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I am Anjit VS, a freelance content writer in India. I do write for businesses, professionals and students. If my memories don’t deceive me I have always been obnoxiously addicted to the harmless gesture of scribbling down my thoughts. On a lighter note, I weigh nearly 220 pounds and I am dieting ever since my childhood days. 😉

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About Me

Being a freelancer offering best content writing services in India, I care to avail personalised approach all the while meeting the highest of corporate standards . Having written 67 lakhs + words for a wide variety of projects from diversified industries, I have always maintained my USPs as consistency in quality and fastest turnaround time.  Rather than using toughest ornamental or flowery language, I keep the content relevant, simple and valuable which is highly capable to serve the intended purpose. This makes me the top content writer in India. I may be biased or over confident but most of my previous clients opine so .

My journey towards becoming a freelance content writer online is full of interesting turns and twists.

Born and brought up in a remote village of Kerala, my bonding with nature and people around me has always been strong. However, my early childhood days were mainly confined to military quarters and schools in North India. The only friends I had were books; sleeping with lights on and an open book on me or by my side had been a routine. I always had a thing for words. Whatever I see, I look for the words on it; what they convey and the beauty in it.

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Ever since school days, I was a regular hunt for those in need of write-ups.

Standing at the threshold of choosing a professional course after School, the idea of becoming a freelance content writer India was not even imaginable. A career like content writing was in fact unknown to me or anyone related to me. As Information Technology was a booming sector back then, it was natural for me to opt for B-Tech with IT specialisation.

As semesters rolled by, the feeling of detachment from my present course of study started growing stronger within me. It seemed I was not made for an engineering career. I was not getting the drive needed to pursue it. The college was great but selecting B-tech in IT and not knowing how to code is something worst that can ever happen to a student in any Engineering college. My computer lab sessions were actually a nightmare for me. Thanks to one girl with blue eyes, loudspeaker voice 😉 but a big heart whose help I always had to save my face when the tutor comes to check.

Friends, I must say, always stood by my side. Only because of them, I completed my four years there. However, as a part of technical festivals, college magazine and arts fest, I had to write few scripts, articles and web contents. They always appreciated for whatever crap I wrote and it was quite motivating as it consoled me: I am also good in something. That time also I never had even the slightest of idea that I would ever become a freelance content writer in India.

In the final year, I somehow managed to get placement in an MNC as a technical support professional. But, by the time I finished the course tenure, I had started to literally hate coding, programming, algorithms and all such things that were meant for tech savvy mavens. I decided to reject the offer and to be very honest, after college, I was completely clueless regardless what to do ahead in life.

With nothing better to do at that point of time, I had to sit at home. This was one of the low phases of my life which made me more resolute and strong-willed. My parents could not come to terms with this decision of mine. This let them vent their anger and frustration on me which was quite genuine. For most of the day, I would keep myself shut behind closed doors and stare at an uncertain future. At this time, depression had gradually taken me in its grip. Believe me depression can do unimaginable damages to you. 🙁

Today, even when I am professionally established to such an extent that I am hired over many other content writer companies in India, those dark days of my life remind me every time when I feel stressed, overloaded or demotivated- this profession is my saviour and only because of this, I started earning a livelihood and even a respectable life with an identity . So, I do offer freelance content writing services India with complete passion, dedication and pleasure. I simply love this work and make sure that my clients too would love working with me again and again.

The Start of My Professional Journey as a Freelance Content Writer in India

It was in 2011 when I came across a lady through one of my friends; she had been outsourcing content writing services in India

This was the true turning point in my life. I never knew that writing skills can avail you a living.

I vividly remember the first content I had successfully delivered. It was an article on women’s bag which had to be written within 400 words. This content was the stepping stone for a creative endeavour that would change my entire life for good.

The idea of writing as a career had appealed to me so much that I decided to become a freelance content writer for hire in India.  It was the best decision I ever took in my life.

Daily, I had been writing 4000 words or more to hone my writing skills. Despite delivering so many words, I had never compromised on the quality and always delivered the best.

In due course of time, such rigorous application of myself for meeting deadlines and remaining eligible for further assignments started taking its toll on my health. The sedentary lifestyle had gradually sown the seeds of ailments like sciatica and cervical spondylosis. Medication and little exercise helped me slowly recover from these malaises.

My efforts were paying up as my freelance content writer profile started attracting the attention and interest of more numbers of clients. Back then in 2011, I had started earning about 11k – 12k per month by completing content writing tasks at a hectic pace.

Establishing My Brand Identity

Through various professional platforms , I started reaching out to newer clients looking to hire content writers online India. Rejections, sometimes humiliating enough, did come my way often but they could never break my spirit. Unflinchingly, I forged ahead with my eyes set firmly on the goal.

With the aim of expanding my outreach and bring in the best freelance content writers in India under one roof, it appeared to me prudent enough to migrate to a larger city and start my entrepreneurial voyage., I initially leased a 200 square feet office space in the port city of Kochi. In due course of time, I built a larger team and now I have two offices in the same building. To look after the daily affairs of business, I engaged an HR professional who interacts with clients, take orders and ensure timely delivery. Anyone contacting me will be managed by her.

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Though I run a company now, I always aspire to be the hallmark for freelance content writer in India by offering best work that surpass the existing benchmarks in this creative niche.

As a freelance content writer in India, I have always kept the needs and expectations of clients over and above monetary considerations. This has won me the trust and respect of clients over the years. Professional ethics holds higher priority for me as compared to short term gains.


If you are seeking answer to ‘where to find freelance content writer?’ or who can do perfect justice to your needs in a personalized and caring manner, your quest ends with me. You can hire the services of freelance content writer for website, blog, company profiles or any other content type. I will gladly help you out by delivering best content in cheap, affordable and qualitative manner, maintaining professionalism, affordability and quality.

Content writing services in India - My areas of expertise

With time, areas of my expertise kept on increasing and below you can see few of them. Thus inquires too increased and client base expanded. Serving everyone from every industry vertical single-handedly with same care and quality became almost infeasible. So, I decided to add some new dimension to my freelance content writing services India. The very first step was to hire some of the best content writers in Mangalore India. Many of them have either been a part of top content writing company or content writing agency in India. Selection process was strategic and stringent; I have only the best people with me. They are being trained regularly as well. We prepare case studies of clients for internal training purposes. My team now has a bunch of really creative and professional freelancers with intellects and flair for writing. They understand the customer psychology and the way all major search engines crawl text on any web page. We develop the content only after studying in detail about your business nature, competitors and the corresponding market trends.

Not content but your business is the KING and your best freelance content writer India is the KINGMAKER.  Having started as a freelancer and currently running a content writing agency (company), I have travelled through every turns and uphills to make sure that the words I provide can elevate the revenue and value of your business. Being well-versed in SEO and varied styles of writings, I can manage almost all of your writing assignments regardless of the industry and complexities involved. At the same time, if there comes a project that falls outside my comprehension and capabilities, I feel it ethical obligation to be frank and tell that – Sorry ! I may not be able to deliver perfection. If possible, I will refer other content writers from India who can help you better than me.

Making your business grow is not just my wish but my need as well. Only if you stay in the business, you will give me regular business. 😉

So, let’s grow together. 🙂

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