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Are you fed up with not getting any leads despite your enormous time invested in SEO practices? Given today’s high competition, you need the best SEO services. At Anjit VS and Team, we assist businesses to see growth in measurable metrics as solid traffic and leads through a data-driven and result-focused approach. 

Why Hire SEO Experts from Anjit VS & Team?

More than an SEO agency, at Anjit VS and Team, we specialize in search engine optimization and marketing. We tailor SEO services for clients making sure that it not only translates into high traffic but also as valid leads. Here are a few reasons if you wonder why hire our search engine optimization consultants. 

professional seo agency to get more online visibility

Types of SEO Services We Offer

Anjit VS and Team is your one-stop shop for all types of SEO for companies and businesses. Discover our most sought-after services.

On-page SEO Services

Our on page SEO services consist of targeted efforts in optimizing the individual pages of your website. Content optimization, keyword research, inclusion of meta tag and meta description etc. are some key focuses in it. 

Off-page SEO Services

From social media campaigns to quality link building, we handle SEO on page and off page optimizations simultaneously to improve your website traffic. We help identify every possibility to tap into your ranking potential.

 Technical SEO Services

By incorporating innovative strategies and technical expertise, our SEO professionals will improve the technical posture of your SEO. From SEO site analysis to improving mobile optimization, we cover every aspect of it. 

Local SEO Services

We provide streamlined SEO consulting services to boost your local visibility and enable your brand name to pop up in local searches on Google My Business pages, Maps etc. with robust reviews. 

SEO Strategy Development

Our SEO optimization agency will help you develop a long-term strategy for your website’s gradual growth, persistence and achievement of measurable results irrespective of evolving trends or competition landscape. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

As a leader among SEO optimization companies, we consistently rely on CRO focused approach to services. With a thorough knowledge of customer behaviour, we make sure your website visitors take the desired actions.

professional seo experts to increase online visibility

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    Major Highlights of Our SEO Services

    As a paying customer, you might want to know what sets us apart from other search engine optimization companies. Here are the major highlights of our services. 

    Customized approach:

     Rather than delivering what we have on offer, we look into your website, figure out the necessities on a priority basis and tailor the SEO services.

    Ongoing support:

    We are an SEO company that you can rely on for ongoing support, whether it is adjusting the strategy for enhanced growth or streamlining SEO marketing goals.

    Reasonable price:

    We believe in delivering quality SEO optimization services to our clients while keeping the price tags budget-friendly.  

    Result-oriented services:

     Our search engine optimization consultants rely on a data-driven approach to craft services specifically for our clients. We ensure you achieve measurable results.

    Our SEO Company Thrives with a Global Client Base

    By consistently delivering high-quality SEO consulting services, prioritized to meet our clients' unique local needs, we've established a global network that you can benefit from.

    top seo company drive organic traffic

    Types of Businesses and Industries Benefiting from Our SEO Agency

    No matter what business model you have or the industry you belong to, we can improve your digital presence through streamlined search engine optimization marketing. 

    E-commerce businesses

    Our ecommerce SEO services cater to your diverse needs like marketplace integration, abandoned cart recovery and more, bringing powerful synergy. 

    Local business

    We help hundreds of local businesses get discovered by their potential customers by optimizing their Google My Business pages, visibility on Google Maps etc.

    Professional Services

    For professional services providers like lawyers, academic consultants, doctors, etc., we provide a variety of streamlined SEO services, empowering their authority. 


    Start-ups across all industries get that initial push they need to get known by potential customers through our up-to-date market analytics and data-driven SEO strategies.  

    B2B Companies

    Through powerful strategies, accurate keyword integration, and content optimization, we help B2B companies optimize their online presence and generate leads.

    Content Publishers

    Content publishers benefit from our SEO services by increasing their reader engagement and optimizing their content visibility. We drive their organic traffic growth. 

    Affiliate Marketers

    We assure higher success rates for affiliate marketers in increasing their affiliate sales and commission by enhancing their click-through rates and search engine visibility. 

    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

    SMEs that are looking for more sales growth by overcoming stiff competition can immensely benefit from our comprehensive SEO strategies and support. 

    Our Unique Approach to Crafting Your Search Engine Optimization Services

    From a detailed consultation to ongoing support, we follow a unique approach to crafting SEO services specifically based on your business priorities.

    Initial consultation and roadmap setting


    At first you will contact and share your SEO requirements with our consultants. After the initial assessment, we will set the roadmap for executing your site’s optimization. 

    Market analysis and competitor assessment


    Next, our research team will closely analyse your market, target audience and their touch points and competitors. These fundamental steps will help us define an impactful SEO strategy for your goals. 

    Keyword research and finalization


    Leveraging advanced keyword research tools, we will conduct comprehensive keyword research and finalize the most appropriate and relevant keywords based on search volume, competition etc. 

    Content strategy and optimization


    After assessing your website, industry and audience demography, we will finalize an appropriate content strategy. If you opt for content, we will involve our efficient SEO content writers to craft tailored and engaging content.

    SEO integration and monitoring


    Once the content is ready, we will update your website with current content and start implementing SEO covering on page, off page and technical sides. We will keep a close eye on the developments after the implementation. 

    Detailed reporting and ongoing support


    After monitoring the SEO performance over a specific period, we will generate a detailed report of it and send it for your review. We will provide ongoing support if you need services like periodical SEO assessment.


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      top seo services to boost your brand identity

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is meant by SEO Services?

      SEO services refer to professional services aimed at improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). Site analysis, competitor analysis, keyword search, content suggestion, link building on-page, off-page and technical SEO optimization etc. are major components involved in SEO services.

      What are the three major types of SEO services?

      The three major types of SEO services are on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. While on-page SEO focuses on improving the ranking potential of individual webpages, off-page SEO incorporates outside website activities such as link building and social media campaigns to boost the website’s trustworthiness. Technical SEO involves improving the technical aspects of a website such as structured data, site speed, crawling, mobile response etc.

      Do SEO services come under marketing?

      Yes. SEO services are a major part of digital marketing whose primary objective is to improve a website’s visibility, drive traffic, generate leads and thereby boost sales or business goals. So, the ultimate goal of SEO is to supplement marketing efforts.

      How much does it cost me to do SEO for my website?

      The cost of SEO services varies from project to project. Each project has a different scope, such as the number of pages needing optimization, whether content creation is included, and the type of services required. Contact us for a free consultation to get a precise price quote.
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