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Cover Letter for Visa Application – A Guide for 2024

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Are you a student, or professional looking to travel to another country? The first step in your journey is to secure a visa to your destination. Though it sounds simple, getting a visa requires several formalities – varying from simple to complex – depending on the country you are travelling to. In the majority of the cases of visa application, it must be accompanied by a cover letter. This blog will solve a series of doubts about a visa cover letter. It contains: 

  • Step-by-step procedure to write a cover letter for visa application
  • Common mistakes to avoid and pro tips
  • Visa Cover Letter Sample

What is Cover Letter for Visa?

A cover letter for visa is an official document that you will have to include in your visa application. It helps you explain your reasons for travelling to a certain country. Also, it may be used as a commentary for the documents you have included in your visa application, explaining why you have submitted specific documents.

How a Visa Cover Letter Can Make a Difference in Your Visa Application?

With the help of a well-crafted cover letter, you can make a significant difference to your visa application.

  • It helps you personalize your visa application: You write your visa cover letter in your own words giving your personal touch. It helps you establish the context of your visa application and intentions.
  • It serves as a supporting document: Visa cover letter is a formal letter and thus it is considered as a supporting document. If one or the other documents you have submitted do not provide the context of them, the cover letter can step in to explain that. 
  • It helps you justify any setback: If you have ever experienced visa rejection, the context of it will be inspected during future visa processing. In your cover letter, you can explain why your visa was rejected and what you have done to address that. 
  • It proves your communication skills: A well-written cover letter is solid proof of your communication skills and ability to articulate your thoughts effectively and with attention to detail. It can impress the visa officers to make a positive decision in your favour.
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Types of Cover Letters for Visa

As you have discovered, a visa cover letter is an important document in visa applications. Depending on the type of visa and context in which you are applying for a visa, the nature of the cover letter changes. Here is a guide to understanding the different types of visa cover letters. 

  • Cover letter for student visa
  • Cover letter for tourist visa
  • Cover letter for spouse visa
  • Cover letter for business visa
  • Cover letter for dependent visa
  • Cover letter for work visa

1. Cover Letter for Student Visa

When the purpose of your travel to a foreign county is higher education, you will need a student visa. In the application for a student visa, you will include a student visa cover letter explaining the purposes, duration of your stay and other supporting information. 

2. Cover Letter for Tourist Visa

If you are flying to a foreign country to spend your vacation there or to visit some tourist destinations, you will stay there for a much shorter time and for this, you will only require a tourist visa. When you draft your cover letter for a tourist visa, you clearly mention your itinerary in that country.  

3. Cover Letter for Spouse Visa

Your application for spouse visa must entail a cover letter explaining why you want to accompany your spouse to the foreign country, how long you will stay and how important it is for you to be with your spouse. Your spouse’s visa cover letter must point to all supporting documents you are including to make your case solid. 

4. Cover Letter for Business Visa

In your cover letter for a business visa, you should justify the reasons for your business visa application. It must show the type of business activities you are going to be involved in, for instance, attending conferences, exploring business opportunities, etc. 

5. Cover Letter for Dependant Visa

A cover letter for a dependant visa is a document explaining your relationship with the dependant who is planning to accompany you in the foreign country. It should explain where the dependant is going to be sheltered, how and where they will find food etc. The cover letter must emphasize that the dependant will abide by the immigration rules of the hosting country. 

6. Cover Letter for Work Visa

Your cover letter for work visa application must show that you have a job offer from an employer and that you fulfil requirements such as qualification, physical fitness, language proficiency and more.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Visa Application?

It is important to note that visa rejections can be costly. So, when you apply for a visa, you must ensure that there are no loopholes in your visa application and the cover letter to it. Here is an effective strategy to write a cover letter for visa application. 

Understand the requirements

To begin with, get to know the visa cover letter requirements for the specific country to which you are intending to travel to. Depending on the context and purpose, the requirements may vary, so be careful about that. 

Get familiar with the format and structure

You are expected to write the cover letter in a recognized format. The structure of the letter is important too. Get an overview of both by going through a visa cover letter sample. 

Brainstorm for points

Next, brainstorm points for your cover letter. Shortlist the most relevant, and verifiable points that support the particular type of visa you are applying for. Familiarize yourself with the materials and info you are including. 

Prepare an outline

By preparing an outline, you can have a proper structure for clear communication. It will give you an overview of what you have written and what you still have to write. 

Write the final copy

Once you are ready with the points and familiar with the structure, proceed to write the final copy of your cover letter. Start with the introduction, and proceed to the main body and conclusion. Ensure that all points are logically connected. 

Proofread and validate

Make sure that your cover letter contains no mistakes. A thorough proofreading is essential to achieve that. Beware of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and eliminate all of them.

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Cover Letter Sample for Visa

Take a look at this sample cover letter for visa application. It should help you familiarize yourself with the writing tone, points and other significant areas to focus on during your writing.


The Officer

United States Embassy


Subject: Cover Letter for Student Visa Application

Dear Officer,

I hereby submit this cover letter to support my visa application in the US where I have decided to pursue my higher studies. I am Anand Jaiswal, a permanent resident of India, residing in Bangalore. I have been accepted for the Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. My course will be commencing in September 2023.

I am excited about the opportunity to study in the United States. The country, with its sophisticated academic infrastructure, presents me with unparalleled research facilities in the area of my interest. The Master’s program at the University of California, Berkeley offers a comprehensive curriculum. It would be a pleasure for me to master the advanced skills from experienced professors and seasoned trainers. The collaborative learning environment and progressive pedagogy in the US will put me on track for a dynamic career in the field of my interest.

The program is perfectly aligned with my academic and career goals. I am confident that this course will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge. This way, I will be able to significantly contribute to the field of Electrical Engineering.

As a part of this course, I will be focussing on advanced topics such as power systems, renewable energy, and smart grid technologies. The comprehensive course modules seamlessly blend both theoretical and practical knowledge. This will help me gain a holistic understanding of the course materials. Particularly, I am excited about the opportunity to participate in research projects and work closely with renowned professors in the field.

Being a responsible student, I understand the value of respecting the visa norms. I hereby promise to adhere to the immigration laws and respect the norms established by the university. Besides, I will comply with the terms of my student visa. On completing my studies in the US, I will return to my homeland in India and tap employment opportunities in the electrical engineering industry in the country.

Along with this application, you will find all the necessary documents attached. This includes the letter of acceptance, my financial statements, proof of accommodation, and evidence of ties to my family. These documents will validate my claims in support of my visa application.

My father, Mr. Sanjit Jaiswal, will be sponsoring my academic trip to the US. He’s an established businessman in India, and is financially sound to finance my tuition fees, living expenses, and incidental costs throughout my study period in the US.

I would be grateful if I get an opportunity to discuss my application further in an interview. I am confident that my academic background, strong motivation, and sincere commitment to my studies make me a potential candidate for progressive the academic environment in the US.

I look forward to the opportunity to pursue my studies in the United States and contribute to the academic excellence of the University of California, Berkeley. A berth in this esteemed university will significantly propel me closer to my professional goals in India.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours sincerely,

Anand Jaiswal

Must-Have Elements in Your Visa Application Cover Letter

A cover letter for visa application must contain information that the visa officers are looking for. So, when you decide to write it, the first priority should be given to identifying the essential elements to add to it. This guide will help you. 


Start your personal covering letter for visa with a proper salutation and a strong formal introduction showing the purpose of your writing of it. Give a short background information about you such as your name, passport number and nationality at the introduction. 

Travel Purpose

Next, explain the exact purpose of your visit to the foreign country – whether you are trying to study, work, spend a vacation, do business or accompany a partner or whatever.


Mention the duration of your stay in the foreign country and show how you will be utilizing that period. Show your plans to travel and visit other places, attend meetings, etc. If there are any events that have been already scheduled, speak about them for clarity. 

Supporting documents

Mention what documents you have which would make your visa application stronger. For instance, if you are applying for a student visa, the admission approval letter from a college or university is essential to include in the visa application. 

Proof of funds

Most foreign countries require you to prove that you have sufficient funds to meet your food, accommodation and other expenses while visiting their country and that you won’t be a burden to them. Show clear verifiable proof of your finances. 

Connection to home country

Assure the visa officers that you will return to your home country following the expiry of your visa. The best way to do that is to highlight your family bonds and commitments in your home country. 


Conclude the letter by reiterating the main points you discussed. Show your gratitude to the visa officers for their valuable time to consider your application as in the visa cover letter sample.

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Cover Letter Format for Visa

Use the following guidelines to format your cover letter for visa. 

Font style: Use any academically approved font style. Times New Roman, Ariel or Helvetica are ideal choices. 

Font size: Set the font size to 12 points 

Tone: Keep an engaging tone – respectful and professional

Grammar and punctuation: Write the letter using active voice. Use appropriate punctuation wherever it is necessary. 

Paragraph organization: Organize the content of your letter into multiple paragraphs – introduction, main body and conclusion. Make sure that each paragraph is limited to about 100 words. 

Salutation and closing: Begin the letter with a proper salutation – “Dear Mr/Mrs (Last Name). Conclude the letter with a professional closing – “Yours sincerely/faithfully”

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Cover Letter Requirement for Top Countries

Although there are common factors when it comes to the requirements for a cover letter for visas to top countries, there are slight differences too. It’s important to address those differences while writing the letter.

Covering Letter for Schengen Visa

  • Start the letter with an appropriate salutation. If you are unsure to whom it’s addressed, write “To whom it may concern.” 
  • Make sure that the purpose of your visit is properly addressed in the letter. 
  • Keep the letter short and straight to the point
  • Proofread your letter multiple times to ensure that it contains no mistakes. 

Cover Letter for Canadian Visa

  • Start the letter by introducing who you are, what you do and what your intention in writing this letter is. 
  • Give a proper account of your travel plans. Refer to our tourist visa cover letter sample for clarity. 
  • Show that you have sufficient funds to meet all expenditures while travelling in Canada. 
  • Clearly mention that you intend to return to your home country following the expiry of your visa. 

Cover Letter for Japan Visa

  • Make sure that you clearly understand the cover letter expectations before starting to write it. The requirements vary depending on the visa type. 
  • Get familiar with all supporting documents you are required to produce for your Japan visa. 
  • Give your strong reasons to return to your home country. 
  • If you are applying for a tourist visa or transit visa, refer to our cover letter for transit visa sample before starting to write your letter. 

Cover Letter for German Visa

  • Write a concise cover letter for your German visa. Avoid unnecessary and irrelevant detailing. 
  • Make sure to substantiate your points with supporting information and documents. 
  • If you are applying for a spouse visa in Germany, include sufficient documents to prove your relationship. 
  • Make sure that your cover letter is 100% free from errors and plagiarism. 

Cover Letter for Australian Visa

  • Write your cover letter in about 500 to 800 words. 
  • Use a professional tone in your writing. 
  • Assure that you will abide by Australian laws during your stay. 
  • If there is anything that you are not certain about, don’t hesitate to seek professional support. 

Cover Letter for Italian Visa

  • In your cover letter for an Italian visa, clearly mention for what purpose you are travelling to Italy. 
  • Do not copy from a sample cover letter for tourist visa application as that can lead to plagiarism. 
  • Keep your letter precise, straight to the point and logically organized. 
  • Brainstorm for the most relevant points by referring to work visa cover letter samples we have shared here. 

Covering Letter for Singapore Visa

  • Go through the visa application guidelines and clearly understand the requirements and expectations. 
  • Ensure that the information you provide in the cover letter does not contradict information on other documents. 
  • Go through the letter at least three times before submitting it to the visa authority. 
  • Do not write anything in the cover letter that is not true. 

Cover Letter for US Visa 

  • Since the US has multiple visa categories, figure out which category your case falls into and write an appropriate cover letter, for instance, a cover letter for h1b visa. 
  • Ensure that your cover letter contains no grammatical or spelling mistakes and is written in the US variant of English. 
  • Start your cover letter for embassy by giving a brief background information about yourself and then proceed to explain the purpose and other details. 
  • Make sure that you have a 100% accurate, error-free and plagiarism-free visa request letter. 

Cover Letter for UK Visa 

  • Write your cover letter for UK visa in simple and straightforward language.
  • Use active voice to keep your sentences stronger and sound more personal. 
  • Stay away from using idioms, colloquial words and jargon. Remember that it is a formal letter written for an official purpose. 
  • Strictly adhere to the formatting guidelines and other requirements specific to the visa you are applying to. 

Cover Letter for Korean Visa

  • Introduce yourself and then explain the purpose of the letter at the start. 
  • Be honest. Do not fabricate any information to impress the visa officers. 
  • Validate whether any info in your letter contradicts other documents in your visa application and if so, rectify that. 
  • Mention explicitly how long you intend to stay in Korea and what you intend to do there during your stay– studies, business, visiting places etc.

Cover Letter for Swiss Visa

  • Ensure that your cover letter for Swiss visa serves as a strong supporting document for your visa application. 
  • At the start of the letter, include a proper salutation. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and write the purpose of the letter. 
  • End the letter with a polite former closing. E.g., “Yours sincerely/faithfully.” 
  • Add details of the supporting documents you are including to prove your financial independence for the stay and travel through Switzerland. 

Cover Letter for Turkish Visa

  • Write a short and concise cover letter for your Turkish visa. 
  • Give details of your travel plans and include details of any official appointments. 
  • If you are going to Turkey for higher studies, specify whether you have received admission from a recognised college or university. 
  • Proofread your cover letter at least four times before submitting it to the concerned visa authority.
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To conclude, a well-crafted cover letter for visa application is essential to convince the visa authorities to issue you the visa on time. 

By sticking to the information provided in this blog, you can prepare a convincing cover letter. 

We would like to know if you have questions regarding any of the topics covered in this blog. 

If so, let us know through the comment below and we will clarify them to you at the earliest. Wish you the best of luck with your visa processing.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Should the cover letter for visa be formal?

Yes. Your cover letter for visa is an official document to include in the visa application and thus it should be written in a formal tone.

What to write in a visa application letter?

In your visa application letter, you must primarily focus on explaining your intentions behind applying for a visa to a certain country.

How can I make my visa application letter to embassy attractive?

To make your cover letter for visa attractive, write it in a proper format and structure. For instance, use an academically recognised font, font size, indentation etc. Also, write your points in equally sized paragraphs.

How long is a cover letter for visa?

The ideal length for a cover letter for visa application is 700 to 1000 words. It is important to keep it short, concise and straight to the point avoiding repetitions.

How many paragraphs should a visa cover letter have?

The number of paragraphs in a visa cover letter is not fixed. Depending on the points you have, you are free to decide how many paragraphs you wish to have. Usually, it would be 5 or more.

Do cover letters need dates?

Yes, the cover letter for visa is an official letter. Hence, it has to be written like any other type of formal letter, clearly specifying the date.



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