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Thank you for choosing to work with Us. We are pleased to provide you with professional content writing services as you please. However since this is a business relationship between you (User/Client/You) and the Website, the same is governed by the following Terms of Services.

When you visit our Website and choose to work with us, you are bound to be abided by the Terms of Services as given below.

The Website might review the terms of service from time to time, and it is the responsibility of the User to read the updated Terms of Service and understand the same if the User chooses to work with us.

By continuing to browse with us, you agree that you have read and understood the Terms of Services as given below.

General Terms of Service

  1. When a User approaches us for a content writing job, it is expected that the User provides us with all the required details to complete the project as expected by the User. The supportive documents may be required to live up to the expectations of the Users when we deliver the service.
  2. As a service provider, we will provide you with the requirements of supportive documents and resources when discussing a potential project.
  3. We are bound to deliver the project within 72 to 96 hours of receiving the advance payment of the project agreed upon by the user and Us. The User is bound to make the remainder of the payment within 24 hours of the receipt of the completed document.
  4. We provide writing services with a fixed rate of service charge. Once the payment has been agreed upon by both the parties, the same cannot be reviewed under any circumstances. The clients are required to clear the payment for the service in full within 24 hours of the project being delivered.
  5. Till the payment has been cleared from the end of the user, the ownership of the document and the content developed will remain with us and we may use it for any purpose that we seem fitting as the ownership of the document remains with us.

Terms of Service for Content Writing

  1. The user must set their expectations clearly with the service provider to enable us to deliver the service as expected. As the scope and quality of the service is dependent on the supportive resources and guidelines provided by the User, it is important that we receive such supportive resources. Failure to provide such details will result in the quality of the services provided being compromised and we cannot be held liable for the same.
  2. When the project is completed and provided to the client, it is the responsibility of the client to thoroughly review the same and request for any revisions or updates required. The User must also provide adequate details about the revisions and highlight the portions where such revisions are needed.
  3. While we take extreme care and reviewing methods to ensure that the document provided is devoid of any grammatical errors, mistakes or typing errors, there are chances of some errors finding their ways into the document. Although we take extreme care, we foresee the events of human errors. Therefore, if the client observes any such mistakes or errors, we expect them to contact us to have the document reviewed to remove such errors.
  4. We expect the User to register the request for revisions or editing, within 72 hours of receiving the document. Any editing or revision requirements communicated to Us after 72 hours will not be entertained. Every editing requirement must be thoroughly communicated in clear terms as well.

Terms of Service for Statement of Purpose Documents

1.When we develop a Statement of Purpose, the user has the responsibility to provide us with all the required details in order to create a compelling and impressive Statement of Purposeas required falls upon the User. We provide all the support required by the user to finalize the format and structure of the Statement of Purpose. However, if the university or college has a certain format for the Statement of Purpose, the user must provide us with the same. We would only start working on the Statement of Purpose after receiving all the required inputs and expectations from the client. Any latency in providing the required details would result in delay of project delivery.

  1. The client must clear 50% of the payment forusto commence the project. Only after receiving the agreed payment for the service that we will start working on the project, and any latency in receiving the payment would delay the commencement of writing the project, as well.
  2. Once the format has been chosen and selected by the user to be used for the Statement of Purpose, any change or request to alter the format or the structure will not be entertained. If the client requires the same to be changed, the same will be considered a new project and full payment needs to be made to have the structure of the Statement of Purposechanged.
  3. We accept requests of editing from the User within 24 to 48 hours of delivering the Statement of Purpose. Any request to make changes or revisions to the document after 48 hours will not be considered or entertained.
  4. While requesting for any type of editing or review, vague feedback such as ‘not good’‘did not live up to my expectation’, and‘the quality is not as expected’, etc. will not be entertained as it does not provide us with the reason for such comments. Therefore, the request for editing must be accompanied by comments by the on the Statement of Purpose where the student is not satisfied with the content and their expectations on that particular section. If we find the request for editing saddled with unjustifiable comments, we will refrain from editing the same.
  5. If the client does not provide us with a selected format or if the college or university does not have a set format, we will use a universally accepted and professional format for the Statement of Purpose, which we use for such users. Any request to change the format after the same will not be entertained.
  6. All the requirements for editing must be provided at once after the project is delivered for the first time. The client is expected to evaluate the document carefully and thoroughly. The scope of editing is limited to the extent of revising the already written content and to address any concerns within the already written content. Any request to add new content to the existing document will be considered extra work for which adequate service charge needs to be paid.
  7. Any special request from the client must be communicated to us before we start working on the Statement of Purposeduring the initial stages of communication. Any details for information provided after we begin the work on the Statement of Purposecannot be added to the statement.
  8. We are not responsible for any financial loss including failure to secure admission to a particular course in a particular university or college in any part of the world. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of income,admission,job, or any other financial loss by anyone due to the fact that the Statement of Purposewas written by us. The user agrees to indemnify us from any liabilities monetary or otherwise from any harm, anywhere, anytime arising from having written the SOP.

When agreeing to hire our services and communicating with us, you agree to have read and understood the same.

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