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How to Write a Character Reference Letter: A Complete Guide for Beginners

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Have you been asked to write a character reference letter? Or do you know when you actually need a good character reference letter? Well, we know that you have a lot of questions in this regard. 

A good character reference letter or personal reference letter is as important as a personal statement or a resume when you apply for a job, university admission or sometimes even club membership. 

In this blog, we are discussing everything you need to know about it such as: 

  • What is a personal reference letter?
  • When is it needed? 
  • How to write the best character reference letter?
  • Character reference letter example and format

What is Character Reference Letter?

A character reference letter is a letter written on behalf of a person by another person, attesting that the former’s character is good and ideal for the particular purpose for which the letter is being drafted.  

While documents like a resume list out the professional capabilities of an applicant, a character reference letter describes the personality traits.

When Do You Need a Character Reference Letter?

You will require a character reference letter in a number of contexts such as:

When you join a company:

When you join a company, as part of your joining formalities and documentation, a character reference letter might be asked by your new employer. 

When you migrate abroad:

When you go abroad for higher education or a job, you will be required to produce a character reference letter to the employer or the sponsor there. 

When you open a bank account:

If you want to open a bank account with some bankers, a professional character reference letter from someone who already has an account with the bank is required. 

For scholarship application:

A character reference letter is an essential requirement to meet scholarship eligibility. 

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Why Is a Character Reference Letter Requested?

You are asked to produce a personal character reference letter because the respective authorities want to get a detailed insight into:

Your strengths: What are the strengths that make you eligible for the scholarship?

Your character: What is the mental and moral qualities that distinguish you from others?

Authentication proof: A reference letter from a second person acts as an authentication of your claims.

Duration of connection: The reference letter establishes the duration of your relationship with the endorser.

Your integrity: The reference letter shows how much integrity you live by.

Who Requires a Character Reference Letter?

Today, people travel to distant places for academic, professional and personal purposes. People might be in need of character reference letters when they start their career, studies or family in a new place. 


If you are a student joining a company as a fresh employee, you will be in need of a character reference letter for employees written by your professors.


You will need to produce a character reference letter for student when you want to get admission to a school or college.


Write a moral character reference letter for a coworker if your colleague at work asks you to write one.


To convince landlords to provide you with an accommodation facility, you will require a character reference letter for landlord from a publicly reputed personality.


A character reference letter for teacher is asked when you apply for a teaching position in a different school or college.


Nursing character reference letter is asked from both aspiring nursing candidates and nursing graduates who are seeking job offers.
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Who Can Write a Character Reference Letter for You?

In general, anyone who knows you well, for instance, your relative, friend, neighbour, co-worker or any other acquaintance can write you a character reference letter. The document should come with a professional pitch and proper presentation. 

You can also consider the following people to draft and endorse a character reference letter for you. 

  • Coach
  • Co-worker
  • Volunteer leader or co-volunteer
  • Customer or client
  • Business acquaintance or vendor
  • Professional or personal mentor
  • Academic advisor or professor
  • Fellow student or batchmate
  • Friend or neighbour

How to Write Character Reference Letter?

If anyone, whom you know well, asks you to write a character reference letter, be ready to write a powerful letter for him or her. If it is the first time you are writing a letter, take it as an opportunity to learn a new skill. Follow the below step-by-step procedure to write the letter.

Get information from the requester:

Collect relevant information from the requester such as whom it should address, how it should be submitted, what purpose it is for etc. 

Make it specific:

Even if you know many traits of the person, focus on one or two traits that you are more confident to write about. A specified letter gets more attention than a generic one. 

Do some reading:

Do some reading about the position for which he/she is applying. For one, it will enhance your knowledge. It will also put you in a better position to write the letter. 

Review character reference letter template:

 Get a perfectly written character reference letter example from the requester or find it online and review it. It will give you more clarity for writing. 

Provide your contact details:

At the end of the letter, write your personal mobile number and email address which are easily accessible. Mention that you are okay to be contacted for further correspondence.

Proofread and finalise:

Proofread the letter multiple times and ensure that it contains no mistakes. If necessary, show it to an expert and seek a second opinion. Also, follow the guidelines for submission.

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Character Reference Letter Example

As you start writing a character reference letter for the first time, you will have doubts about the word count, format, points and more. Refer to a character reference letter example to get clarity.

What to Include in a Character Reference Letter?

1. The connection between the candidate and the endorser

The character reference letter should clearly convey the relationship between the person writing the letter and the applicant. Once this fact is established, the person recommending you can go ahead and speak of your character and strengths.

2. The duration for which the person has known you

One of the most crucial elements, the strength of the reference letter largely depends on this aspect. The longer the person knows you, the greater is the authenticity of the information that they furnish about you. 

3. Personal qualities, along with examples

In your character reference letter, the endorser must highlight your personal qualities, for instance, honesty, punctuality, integrity, kindness etc. by giving out examples where you demonstrated those qualities.  

4. A statement of endorsement

After conveying your core skills, soft skills and personality traits, the person recommending you needs to share a professional statement of endorsement.

5. Contact details of the endorser

It is necessary to include the contact details like a phone number or email at the end of the recommendation letter.


Did this blog boost your confidence to write a character reference letter? 

When you write a character reference letter for someone, write it perfectly. 

It will make a big difference in the life of your acquaintance. 

If you have any doubt regarding this topic, we would like to hear from you and assist you further.

Kindly leave your questions, suggestions and feedback in the comment below. 


Is the character reference letter for court and character reference letter for judge the same?

Many have this doubt whether writing a character reference letter for court is the same as writing one for the judge. In fact, it is the same. 

Do I need a character reference letter for club membership?

It is up to the club to decide on what criteria memberships to new applicants have to be issued. Many clubs ask for character reference letters written in favour of the applicants by existing member acquaintances. 

How to start a character reference letter?

You can start a Character Reference Letter by introducing yourself and addressing the connection between you and the applicant.

How to end a character reference letter?

You can conclude a Character Reference Letter by endorsing the candidate’s candidature for the job position.

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