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Privacy Policy for Anjit VS Writer’s website

The content here covers Anjit VS Writer’s policy adhering to the nature, use,purpose and sharing of any information collected via this website.

  • The information one provides on this website will be used only for its designated purpose
  • There is complete assurance toprotect your information consistently. Submitting information is strictly by choice. By doing so, you are giving the permission to use the information for the designated purpose.
  • If you don’t wish to give the permission to use your information then kindly don’t do so.
  • Nevertheless, there will be no guarantee to provide precise information and efficient service in case there is absence of relevant information from your end.
  • The information would never ever be collected for commercial purposes.
  • No information will be ever leaked out or shared with any government organisation or unless requested by law. Similarly noinformation will be disclosed to any private organization.
  • Likewise never will be an individual profile be created in this website.
Automatically Collected Information

Through my website, I seek to collect and store certain technical information about your visit on temporary basis, in regard to site management and security purposes. Such as:

  • The internet domain and IP address from which you access my website
  • The type ofbrowser and operating systemsused to access my website
  • The date and time that you access my site as well as the URLs of the pages you visit.
  • Username, in case it was used to log in into my website.
  • The URL of the site through which you visited my website will also be stored temporarily.

All these is only to help me to serve you better and make your visit to this website worthwhile. The information will give me an account of the number of visitors on my website as well as the kinds of technology which are being used by my visitors. Never will I attempt seek to identity individual users nor their usage habits, unless in extreme case of investigationsby authorized lawmakers. In regard with site management and security, the raw data logs will be retained temporarily.

Tracking & Customization via Cookies

As you maybe knowing cookie is a small file in your computer that is created when you use a website and it is capable of storing particular data, sharing details with the website about your session and specific information about your computer. However no other website can access to this. Also cookies are of two kinds such as, session cookies which have limited duration until you close your browser and persistent cookies which will store data on your system for longer time. It is my assurance that my website will be using only session cookies for the sake of enhanced navigation within the website, to customise your preferences or for other technical purposes. Yet, in some cases my website may also access the persistent cookies which will benefit for further visits in future. I vouch that in no such circumstances; your information will be shared with any public entity. You can always choose to change your privacy settings to avoid storing any kind of cookies in your systems. But this might affect seamless functioning of my website.

Personal Information

At times my website will be liable in requesting personal information such as forms or when you email me. Such data will be used only for relevant purposes like to give my acknowledgement or extend my services or information that you may have requested. My website will never ever ask you for any kind of sensitive details like credit card number, bank information or banking password. In order to understand your interests or to generate users’ engagement, you may have to share information via feedback, polls or questionnaire.

Children’s Information

Adhering to Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), my website will not collect any information either about you or your child, besides those mentioned in earlier section, unless you choose to share with us. If at all my website requires collecting information about a child under thirteen years of age, guidelines and instructions as per COPPA rules will be issued by that particular website page that collects information about the child. I encourage parent’s involvement. Hence, I would request the parents’ email address additionally to help their child; in matters of responding time and subscription formalities. In case the child of under thirteen years of age needs to share personal information (to receive poster or for school project assistance), it will be immediately deleted once the purpose is served. If at all my website needs to retain those personal details, I will seek permission from respective parents beforehand.

Policy for opting out

My website gives the liberty to user; to remove their information from my site’s database to avoid any future communications or disconnect from my services.

Notice of website security

This system employs software programs to ensure security of site, to check whether the web’s service is accessible for everyone, for proper traffic flow and to identify any illegal online malpractices. Unauthorised attempts to upload or modify information on my web server will be considered as punishable offence and also attract strict legal action.

Disclaimer over links and endorsement

My website involves many links created and maintained by third parties or public entities and this is to serve the purpose of my users as well as with a view get access to my services. In no way these links should be regarded as my endorsements. The user immediately is forwarded to the respective website page outside my domain page once they follow certain link on my site. The user is then subjected to the privacy and security policies of that particular site alone and my website will not be accountable for information collection practices of those sites.

Warranty & Disclaimer

I inform that my website and all the services and materials under it are provided by me without any kind of warranty, neither express, implied, statutory or otherwise including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. My website makes no warranty of the following facts that:

  • The site, its services or materials will meet your requirements or these will ensure precise, effective or reliable results.
  • The quality adhering to site or purchases made in regard to services or materials will be on par with your expectations.
  • Any kind of mistakes or flaws in the website, services or resources will be resolved. Similarly, the same may include technical errors, inaccuracies or typographical mistakes.
  • I would make changes to the website, materials and services at any time on my own discretion and without any notice. This also includes prices, details of any software or products mentioned.
  • The site, materials and services may be outdated; and I do not commit myself to update the same.

Copyrights over articles & learning materials

The copyrights of all the articles and learning materials on this website are solely upheld by me. Request prior permission from me is mandatory, with a view to reproduce these articles and content resources on book, magazine, web site, CD-ROM or any other mediums. It will be greatly appreciated if my name is included in the credits while doing so. A link back to this website must be incorporated, if the reproduction is via electronic media. Kindly get in touch with me in regard to reproduction permission.

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