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Letter of Recommendation for MS in Business Analytics Writing Guide 2023

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Are you dreaming to study business analytics at your favourite college in Canada or UK or any other country in 2023? Though there is plenty of institutions that you can apply to for your course, each institute follows certain admission criteria while intaking prospective candidates. One of them is letter of recommendation for business analytics. Someone legit should endorse that you have the skills, talents, and everything that it takes to study business analytics at their facility. While this is being the case, we thought of sharing our insights about LOR for MS in Business Analytics from years of writing it with you in this blog.

This blog will tell you:

  • How to write a business analytics recommendation letter in 2023? 
  • What points to include in it? 
  • Sample letter of recommendation for Ms in business analytics

What Is Business Analytics Recommendation Letter?

Business Analytics recommendation letter is an official letter that a student must produce before the admission panel of a college or university when they seek admission there for a program in business analytics. The letter is written on behalf of the applicant by a former teacher, employer or colleague who worked in a similar field.

Why Do You Need a Letter of Recommendation For Business Analytics?

When you apply for higher studies in a highly competitive field like business analytics, a recommendation letter becomes an essential requirement because: 

  • It shows what qualities, skills and strengths the applicant possess to deserve a seat in a business analytics program at their institute 
  • It signals whether the candidate has the values, ethics, and principles that the institute is expecting to see in their prospective students. 
  • It proves the candidate’s own claims regarding relevant achievements or accomplishments through the statement of purpose.
  • It reiterates the referee’s support for the candidate based on an objective evaluation of the latter’s qualities. 
  • It shows whether the candidate possesses the willpower and potential to overcome the challenges and come out successfully in the business analytics program
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Five Fundamental Questions to Ask Before Writing a Business Analytics LOR

Asking the following questions yourself is important to get clarity for your points while writing a letter of recommendation for Ms in business analytics. 

Why is it important for the candidate to have your recommendation letter? 

Obviously, this is knowing the purpose of the letter in the first place. Discuss with your candidate and find out the exact business analytics program for which the letter is being required and its unique admission requirements. Figure out how you can write a powerful letter based on your status. 

What specific aspects of the candidate would make him ideal for the course? 

Get an overview of the business analytics program and the key qualities, strengths or skills or expertise that would make a person thrive in this field. Find out how closely your candidate identifies with those aspects. 

In what format and tone does the letter have to be written? 

It is important to know the exact format and writing tone that the admission panel will appreciate in a letter of recommendation for business analytics. So, gather details about the letter-writing requirements before starting. 

How do you know the applicant? 

Recall the type of relationship or association you had with the applicant. Has the candidate done any business analytics-related projects under your supervision? Note down some instances of interactions you had with the candidate where you observed him or her showing true passion or excitement about a career in business analytics. 

What are the key strengths and weaknesses of the candidate? 

It is important to give a balanced recommendation letter like the business analyst recommendation letter sample here. It not only praises the candidate for his/her skills and qualities but also points out the areas where the candidate can still work. However, be careful not to focus too much on the negatives or present them in a pessimistic tone.

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What Do the Selection Officers Want to See or Verify in a Business Analytics Recommendation Letter?

Letter of recommendation student applying for business analytics is used for several purposes by admission officers. So, they would look at multiple factors when they review it such as: 

  • Superior writing quality: Selectors expect an error-free LOR that is logically constructed and engaging to read. 
  • Good formatting: Formatting not only adds to the aesthetic look of the LOR but also influences the overall reading experience. Admission officers expect good formatting. 
  • Clarifications: The LOR must clarify the admission panel’s questions about the candidate’s abilities, qualities, and suitability. 
  • Validation of Career plans: When a candidate applies for a business analytics program, they talk about their career plans in the SOP. The LOR must agree with those points. 
  • Guarantee of Success: From the business analytics recommendation letter, the selection officers want to know whether the candidate has the potential to succeed in business analytics.
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How Must Be The Length of A Typical Letter of Recommendation for Business Analytics?

Although there can be slight differences in the length of a business analytics LOR, it is advisable to keep it around the recommended length which is between 400 and 500 words. Aim not to fall short of 400 words or exceed 500.

Business Analyst Recommendation Examples

Here we share a few sample academic LOR for MS in Business Analytics to show you how all the various points we discussed so far are applied in a real letter of recommendation.

Dear members of the admission panel,

I am pleased to recommend Mr XXXX for the business analytics program as he is applying for it at your esteemed college. Having taught Mr XXX for three years during his graduation course in business administration at XXXX, I have a clear understanding of his academic excellence, personal qualities and social skills. As such, I am confident that my recommendation will have a positive impact during his selection process.

XXXX studied business entrepreneurship under my tutelage at XXX. He showed an earnest interest in the subject and went the extra mile to read more about the subject and thereby enhance his knowledge of it. We had a few private conversations wherein he always showed his interest in talking about the evolution of business practices. He keenly observed national and international business trends and had a sound knowledge of important years when significant business changes took place in the world.

Throughout his formative years at XXXX, he maintained a commendable academic score and was regular in classes and events. He possessed an exceptional ability to solve complicated problems and understand complex concepts. A very good practical quality I noticed in him was he never learnt anything for the sake of exams. He insists that whatever he learns must have practical application in real-life.

As a student, XXX showed great responsibility in the classes. He served as a class captain in the second semester of his final year and it was a period we all could witness his skills and expertise in leadership, communication and organization. He took the initiative for a campus recruitment drive inviting more than 10 multinational companies. It was one of the best campus recruitments we had wherein about 20 of our students got placed.

XXX is a great human being as well. He is very kind, friendly and respectful to everyone. Besides the academic faculty and students, even the non-teaching staff found him a genuine personality and appreciated him.

In summary, I am totally convinced that XXX has the potential to take up the business analytics program that your university is offering. He will not only excel academically but also will make use of every opportunity to contribute to your institute in whatever way possible.

I am willing to clarify your questions regarding his character, achievements, skills or strengths in case you have any. Feel free to write to me or ring me at the below-mentioned contact information.




Contact Details

Guidelines for Using Sample Letter of Recommendation for Ms In Business Analytics

Reading a sample LOR must be done from a different perspective. To fully benefit from the sample reading sessions, keep the following things in mind. 

  • Do not read the sample passively. Read it consciously with an eye out to assess the writing tone. 
  • Identify the range of vocabulary used in the sample letter of recommendation for PhD in business analytics. Not down any words that strike you due to their simplicity or suitability to convey a message. 
  • Evaluate how the selection officer is addressed in the LOR sample. You can adopt a similar style to address the officer in your actual letter. 
  • Expose yourself to all the different LOR samples we have shared here. When you read multiple samples, you will get more clarity. 
  • Note down the grammatical range, accuracy and punctuation being used in the business analyst recommendation example.
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Write a Letter of Recommendation for Ms in Business Analytics in Five Simple Steps

By following the below LOR writing strategy, you can write it without wasting a lot of time. This step-by-step strategy helps you write it from the scratch. 

Establish requirements: Sit with the candidate who asked you for the LOR and establish all requirements such as format, what aspects to be highlighted, deadline etc. 

Read samples: Go through a sample letter of recommendation for ms in business analytics. It will help you get into the mindset of writing a recommendation letter. 

Outline the LOR: At first, draft an outline for the LOR. Once the outline is ready, you no longer must worry about the structure or format since it has already been implemented. You only need to improvise your points. 

Write the final copy: Next, get the final writing done. After that, compare your own writing with one of the samples we shared and ensure no missing information. 

Proofread and submit: Proofread your LOR carefully. We recommend you do it at least five times because you cannot let any grammatical or spelling or punctuational mistakes in. Also, find out how you need to submit and submit accordingly.

Who Should Write My Business Analyst Recommendation Letter?

Usually, institutes would ask for up to three recommendation letters. You can get it from different people including your colleagues. When you are required just one LOR, make sure you get it from someone of a higher rank. Here is a list of people who can write your business analytics LOR. 

Supervisor: Your current or former supervisor is one of the aptest people to write your recommendation letter since they have a clear knowledge of your professional capabilities. 

Professors: Consider a professor who has taught you a subject related to business analytics to write a letter of recommendation for business analytics. They could focus on areas like your academic excellence or determination and potential to succeed. 

Colleagues: Ask a colleague to write your LOR only if you are required to get it from multiple people. Also, make sure that the colleague you are asking it from is someone who has worked on a project in business analytics or a related field. 

Clients: Any of your reputed clients for whom you have delivered a business analytics project and received positive feedback can be considered to write an LOR for you.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Business Analytics Recommendation Letter Writing

You have now got a fair idea about how to write a business analytics recommendation letter and how to write it. But that is not enough. Comply with the following dos and don’ts while writing your letter to make it more professional and impactful. 


  • Highlight the skills and strengths that make the candidate suitable for a career path in business analytics. 
  • Provide instances of shared experience to demonstrate that what you say is verifiable.
  • Use a fine combination of professional and engaging language to make your writing appealing.
  • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone throughout the letter. Make sure that it positively impacts the reader. 
  • Tailor your recommendation letter to the specific program being applied, aligning everything possible regarding the candidate to it. 


  • Do not write the letter if you are not certain about the candidate or not willing to write an enthusiastic letter for him/her. 
  • Do not write in a hurry. LOR must be written carefully taking time to ensure that it works for the candidate. 
  • Do not attribute any quality or skill to the candidate which is not present in him assuming that doing so will let him fare well at the selection stage. 
  • Do not let any mistakes in the LOR. It not only affects the reading experience of the selection panel but also the reputation of the referee. 
  • Do not forget to follow up if the selection panel requires any further clarification from your end through email or phone.

Five Things to Ensure in Business Analytics Recommendation Letter – The Final Checklist

  • Is the LOR addressed to the right person? 
  • Doe the LOR clearly establish the relationship between the applicant and the recommender plus the length of the association? 
  • Does the LOR strongly recommend the candidate at the end reiterating his/her suitability for the business analytics program? 
  • Is there sufficient supporting information for each point discussed in the letter of recommendation for business analytics?  
  • Does the LOR agree with the information supplied in the business analytics application and statement of purpose?


Congratulations! You have written a standard letter of recommendation for Ms in business analytics and verified it against the fundamental winning criteria. Remember, a strong LOR is as powerful as a good GPA when you apply for a higher study program. 

If you come across any doubts or questions while writing LOR for business analytics for a job or advanced education, do not get panic. Simply write your query in the comment below and we will supply you a solution pretty soon.



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