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Best Personal Statement Examples to Help Your Application

Most often, students end up writing average personal statements for their application because they have no idea about it. We understand how frustrating it can be to be forced to write something without knowing how it should be and what it should contain. And that is exactly the reason why we have created this blog for you. 

In this blog, we: 

  • Share a wide range of personal statement examples to help you read and understand 
  • Show how to use personal statement examples for brainstorming, formatting and more
  • Explain how to customize a personal statement when you write it for different universities

Personal Statement Examples

Here we share with you a wide range of superior-quality personal statement samples pdf. You can read them carefully and see how they inspire you to write your own personal statement. However, we do not recommend that you modify or copy from the sample as that can lead to rejections. If you are still worried about writing your own personal statement, you can consult our experts to have it written by us. We have over a decade of experience and expertise in personal statement writing. So, you can have the maximum assurance of approval. 

Best Personal Statement Samples – Download All at Once for Free

Don’t you have time to check samples one by one and find out which one works for you? Download all of them at once and inspect them at your own convenience.

Download Free Personal Statement Examples with Explanation

Here, we have catalogued our personal statement examples pdf by a few different categories and added a brief description of each example. This will help you easily locate the most suitable personal statement example that applies to your specific case. 

Personal Statement for University Examples

Harvard personal statement examples

In this Harvard personal statement example, you will discover the key requirements the university asks you to comply with in your document, for instance, personal statement structure. Go through it carefully before writing your document.

nus personal statement examples and samples

NUS Personal Statement examples

The National University of Singapore strictly assesses personal statements when they review candidates’ applications. This example will help you understand the structure and format you must use in the personal statement when you write it for NUS. 

ucl personal statement examples and samples

UCL Personal Statement examples

We have the largest collection of authentic UCL personal statement examples. Look at the samples listed here. Note down relevant points for your reference when you go through these examples. 

imperial college personal statement examples and samples

Imperial College Personal Statement examples

From this collection of imperial college personal statement examples, you can learn how personal statements for different courses by the college have to be customized. Some of them are 500 word personal statement examples

hku personal statement examples and samples

HKU Personal Statement examples

We are glad to share our tailor-made HKU personal statement examples with you and help you figure out key requirements to comply with while composing your document.

nyu personal statement examples and samples

NYU Personal Statement examples

How does NYU personal statement differ from other universities? What should be its word count? Find out from our uniquely written NYU personal statement examples listed here.

stanford personal statement examples and samples

Stanford Personal Statement examples

Writing Stanford Personal Statement will not be hard anymore if you have reviewed at least a couple of best personal statements written for Stanford University. Download your sample today for free. 

uc berkeley personal statement examples and samples

Berkeley personal history statement examples

Looking at these Berkeley Personal History Statement examples, you can see that the candidate is expected to give a comprehensive overview of his academic and professional background. He also explains how he was ushered into the program at Berkeley. 

Personal Statement Samples for Major Programs

Sample Personal Statement for Graduate School

There are a myriad of graduate school programs, and you need to come up with a customized personal statement for each. The following database of good personal statement examples for graduate school will help you gather some helpful insights. 

Masters Personal Statement Example

Read the below-shared masters personal statement example to build a foundation before you write your personal statement for MS programs. Check out specific examples with experience if you wish to emphasize your work history in the statement. 

MBA personal statement example

Look at the below MBA personal statement example. It shows how the candidate developed his interest in business administration and what he wants to achieve in his career with his MBA graduation. 

Personal Statement for PhD Examples

PhD programs are highly competitive. You can simplify your admission process by writing a tailor-made personal statement for your respective program in such a way that it impresses the selectors. These short personal statement examples will be of instant help. 

Best Personal Statement Examples for Top Courses

Data Science Personal Statement Examples

In this data science personal statement example, the writer shows how his childhood experiences moulded his interest in data science. It gives a strong justification for his selection of a data science course. 

Cyber Security Personal Statement Examples

Get confidence to write your cyber security personal statement by reading these personal essay examples. Make sure you read about your college too and get some info for customization of your document as per the institute requirements.  

Interior Design Personal Statement Examples

The candidate’s childhood fascination for room decoration and how that developed into a strong passion for interior designing works as the backdrop of this personal statement template.

Social Work Personal Statement Examples

From this social work personal statement example, you can learn that mere interest in social work would not help impress the selection panel. Rather, a strong justification with supporting facts will make it work. 

Biomedical Science Personal Statement Examples

Here is a tailor-made biomedical science personal statement example that shows how the applicant’s qualification and experience align with his interest in the biomedical science domain. 

Dental School Personal Statement examples

We encourage you to write your dental school personal statement after going through this example. It will help you understand the major points to supply in your document as well as make you familiar with the writing tone.

Mph Personal Statement Examples

You may review this Mph personal statement example and understand what you are expected to fulfil in your write-up. 400 word personal statement examples are ideal. However, unless you are told to maintain a specific word count, you can write up to 500 words. 

Nursing School Personal Statement examples

In the below given nursing school personal statement examples, you will see what elements you must emphasize on to impress the admission panel. Note down the points while reviewing your sample. 

Anaesthesiology Personal Statement Examples

The selection committee will be impressed by your personal statement only if you supply relevant and recent information in it. The below given examples for personal statement will give you a comprehensive overview on the same. 

Medicine Personal Statement Examples

All your questions like how to begin your medical personal statement, how to develop the body and how to conclude can be clarified by carefully reading this medicine personal statement example. 

SLP Personal Statement Examples

To write an impactful Speech Language Pathology personal statement, you must read at least two pathology personal statement examples. The more samples you read, the clearer it will seem for you to articulate your points. 

Psychology Personal Statement Examples

In this psychology personal statement example, you will get a quick overview of the important points to discuss in your statement. Be advised not to allow any points to influence you but rather inspire you to brainstorm and get your own points. 

Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement Examples

What attracted you to diagnostic radiography and why do you think you could be successful in this profession? Your personal statement for a course like diagnostic radiography must clearly answer this. Well, we are glad to inspire you with this diagnostic radiography personal statement example. 

Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Examples

This occupational therapy personal statement is written adhering to specific university guidelines and questions. It follows a precise format and structure. You may take note of these specific aspects and implement them if they agree with your university requirements. 

CASPA Personal Statement Examples

Thinking about writing your CASPA personal statement? If it is for the first time, you may review these CASPA personal statement examples. Note down important points and make a strong outline for your essay.

Midwifery Personal Statement Examples

What do you want to achieve in life after completing your training in midwifery? If you are stuck at this question, look at this midwifery personal statement example. See how the writer has established her career aspirations. It is a good exercise to help you think. 

Economics Personal Statement Examples

Before you write your economics personal statement, we strongly advise you to refer to this economics personal statement example. It gives you a complete overview as to the word count, structure, format, and type of information to present. 

Chemistry Personal Statement Examples

If you are switching to chemistry from a different course, it may be difficult to show how your academic background is relevant to your choice of chemistry in the personal statement. When you come across any such conflicts, it is advisable to refer to a deftly written personal statement example.

Biochemistry Personal Statement Examples

It is not just good writing skills or qualifications that make a personal statement look impressive. Look at this biochemistry personal statement example. It is very clear from the sample that the writer has deftly handled his experience and backstory to make the essay sound impressive.

Geography Personal Statement Examples

Unless you show that you have a true passion for geography and your experiences and academic background are relevant to geography, it will not be easy to convince. However, in this geography personal statement example, the writer shows how to present challenges, for instance, backlog or course change or gap, without letting them sound negative. 

Zoology Personal Statement Examples

In the following zoology personal statement example, you will see how the writer has developed his essay from a small thread into a well-structured one. It will impress selectors since all personal statement requirements are met in it.

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

What sparked your interest in chemical engineering? It may be a book or a news report or your childhood fascination with childhood chemical experiments. Whatever it be, the following chemical engineering personal statement example will help you develop a proper plan to organize your experience into a well-structured personal statement. 

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

What sparked your interest in chemical engineering? It may be a book or a news report or your childhood fascination with childhood chemical experiments. Whatever it be, the following chemical engineering personal statement example will help you develop a proper plan to organize your experience into a well-structured personal statement. 

Environmental Science Personal Statement Examples

Interested in environmental science and not sure how to write the personal statement for your application? Read the example given below. It will help you refine your thoughts and prepare you to write a powerful personal essay. 

Criminology Personal Statement Examples

How did you get interested in criminology? When did you realize you can be an excellent criminologist? Even if you have clear answers to these questions, it may be hard for you to present them in a personal statement. Do not worry. Read this criminology personal statement example to inspire your thoughts. 

Business Personal Statement Examples

How to convince the admission panel that you are truly made for business? This business personal statement example is a case study to help you get to the nitty-gritty of that. Read it carefully. 

Marketing Personal Statement Examples

Understand how you can show your disposition towards marketing by going through the following marketing personal statement example. It starts with an anecdote of the writer and develops into showing his true passion for the subject.

Digital Marketing Personal Statement examples

Find it difficult to write your digital marketing personal statement? Review these digital marketing personal statement examples and see how they inspire you. 

Fine Arts Personal Statement Examples

The admission panel of fine arts programs wants to know how relevant your experiences and academic backgrounds are to your chosen program. In the below given example, you can see how the writer articulates that area deftly. 

Graphic Design Personal Statement examples

We give you free access to our graphic design personal statement examples. Read a couple of them and develop a strong foundation for your writing. 

Photography Personal Statement Examples

In the following photography personal statement example, the writer explains why he chose photography as his career choice and what he plans to do in his career after course completion. 

Media And Communication Personal Statement Examples

Here we list some media and communication personal statement examples for you to check out and get inspired before starting to draft your write-up before admission. 

Teaching Personal Statement Examples

In these teaching personal statement examples, you will see how the candidates are trying to align their past experiences, academic history etc. to impress the hiring panel and convince them that they could be responsible teachers. 

English Literature Personal Statement examples

We have a unique collection of English literature personal statement examples written for a variety of countries and universities. Each of them shows the candidate’s strong passion for the subject and career goals. 

PA Personal Statement Examples

If you are looking to write a Physician Assistant personal statement and have no idea as to what to include in it, we encourage you to go through these PA personal statement examples beforehand. 

Philosophy Personal Statement examples

Writing a personal statement for a course like philosophy can be confusing. No more worries if you are in that stage. Review these free philosophy personal statement examples and build your confidence to write. 

What are Personal Statement Examples?

Personal statement examples are templates or samples of personal statements. They are meant to help you write your own personal statement. 

Importance of Reviewing Personal Statement Sample

By reviewing personal statement examples, you can: 

  • Understand what you are expected to speak of in your personal statement 
  • Learn the correct format and structure to incorporate into your document 
  • Find out how to articulate your story in a very convincing manner
  • Build confidence to write your own personal statement

How to Make Use of Personal Statement Template?

Unless you are careful while using personal statement samples, it can negatively influence you. So, here are some guidelines to help you make use of the templates effectively and for the best results. 

  • Do not be content with reading just one template. Read multiple samples to get a fair idea of how different perspectives are developed. 
  • Read the samples to learn something new. Each sample is a source of numerous insights which can inspire you. 
  • Review personal statement samples either before writing your personal statement or after writing. Do not refer to the samples during your writing. 
  • Make sure that you do not get influenced by the sample. Getting influenced is different from getting inspired. 

Why Is It Recommended to Seek The Help from the Best Personal Statement Writer?

A personal statement can be your life-changing document because it can decide where you get a seat to study. If you can’t write a perfect personal statement because you doubt your writing skills or are left with limited time, hire the best personal statement writing service. 

    • Professional writers can prepare your personal statement under strict deadline requirements. 
    • Expert personal statement writers will incorporate the correct structure, format and writing tone. 
    • They will ensure that your personal statement is engaging to read from start to end. They will use the language devices and words that pique readers’ attention. 
    • An expert writer will be able to incorporate your perspective while maintaining objectivity in the writing. This will make it more convincing and genuine to the reader. 
    • Professional writers will use their highly developed and trained writing skills to organize your points and express your thoughts coherently. 

Get Free Access to Our Large Collection of Personal Statement Examples – Download 100% Free

Did you not yet find a personal statement example that matches your expectations? Do not worry. We are happy to give you access to our large collection of personal statement examples. You can review each one by one or download all of them for free in a single click and read them at your convenience. 


Reading shapes your thoughts and makes you a better writer. 

Reading impactful personal statement examples is the best way to learn how to write a powerful personal statement for your higher education. 

It makes us honoured to know if this blog and personal statement samples we shared in it helped you. So, let us know your thoughts. 

In case you need any further help regarding any point discussed in this blog, write to us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

You can refer to both and get inspired. The ideal length of a personal statement is about 500 words. So, we recommend you to refer to documents that somewhat fall in that word count range. If your institute asks you to cover multiple questions in your personal statement, your personal statement will naturally exceed the usual word count.  



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