I will look for professional and personal enrichment. I have been an outstanding performer all throughout my life, and that’s exactly what I intend to maintain here as well. This is one place where my inclinations towards computer science meet the perfect validation.