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Welcome to Anjit VS Malayalam to English translation services. We are a premium service provider for superior quality and exceptional translation services in Kerala. We can translate all types of your content from Malayalam to English without compromising the quality or the cultural nuances. As you come to us trusting our linguistic expertise, we are committed to serving you better with:

Why Choose Us for the Best Malayalam to English Translation Services?

If you are on the lookout for an established Malayalam to English translation service company that you can trust without any fear, we are the answer. Here are a few reasons to justify why you must choose us:

On-time delivery

We are bound to deliver your translation project on time accommodating your tight schedules. And while doing this, we are particular about not compromising on quality. 

Vast expertise

We take pride in being a translation service provider with vast industry expertise. From legal to medical to marketing to technology to literature, we cover a vast number of industries. 


We give you 100% assurance that any material that you share with us is kept confidential. We use advanced encryption protocols to deal with your documents. Your privacy is our priority. 


The success of a translation lies in accuracy. Our experienced Malayalam to English translators would meticulously review each word identifying its cultural significance and translate them correctly. 

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What Makes Us the No 1 Professional Malayalam to English Translator?

We are being noticed, contacted and hired by a growing number of new clients worldwide for exceptional Malayalam to English translator services. Our insistence on professionalism, which is evident in the following aspects, is the reason for this. 

Attention to detail

A minute fault in the selection of an appropriate word can result in a huge misrepresentation of an idea in the translation. We pay close attention to detail to avoid that.

Qualification of translators

Every translator working with us is highly qualified, experienced, and exposed to both languages.

Work ethics

The number one reason for our success is the work ethics we live by. We strive to make your experience pleasant and enriching through our dealings, policies and prices.

Professional editing and proofreading

After a project is successfully translated, it is meticulously proofread and edited by our senior team of Malayalam to English translate help.

Find the Best Malayalam to English Translator Online

Discover our unlimited Malayalam to English translation services. No matter you are not located here in Kerala, you can book our services online from anywhere in the world. Visit our website, scroll through the unique set of services we offer and click on the one that matches your requirements. To locate our help online, search ‘Malayalam to English translator near me’ and fill up the form.

Discover Our Comprehensive Malayalam to English Translation Services

Academic purpose is just one of the reasons for one to translate from Malayalam to English. Besides that, we offer a comprehensive range of translation services for a multitude of clients, localization companies, industries and various other purposes. Discover our full range of Malayalam to English meaning translation services below.

Malayalam to English translation services for academics

Our academic translation services are designed to help you translate Malayalam to English meaning of your academic materials and documents. 

Malayalam to English translation services for business

Business Translation Services

Through our business translation services, you can seamlessly translate your business documents, HR materials, product location content, website content etc. from Malayalam to English typing included. 

Malayalam to English translation services for professionals

As a professional, you would need to communicate with international audiences on various occasions and most of the time, it would involve relaying Malayalam sentence to English. Be it legal, technical, financial, medical or you name it, we can be of immense help. 

Our Distinctive Approach to Malayalam to English Translation Online

When you contact us for a Malayalam to English translation project, here is how we sort out your order, work it out and deliver it to you on time. 




You first contact us and tell us about your unique translation requirements, deadline, purpose etc. Based on this, we sort your project and quote you the price. 


Order confirmation

If you are willing to proceed, you make the payment and confirm your order following which we select for you an appropriate Malayalam to English translator. 


First draft review

Once our translator makes the first draft, we will share it with you for your review and feedback. We will proceed to the final draft based on your suggestions. 


Editing and proofreading

After the final draft is prepared, we will forward your project to our senior editorial team for meticulous editing and proofreading. 


Quality assurance

In addition to proofreading, we will carry out a number of additional quality assurance steps. This will help us ensure that the final copy is up to your expectations. 


Order delivery

We will deliver the completed project to you at the agreed-upon time. We give you an additional 24-hour time frame to raise concerns if you have any. 


Are You Looking for a Malayalam to English Translator Online? Let’s Help You!

Frequently Asked Question


When we get a Malayalam to English translation request, we will first analyze the requirements and purpose carefully. After that, we will assign the project to a translator who has exposure to the specific content domain. This streamlined approach helps us achieve 100% perfect translation of the content. 

Yes, we can translate your content in Malayalam in any file format to English as per your specific file format requirement including PDF.

Yes. We make sure that the content that is translated from Malayalam to English does not lose its accuracy due to differences in grammar between Malayalam and English. We employ translators who have an equal amount of proficiency in English and Malayalam. They prioritize the correct grammatical usage during the translation. 

Anjit VS company is a leading Malayalam to English translation service. It offers comprehensive translation solutions for professional, business and academic purposes.

Yes. We offer streamlined website location services which allow you to translate the Malayalam content of your website to a wide English-speaking audience. 

It depends on multiple factors such as the nature of your translation project, word count and purpose. Normally, once you have successfully confirmed your order, we will be able to deliver it to you within four to five business days.

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