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An Innovative Website Design Company to Amplify Your Online Game

Today, websites play an important role in helping businesses establish their credibility. More and more businesses are starting to use their websites as the visual story of their brand. But not any website will help you. It is estimated that more than 90% of people stay on a website owing to the quality of the website design. Similarly, a website’s credibility is directly influenced by its design. To be precise, about 75% of it. Therefore, a lot of innovative strategies and creativity must go into the website’s design. And that’s exactly why we at Anjit VS and Team bring tailored web design services to you. 

Let Our Professional Website Designer Revamp Your Website

At Anjit VS and Team, we have brought together a handpicked team of the best website builders to provide our clients with the best services. We understand that what your website needs is not just a pretty face but the magical power to keep the visitors staying on it and exploring it. We make that happen by: 

How Responsive Web Design Improves User Experience and Helps Your Online Visibility?

When you consider website design and development, one important area to emphasize is responsive website design. Why is it so important? Discover how a responsive website developed by our best website makers would benefit you. 

Improves Webpage Experience

Whether your customers surf your web pages on their mobile device or their desktop, the pages must be optimized to provide them with a positive experience. Responsive designs ensure this and drives you results

Minimizes Repair Expenditure

By way of integrating responsive designs, you can cut short on the web design cost for repairing the pages through complicated codes or making them work on different screen sizes.

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Traffic and Lead Generation

Statistics show that 85% of the successful online transactions take place on responsive web pages that work seamlessly across all screen sizes and devices. Responsive designs attract more website traffics and leads.

Quick Visibility Through SEO

Google’s latest algorithms require responsiveness of the website layout design as a ranking factor. Search Engine Optimization has a huge impact on your online visibility and digital marketing success.

Discover What Makes Our Web Designing Services Stand Out

Our web design services are tailored to enable you to make the optimal use of your website in digital marketing efforts. From SEO to coding to website development, our services cover every scope and aspect of your website. Explore the exceptional features of our services below. 

Brilliant Customization

We put a sincere effort into customizing your website as per your industry's best practices and standards, allowing you to stand out among your target audience.

Motion Graphics Integration

Creators at our website development company are experts at integrating motion graphics and elevating your website appeal thereby leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Social Media Handle and Chat Integration

We enable you to connect seamlessly with your audience through integrated social media handles and live chat functionality. By real-time engagement and communication through these features, you can create trust.

SEO Integration

Our online website creators thoroughly understand SEO. They would integrate SEO-friendly elements into your website design to enable its ranking on Google’s search results.

Revisable Coding

We follow a revisable coding approach throughout our website designing process. This enables you to make easy modifications or add updates to improve the website's flexibility and responsiveness.

Intuitive Blog Entry

Through an intuitive blog section, we allow you to engage your visitors. The user-friendly blog interface brilliantly designed by our website designers makes it effortless to explore and interact with the blog content.

Straightforward Inquiry Form

We simplify your communication with your website visitors with a straightforward inquiry form. Through this form, they can easily connect with you specifying their needs and get tailored support from you.

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Up-to-Date and Skilled Team

Our web page designers are up-to-date on the trends and innovations in website designing services. Whether it is the UI/UX designing of the website or the diverse screen sizes – we bring the best inputs.

Customer Support and Guidance

You will find us the most reliable website design company at every stage of your interaction with us. We follow a customer-centric approach in delivering our services and clarifying your concerns.

Tight Quality Assurance

As the top website builders for small businesses, we have put in place an excellent method for quality assurance incorporating client feedback and insights. We ensure web design and development as per your unique tastes.

Transparent Project Planning

With our web designing company you will have complete information as to what is going on. Our online website builders will give you the roadmap of the process as we begin and keep you in the loop throughout.

Why Choose Anjit VS And Team For Your Web Page Design and Development?

Anjit VS and Team consist of experienced website designers who have exposed themselves to the most sophisticated styles, methods and practices of website designing and development. We give you the following promises, letting you justify ‘why choose us.’

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Discover Our Versatile Web Design Services Under One Roof

We are a one-stop shop for all types of web design websites. The creative web developers and designers we have can fulfil any design requirement you have. Discover some major services offered at our web dev company. 

Website Design for Small Businesses

Tailored solutions by our website design agency fulfil the unique requirements for small businesses. We ensure that the designs are perfectly in alignment with your brand identity and goals.

E-commerce Websites

We make customized and good website designs for your online storefronts to enable you to showcase products appealingly. Our unique approach helps optimize your user experience and boost sales.

Landing Page Design

 Our engaging landing pages would trigger your conversion opportunities. We strategically design them giving you the best chances to tap into the interests and tastes of your potential visitors. 

Portfolio Websites

We have website creators to make dynamic and visually appealing portfolio websites to help you showcase your accomplishments as a professional or entrepreneur. We assist clients across various industries in this. 


Our affordable website design services include wireframing. It is the process of strategically planning and visualizing the layouts and structure of websites. It helps user experience and easy navigation. 

Blog Website Design

We make creative blog designs to help you publish blogs periodically and thereby establish your thought leadership and audience interaction. Our website layout for blogs prioritizes content readability. 

Homepage Design

Homepage design is an integral part of creating a captivating website. Our specialized website design & development team would follow the best standards of intuition and aesthetics to create homepages with a lasting impression. 

Website Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to our clients. We are committed to ensuring seamless functionality and maximum security of your website. Through this, our website design company will ensure your complete peace of mind. 

Shopify Web Design

Shopify web design is among the top features that make us the best web design agencies globally. Through this customized service, we tailor your e-commerce business website to accommodate changes that happen as a result of your scaling process. 

WordPress Website Design

 Our WordPress website creation involves creating a scalable WordPress website to meet your unique business needs. We combine functionality with aesthetics to give you the best website experience.

Website Redesign Services

 Website redesign is the process of strategically modifying or revamping an existing website as it has been found less effective. In addition to improving website design and SEO, we focus on its visual appeal, usability, and overall performance.

Corporate Website

Through our sophisticated website design for company or corporate, we let you strongly establish your corporate entities without losing their brand identity. 

Hire A Freelance Web Designer Near You

If you’re in search of a web designer near me, you’ve come to the right place. Look to us for expert services; we’re located nearby you and glad to assist you.

Our Global Presence as the No. 1 Website Creation Company

Anjit VS and Team has established its dominance among website development agencies across the world. If you are like I would rather work with the web page designers near me rather than randomly picking one online, our services are for you. We serve in but not limited to:









New Zealand

Saudi Arabia

Engage Our Website Designers for Projects Across Diverse Industries

Find experienced web developers to work on your projects irrespective of industry differences. We boast expertise in over 100 industry verticals ranging from healthcare to finance to marketing to sports and more in the list. 


Education and eLearning

Travel and Tourism

Finance and Banking

Technology and Consultancy

Real estate web design

Marketing website design

Corporate website design

Ecommerce website 

Logistics and Transportation

Hospitality and Entertainment



Law firm website design

Medical website design

Food and Beverage

Upgrade Your Digital Profile by Bringing on Board the Best Website Designers

Improving your online reputation begins with optimising your digital profile. Our team of expert websites builders stands ready to fulfil your demands exactly as you wish. Contact us to get started today.

The Streamlined Process Behind Our Premier Web Design Services



 The first step is your discovery of us which starts with a kick-off call. Our executives will verify your requirements for a good web design. Once the expectations are set and the payment is completed, our experts will dive into your project.



We conduct detailed research into your competitors, industry standards, SEO sides, target audience, user persona and several other aspects. We note down each point to prepare a realistic roadmap, KPI and goal list.



The planning phase encompasses various aspects: site planning for structure, UX/UI design planning for user experience, and integration of style guides for consistent visual identity across the project.



In the execution phase, we implement the preset plans with a focus on bringing the concepts to life. We work in collaboration with you throughout the development, design, and deployment stages to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

What People Say About Our Web Designing Services

Popular Questions on Website Designing


Please note that the cost of website designing varies depending on factors like the number of pages that need to be designed, the project complexity and the urgency level. For instance, the cost for a project involving our WordPress designers might be different from what it is for another which is done in a different environment or to design portfolio website. If you wish to get an estimated price quote, contact us today and tell us what you are specifically looking for.


The turnaround time to design and develop a website varies depending on the number of pages you want to get designed. There are small websites with as low as 5 pages to large websites with over 20 pages. We usually deliver a project ranging between 5 to 10 pages in 7 business days. 


It is recommended to keep your website in alignment with industry trends, updates and the latest innovations taking place. If you don’t keep pace with those changes, your website can look outdated and potentially cause losing your customer’s trust. An annual assessment of the website will help you know if your website is up-to-date. 


No. Website designing is the process of designing web pages such as the home page, about us page, product and service page, blog page etc. It focuses on the usability and aesthetics of those pages. On the other hand, website development involves developing a website from scratch by incorporating the designed pages and integrating them with functionality and coding. 


Yes, upon project delivery, we will hand over the complete copyright ownership of your website design to you. 


Yes, we offer website maintenance services alongside web design. However, it is offered as a standalone service. Our streamlined website maintenance services would help you ensure the safety, optimal performance and regular updation of the site.


Yes, we can provide content writing services once your website is ready. We have experienced content writers with expertise in diverse industries. They can write compelling content that suits your website’s unique design, needs and goals.

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