A miniscule spelling mistake in your copy is as effective in busting your dreams as the prick of a safety pin on a puffed up balloon. All your efforts at creating an impact gone in a “POP”!

Worried? Don’t be.
We are at your service.

So, why get your writings copy-edited?

Even if a copywriter in India puts his utmost efforts into creating the perfect article or copy, it is impossible that he or she will be able to notice every tiny error that crops up in the write-up. Though proofreading is important for any write-up, copy editing is an incredibly vital stage as it enhances the value of your article. It is done after the write up is complete and is in its final form. It comprises of the final round of editing and make-up that will help earn for your writing the respect and attention it deserves.

Why us?

As a copywriter in India for more than 7 years I am well versed with the requirements and expectations of a wide spectrum of clients from around the globe. With that kind of experience to back me up, my copy editing service in India will ensure that the writing in your work is correct, concise, consistent, comprehensible and clear. Or in other words, TOP-NOTCH.

I head a team of copy editors in India who step beyond mere sentence structure, spelling mistakes and errors in punctuation to point out inconsistencies and factual errors as well. They will suggest to you anything and everything that will serve the ultimate purpose of improving the quality of your work as per your specifications. You may rest assured in the knowledge that your work is in the safe hands of professionals who value you and your work just as much as you do. Our copy editors in India will ensure that your work is free of errors and ready for publication anytime.

I feel extremely concerned about achieving my clients’ objectives in a comprehensive manner; be it academic, professional or business need. Therefore, I along with my team thoroughly ensure to take into account every individual client’s editing requirement, specifications and purpose; before providing effective solutions to garner positive results. If you are looking to have customised copyediting services, then feel free to come to us. We are known to provide highly professional copy editing services at budget friendly prices. When compared to the copyediting rates of other agencies in the industry, you will find our copy editing services rates quite reasonable considering the impeccable quality of our works.

Workflow within our copyediting services

To carry the tag of the best copy editing services is a huge responsibility. We constantly focus on providing hassle-free copy editing services, so that our clients can attain their goals easily and without any worry. Thereby, we follow global standards and ethical practices along with contemporary editing techniques and strict time management. Here is a brief about our workflow that can be expected when you hire our copyediting services. Once you upload your document, an editor whose expertise matches your topic will be assigned to take care of the proofreading and editing. Next, a senior editor will do quality check by reviewing your document thoroughly. After that, your document will be delivered to you.

A Dedicated Workforce

The secret behind the success of our copyediting services is our strong work team. Being passionate about our profession, each one of us here are quite committed towards clients’ projects and strive hard to surpass their expectations by offering top-notch quality copy editing services. Whether it is freelance copy editing or contract basis project, we can efficiently handle any kind of task to benefit our clients. We have a separate team to handle clients’ queries and extend the right kind of assistance to serve varying copy editing purposes. We always aim to deliver quality output within the stipulated time, as stated by the client. Undoubtedly, one can expect to avail professional copyediting services that provide an impressive document in a quick turnaround time.

Hire our copy editing services

So far, we have successfully catered to the copyediting needs of diverse individuals, hailing from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. This has earned us an impressive portfolio, comprising of projects from varying topics, industries and complexity levels.

Considering this, you can approach us for hiring our copyediting services without any qualm. Interested to hire us? Contact us here.

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    Comprehensive Copyediting services

    We are grateful to have in our team, some of the best editors and proof-readers in the industry who are not only experienced and talented but also enjoy the work they do. And the passion reflects on the copyediting services that we provide. Being in this industry for long, we can adeptly undertake projects that fall under a wide range of categories. For instance, in academics section that include essays, dissertation, journal articles, admission essays, research papers, etc. In business, it can be legal documents, marketing collaterals, promotional materials, website content, etc. Furthermore, we can also handle documents in regards to magazine, blogs, cover letters, resumes or CVs and so on. Whether it is for long-term duration or freelance copy editing basis; we can extend copyediting services according to your needs and purposes.

    Not limited to proofreading and editing alone, we go an extra mile to make our clients’ documents perfect and impressive. And that includes checking for plagiarism, fixing the formatting, doing extensive reference work to add value to project’s content, improvising the design elements, content structuring, blending in the right keywords in website content and more. It would be cliché to state that our success lies in the happiness and ultimate satisfaction of our clients. However, we would like to stress on the fact that we are always driven up for achieving winning results and evolve better than other copy editing companies with our professionalism and quality works.

    We provide unduly consideration to clients’ overall requirements and customisation. In a way, it has led most of our clients to share a good and healthy rapport with us over the years. So, if you are looking for reliable copyediting services, then you can completely trust us.

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