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Letter of Motivation for Masters in Germany – A Guide for 2023

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Are you heading to Germany to do your masters? Well done! German training and German qualification can boost your career prospects. However, when you intend to study in Germany, a convincing letter showing why you intend to study in Germany must be included in your application. In this blog, we are excited to share our professional expertise, insights and tips on this with you on this. This blog will help you understand: 

  • How to write a letter of motivation for masters in Germany? 
  • Differences between a letter of motivation and a personal statement and SOP
  • Sample letter of motivation for masters in Germany

What is a Letter of Motivation for Masters in Germany?

A letter of motivation for masters in Germany is an official post graduation (MS) application document for admission to German universities and colleges. Through this document, students can convince the admission officers about their intentions for choosing the said program.

Importance of Motivation Letter for Masters in Germany

  • It helps you show your genuine interest in the program. 
  • It enables you to demonstrate how your background aligns with the program. 
  • It gives you a chance to demonstrate your communication skills.
  • It lets you show how you stand out from other applicants 
  • It allows you to provide contextual examples and evidence for your claims.
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Letter of Motivation vs SOP vs Personal Statement – the Key Differences

Though a letter of motivation, personal statement and statement of purpose are used interchangeably in some countries, Germany strictly differentiates them. Here are the differences. 

Letter of Motivation

A letter of motivation is known as “motivationsschreiben” in Germany. It is asked for a variety of contexts such as higher studies, jobs and scholarships. You will receive specific guidelines regarding this document from the concerned German organization. In the case of masters in Germany, by your college or university. The purpose is to convince the recipient that you are fit for the program in terms of your earnest interest, goals, skills, and strengths that align with the program. Write it concisely in a well-structured manner. 

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

An SOP is mostly asked in an academic context, especially when you intend to apply for graduation. Three major areas that you are expected to give more focus on in an SOP are your academic background, career aspirations and research experience/interest. You can write an LOM or personal statement focusing on your sheer interest in the program. On the other hand, you need to have carried out intensive research about the program, its scope, the institute etc for an SOP. 

Personal Statement

Personal Statement is a document which is intended to let an applicant share his/her personal background, aspirations and experiences. The key difference between a personal statement and letter of motivation is that it is not limited to a specific set of guidelines by the institute. The applicant can have the freedom to dive into their personal journey more deeply and provide their experience and show how those experiences moulded their decision.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Masters in Germany?

Here is a simple and practical approach to writing a letter of motivation for masters in Germany. Complete each step and proceed to the next. 

Get a clear overview of the program requirements

Get to know as deeply as possible about the masters program in Germany, your expectations, the institute, key requirements, format, word count etc. Make sure that you understand each of these well before starting to write the letter.

Understand the formatting guidelines

It is important to get a clear picture regarding the word count. Adhere to the following instructions: 

  • Word count: Write it in about 500 words. 
  • Font style: Use any academic font – Times New Roman or Ariel
  • Font size: Set the font size to 12 points. 
  • Paragraph: Divide the letter into multiple paragraphs – introduction, body and conclusion. 

Familiarize yourself with the format


Begin the letter by writing an introduction which attracts the attention of your reader and reveals who you are, which masters program you are pursuing, and how excited you are about this. 


You will briefly tell about your academic background such as what you have studied and how that has prepared you for the course you are applying to. 

Work Experience

If you have any work experiences, write about them and show how you contributed, what you gained from the experience and how both align with this academic program. 

Motivation and Goals

This is the core part of your letter. Explain your genuine reasons for choosing this particular masters program and how that is going to help you in the future. Briefly talk about your career aspirations too. 

Why Study in Germany

Explain your reasons for choosing this institute for your masters program and also specify why it is important for you to study in Germany and not any other country. 

What you can bring to the table

Explain how you can contribute to the institute using your extracurricular skills, for instance, communication skills. 


Conclude your letter reiterating the main points you discussed and expressing how positively and enthusiastically you are looking forward to your admission. 

Proofread and validate

Once you are done with the writing, go back to your letter to the start and proofread it word by word. Check for any issues with spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Letter of Motivation for Masters in Germany Sample

Take a look at this letter of motivation for masters in Germany sample PDF to learn how to piece together different points or thoughts pertaining to your academic and professional life. Remember to use the sample only for reference and not for modifying or copying.

Download Letter of Motivation for Masters in Germany Sample PDF

Five Important Factors to Remember While Writing Your LOM for Masters in Germany

  • Do not skip any questions you are being asked to address by the admission panel. 
  • Try to be genuine and bring your personal touch. Avoid sounding like someone you are not. 
  • Write in an active voice and present your points in simple terms avoiding technical jargon. 
  • Stay away from repeating what is already in your academic CV or application documents. 
  • Seek a second opinion before submitting the letter since it helps you improve it further.
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Tips for Crafting a Compelling Motivation Letter for Popular Courses in Germany

You need a compelling motivation letter to study in Germany, no matter which course you study. Here are the basic tips for crafting LOM for the top academic programs in Germany.

Automotive Engineering

  • Write a unique letter of motivation for masters in automotive engineering in Germany. 
  • Proofread your letter carefully before submitting it. 
  • Make sure that your letter aligns with the program expectations.

Electrical Engineering

  • Maintain a positive tone throughout your motivation letter for masters in electrical engineering in Germany. 
  • Do not exceed the recommended word count which is about 500 to 800 words. 
  • Cross-check the program details before starting to write your letter.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Start your letter of motivation for masters in mechanical engineering in Germany by giving a brief about yourself. 
  • Provide realistic examples or evidence to show how strongly you are motivated in mechanical engineering. 
  • Do not write anything in the letter that reveals you are lying.

Process Engineering

  • Prepare your letter of motivation for masters in Process Engineering in Germany in advance. Do not wait until the last minute. 
  • Include a personal experience to show how you got attracted to process engineering. 
  • Keep your letter concise and straight to the point.


  • Before starting your motivation letter for MBA in Germany, read elaborately about the program. 
  • Write your letter in a professional tone avoiding cliches, idioms and colloquial expressions. 
  • Be certain to use the correct formatting and structure.


  • Maintain positivity and confidence in your motivation letter for MSC nursing in Germany. 
  • Show how you got interested in healthcare and nursing. 
  • Write explicitly about your reasons for choosing to study in Germany.
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Did you find this blog helpful? 

Use our professional tips, insights and formats shared in this blog to write a powerful letter of motivation for masters in Germany. 

And in case you come across any doubts as you write, feel free to raise them here, in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is a Letter of Motivation for German Student Visa?

A letter of motivation for German student visa is a document that applicants for a German student visa need to include in their application. Through this document, candidates get a chance to prove their points regarding their motivation for choosing to study in Germany.

How to write a motivation letter for university in Germany?

First of all, you need to learn about the university, the program and the expectations. Once you know these, you can draft an outline for your letter and then improve each sentence or point one by one. Take a moment to review the sample letter of motivation for masters in Germany to get a rough idea. Also, use the tips, formats and strategies shared in this blog to help yourself write the letter impressively.

Do I need to write a motivation letter for scholarship in Germany?

Yes. Scholarship is one of the three main reasons why you need an LOM in Germany, the other two being higher education and job. In your motivation letter for scholarship in Germany, you must tell why you are interested in this scholarship, why you deserve it and how you will utilize it to improve your horizons.



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