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How to Write an SOP for Australia? A Handy Guide with Realistic Examples

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Are you thinking about moving to Australia? Great decision! Australia is a wonderful country to visit, study, work or settle in. Whatever the reason you are visiting Australia, prepare an outstanding SOP for Australia. If you have no clue how to do that, we are here to help you. 

In this detailed blog, we have covered all you need to know about Australia SOP such as: 

  • What is a statement of purpose for Australia?
  • How to write SOP for Australia in simple steps? 
  • SOP sample for Australia for your reference

What is SOP for Australia?

SOP for Australia is a self-explanatory document you will have to write if you want to apply for an Australia visa or if you want to get admission for higher education from any of the Australian institutes. 

Are GTE And SOP The Same in Australia?

GTE stands for Genuine Temporary Entrant. It is more detailed than an SOP. While SOP is asked of students when they apply for higher education from any Australian institute, GTE is asked of students who are completing their training in Australia. The purpose of a GTE is to help students apply for Permanent Resident in Australia. So, through the GTE, the student has to declare that he or she has acquired the skills that Australia is looking for. 

Why Do You Need to Write a Good Statement of Purpose for Australia?

Australia is among the top destinations in the world for students to pursue higher education, candidates to find work or tourists to visit. You will need to write an outstanding statement of purpose for Australia for the following reasons. 

  • To show that your intention to visit Australia is genuine
  • To prove that you have the required fund to meet your expenses during your stay in Australia 
  • To convince the authority that you will live in Australia as per its rules and wouldn’t engage in any illegal activities. 
  • If you are applying for a study visa in Australia, you can convince the authorities that you meet all the eligibility requirements for studying in Australia such as IELTS. 

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How is SOP for Australia Different from Other Countries?

The SOP format for Australia is slightly different from the SOP for other countries. Here are some of the key differences. 

  • In SOP for Australia, it is mandatory to support everything you write with solid evidence. This is not always the case for other countries. 
  •  SOP for Australia needs to adhere to a specific structure whereas you don’t have to comply with a particular structure for other countries. 
  • Universities in some countries demand SOP for all programs and courses whereas, in Australia, you need to write SOP only for specific programs asked by the universities. They give exceptions for some programs. 
  • SOP is a mandatory requirement for student visa in Australia whereas you are required to write an SOP only for university admission in some other countries. 

Important Points To cover in the SOP for Australia student visa?

Below listed are the most relevant points you need to address in the SOP for Australia student visa pdf.  

Why you want to study in Australia:

You must clearly say what makes you want to study in Australia and not any other top countries like the UK or Canada or the USA. 

Details about the program you are applying to:

Write a few details about the program you have opted to study in Australia and tell why Australia is a good place to study it. 

Information about the institute you have chosen:

Name the Australian institute where you have secured your admission and specify what makes it ideal for you. 

Details of arrears/gap in your academics and profession:

If you have had any professional or academic gap or arrears, mention that and say how you overcame that in your SOP for Australia study visa.  

Proof that you have the means to study and stay in Australia:

Explain how you are going to fund your expenses while staying in Australia. It is important to provide sufficient proof for your financial claims. 

Future plans:

Write what you intend to do after completing your formation in Australia. Don’t write you want to settle in Australia even if that is the case. Instead, say that once you acquired training and exposure you will return to your home country and pursue your passion.

Travel history:

If you have any history of travelling to Australia earlier or any other country recently, it is important to mention that in your statement of purpose for student visa Australia.

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How to Write an SOP for Australia?

The steps to writing an SOP for Australia vary depending on the purpose for which you are drafting it. Given here are the steps for writing it for university admission in Australia – for instance, SOP for Australia for information technology. Remember that university SOP is different from visa SOP. Consider reading sample SOP for Australia student visa to spot the differences.


To begin with, write an introduction showing your interest in the chosen domain. Explain how your interest got conceived and then matured into a career option. Try to contextualize your interest by referring to a personal story. 

Academic and professional history:

In the second paragraph, talk about your academic qualifications and professional experiences if any. Mention how both of them are aligned with your decision to choose the chosen program. It is good to mention some of the remarkable skills or strengths you acquired during this period. 


Talk about your notable achievements in the relevant field. Do you have any published works to show? Have you got recognised by a known body? Those can serve as your achievements. 

Motivation for choosing this program:

Write about your strong motivation behind choosing this particular program. Write how you think the course will benefit your future aspirations. 

Why Australia:

List out your genuine reasons for choosing Australia as a higher study destination. It will look more convincing if you refer to the industrial advancements in Australia that your chosen field enjoys.

Why this Australian university:

Mention in what way the program offered by this university is unique and attracted your interest. Add it with other plus points such as diversity of students and faculties, research facilities etc.

Future plans:

Try to include both your short term and long term plans after completing the course. 


Write a solid conclusion that will boil down to the essence of your entire statement of purpose.

Pro Tip: Write a customized SOP for each university you are applying to in Australia instead of a common one. This will impress the selection committee quickly.

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SOP Sample for Australia

If reading the instructions alone doesn’t make you confident to write an SOP, read through this SOP sample for Australia. 

SOP for Australia Visas

SOP is one of the documents you are required to include in an application for Australian visas. Below given are some of the Australian visa categories. Make sure you write a case-specific statement of purpose when you apply for an Australia visa so as to avoid rejection. 

SOP for Visitor Visa Australia

You will need to write an SOP for visitor visa australia if you want to travel to Australia and stay there for a short period. It must clearly state why you intend to visit Australia and your duration of stay in the country.

SOP for Australia Student Visa

Through an SOP for Australia student visa you can explain your reason for choosing Australia as your study destination. Here you must be crystal clear with your course motivation, choice of university, financial resources, future career plans, etc.

SOP for Australia Work Visa

You will need to write a work visa SOP if you want to apply for a work permit in Australia. An SOP for Australia Work Visa should explain why you chose Australia for employment. Give a clear explanation of your academic and professional background and why you are desirous to get employed in Australia.

SOP for Australia Dependant visa

You can apply for a dependent visa for your close relatives to accompany you to Australia. Refer to SOP for dependent visa Australia sample from any of the Australian institutes.

SOP for Spouse Visa Australia

When you want to take your partner to Australia as a dependent, you can apply for a spouse visa by writing an SOP that states your intent. 

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These Two Countries Have the Highest Number of Australian Visa Applicants

Though people from all over the world travel to Australia for various purposes, it is estimated that people from India and Nepal are at the top when it comes to Australian visa applicants. 

What is SOP for Australia from India?

If you happen to be from India, you will need to write an SOP for Australia from India showing your solid reasons to visit Australia

What is SOP for Australia from Nepal?

SOP for Australia from Nepal is typically written by the natives of Nepal who aspire to visit Australia. Remember, your SOP should always address your reason to visit Australia.

Five Reasons Why Australia Is Regarded as The Best Country for Higher Studies?

  • Global acceptance and recognition of Australian qualifications 
  • Affordable living cost 
  • Medium of instruction and communication is English 
  • Internationally reputed universities and colleges 
  • Cultural diversity of students and faculties
Need Help In Writing a Statement of Purpose for Australia?

Most Applied Programs in Australia

One of the best aspects of studying in Australia is that you can find all sorts of programs matching your desired field or subject. For instance: 

  • Certificate Programs in Australia
  • Advanced Diploma Programs in Australia
  • Postgraduate Programs in Australia
  • Diploma Programs in Australia
  • Undergraduate Programs in Australia
  • PhD Programs in Australia

It is imperative though to mention your motivation for choosing the particular program in your statement of purpose as clearly as we have shown in the SOP sample for Australia student visa. 

Top 10 Courses to Study in Australia

Here is a list of the top ten courses in Australia that attract international students. Note that you can find hundreds of courses in Australia. We are only listing here the top ten. Refer to at least one Australia SOP sample of the respective profile before starting to compose yours. 

  1. Engineering courses
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Public Health
  4. Information Technology
  5. Accounting
  6. Business Management
  7. Nursing
  8. MBA
  9. Project Management
  10. Early Childhood Education

SOP for Top Universities in Australia

Most of the top universities in Australia would demand SOPs from the applicants for their programs with some exceptions. When you apply for admission to any of these universities, verify whether you are required to write an SOP for the specific course.  Besides SOP for university admission, you are required to come up with an SOP for Australian high commission pdf for visa issuance. 

SOP for Western Sydney University
SOP for University of Queensland
SOP for University of Wollongong
SOP for Kaplan Business School
SOP for University of Western Australia
SOP for University of New South Wales
SOP for Monash University
SOP for University of Adelaide
SOP for Edith Cowan University
SOP for Curtin University
SOP for Charles Sturt University
SOP for University of New England
SOP for Australian Catholic University
SOP for Southern Cross University
SOP for Queensland University of Technology
SOP for Victoria University
SOP for University of Newcastle
SOP for University of Southern Queensland
SOP for James Cook University
SOP for University of South Australia
SOP for Murdoch University
SOP for University of Melbourne
SOP for Flinders University
SOP for Deakin University
SOP for University of Notre Dame
SOP for Central Queensland University
SOP for La Trobe University
SOP for Swinburne University of Technology
SOP for RMIT University
SOP for Macquarie University 


We hope to have presented you with a detailed guide on writing SOP for Australia. 

Are you ready to go now? 

Read through the blog carefully and start working on your statement of purpose as early as you can. 

And if you come across any doubts, simply write them in the comments below. We review the comments regularly and modify the content in the event any genuine concerns are raised. 

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