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How to Write IGNOU Assignment in 2024?

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Are you new to IGNOU and wondering how to write your assignments for the selected program? Millions of students enrol in IGNOU courses each year, and the biggest challenge they face during their studies is preparing IGNOU handwritten assignments. There are specific formats and guidelines to follow for these assignments. In this blog, we aim to help you understand everything about this. We cover topics that include:

  • How to write IGNOU assignments? 
  • How to format IGNOU handwritten assignments? 
  • Samples of IGNOU assignments for reference
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What are IGNOU Handwritten Assignments?

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) requires students to prepare handwritten assignments as an essential part of their selected courses. These assignments fulfil three objectives: aiding students in comprehending the subject matter, preparing them for examinations, and evaluating their grasp of the subject.

How to Write Ignou handwritten assignments

How to Write IGNOU Assignment?

The first step in learning how to make IGNOU Assignment is understanding the specific requirements. For each assignment, you will receive specific instructions to follow. Following these guidelines, you should review the provided materials, take notes, develop an outline, and then write the assignment step by step.

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IGNOU Assignment Guidelines and Instructions

  1. Read the questions carefully to understand the word limit for your answer. Every answer must come within the specified word limit. 
  2. Go through a sample of IGNOU assignments before beginning your writing as it can provide you with an overview of the writing pattern as well as IGNOU assignment format. 
  3. Use an A4 size paper for writing your answers. You are free to choose between ruled or plain papers. 
  4. Avoid using low-quality or thin paper, as it can cause your writing to fade over time. Also, they are vulnerable to damage from moisture and other environmental factors.
  5. Keep a 4 cm left-side margin on your paper. This brings consistency and aesthetics to your paper and prevents your answers from getting concealed while binding. 
  6. Make sure that sufficient space is left between your answers for the evaluator to write comments.
  7. Do not reproduce the text from your course material in your IGNOU assignment paper. Write your unique answers resulting from the critical appreciation of the course material. 
  8. Before answering a question, read the unit where the answer lies to get an overview of the topic and take notes. Compose your answer in your own words with the help of these notes. 
  9. Don’t be too quick to create an outline for your answer. Use your critical analysis skills to understand the question and then draw your outline.
  10. If the IGNOU assignment questions want you to write long answers, make sure that you present your points in logical order based on the rationale of the questions. 
  11. Be careful with the introduction and conclusion you write for long answers. There shouldn’t be a contradiction between both. 
  12. After completing the writing, arrange your IGNOU assignment answers in the correct order and bind them in a paper file with a cover page that includes the course code written at the top. Ensure you use a separate paper file for each course. 
  13. Find out details about your study centre and its coordinator and make sure to send the finished assignment directly to them. 
  14. If you have requested the study centre change, do not submit your assignment until you get confirmation from the regional centre regarding your study centre change. 
  15. IGNOU does not accept typed assignments. Hence make sure you prepare IGNOU handwritten assignments and submit them. 
  16. Hand over the assignment in person if the study centre is near or send it by Speed Post. If you are opting for the latter, do not forget to take note of the speed post number. 
  17. Collect the receipt for your assignment submission if you are handing it over in person. 
  18. If you are unsure about your course code, find it out on the official IGNOU website and use the exact code only. 
  19. It is advised to enclose the IGNOU assignment question paper with your answers.
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IGNOU Assignment Cover Page and First Page Format

IGNOU assignment cover page format is an area most students fail to pay attention to. 

It must be in alignment with the specific guidelines the university has prescribed. Note that the following information is supplied while finalizing your IGNOU assignment first page. 

  • At the top of your cover page, write your:

Enrolment No



  • In the middle of the page, mention your:

Program Title

Course Title

Course Code

Regional Centre Code

Study Centre and Code

Phone No

Email Address

  • At the bottom of your IGNOU front page assignment, include the date and your signature. 
  • Use a plain A4 paper to record this information for the cover page or take a printout of the cover page format PDF from the IGNOU website and neatly fill in the required details in the respective fields.
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Tips On How to Write IGNOU Assignment

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind while writing your IGNOU assignments. Adhering to this will ensure that your evaluator assesses it properly, giving you the best possible marks. 

Clarity and Focus:

Ensure that you present your answers clearly without deviating or losing focus on the question.


Write your answers incorporating relevant and up-to-date information, which will enhance the credibility of your response.


Bring accuracy in the information you provide and in the overall presentation. Write in simple language, free from grammatical or spelling errors.


Be aware that you are expected to analyse a question and the reference materials to formulate your own answers, rather than simply rephrasing them plainly.

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How to Submit IGNOU Assignments? 

You can submit your IGNOU handwritten assignments both offline and online. Here are the steps for each. 

IGNOU Offline Assignment Submission

  • Visit your IGNOU study centre and personally hand over your assignments to the coordinator.
  • Obtain a receipt for your assignment submission and retain it for future tracking or verification purposes.
  • Alternatively, you can courier your assignments to the study centre. Obtain the postal address from the coordinator or the IGNOU website and send them via speed post or courier service.
  • Remember to collect the tracking ID from the respective courier or postal service.
  • Ensure that you comply with the IGNOU assignment date for submission.  

IGNOU Online Assignment Submission

  • Scan all your handwritten assignments and convert them into PDF files. 
  • Visit the IGNOU website and navigate to your regional centre’s portal from the Regional Network in the main menu. 
  • Login to your student portal account, choose the program, assignments and other required information – enrolment number, regional centre code etc. 
  • Upload the scanned copies of your assignments. 


Now you’re well-informed on how to write IGNOU assignments, along with formatting and submission. 

Do you have any additional questions or doubts about any of the topics we’ve covered here? 

If so, we are more than willing to assist. Feel free to post your questions in the comments section, and we will respond promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do I need to write the questions in IGNOU assignments?

    No, it is not necessary to write the questions in your assignment answers as long as you attach the IGNOU assignment question paper to it. 

  2. How many pages should I write for 20 marks?

    It depends on the word count you are aiming for on each page. Evaluators consider the number of words written for a question rather than counting the pages. Typically, a 20-mark question may require around 500 words. If you can fit 100 words on a page, you will need to write five pages to reach that word count.

  3. What is the last date to submit assignments in IGNOU?

    Please note that the IGNOU assignment submission deadline varies depending on the program and the session you are enrolled in. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to your specific academic calendar or visit the official IGNOU website for precise information.

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