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We have a clear and straightforward Refund Policy. Customers being our prime concern, any request for refund will be taken seriously and addressed individually.  

Following are the situations under which, you, as a client, can demand a refund:

Provisions of Refund:

Two options of our refund policy:

You will get the complete refund excluding 18% GST amount. However, we will use the content/article as a sample on our website without including the exact personal details of the client. The client is prohibited from using the content in any form in future.

A refund of half the original price with the assurance from our side that we will not use the content in any form in the future.

Transparency of our Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple and customer centric. If your request for a refund falls under any of the above mentioned categories, you can be assured of a full or partial refund. To help you make an informed decision, we provide you with samples to evaluate the quality of our writing. 

Cancellation policy 

Once the order is placed, our writers will start the work, and any request to cancel the order will not be entertained, and thus a refund cannot be demanded in such cases.

Processing of our refund policy

Our Revision Policy

Request to change the format or request to add additional details that were not communicated initially will be considered as new work and hence chargeable. 

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