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Letter of Recommendation for a Friend – A Guide with Samples

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When you apply for a new job, you will be asked to produce a personal reference or a letter of recommendation for a friend. Many of the applicants are not clear about its structure, format, and what to include in it.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place to learn.

In this blog, we will help you understand: 

  • What is a letter of recommendation for a friend?
  • How to write a good reference letter for a friend?
  • Sample letter of recommendation for a friend

What Should a Letter of Recommendation for a Friend Convey?

A letter of recommendation for a friend for the job is different from one by a professor or employer. In this, the core focus should be on highlighting the personal characteristics of a person that will make him/her a good addition to a workplace or a higher education academy.

The letter should, thus, primarily throw light on: 

  • The person’s attitude 
  • Positive traits 
  • Work ethics 
  • Principles and values he or she abides by. 
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Why Does Someone Need Letter of Recommendation for a Friend?

A friend is like a mirror and, most often, a friend is someone who can give a more accurate perspective about you than anyone else. Hence, many companies and higher education institutes would require applicants to include a reference letter for a friend for a job or admission.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Friend?

If you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for a friend, make sure that you do the following things to get things correct. 

Gather information:

Get relevant information to write the letter, such as what purpose the letter is required, how long it should be, a description of the job, etc.

Refer to a recommendation letter for a friend pdf:

If you are writing the personal reference letter for a friend for the first time, enhance your perspective by reading a few reference letter examples for friend.

Know your friend’s objectives and goals:

Get an accurate picture of your friend’s future goals and objectives. Ask him/her what he/she wants to achieve in the next ten years’ time. Tailor the letter accordingly. 

Find out how the letter has to be submitted:

Find out whether you will require to dispatch the letter directly to the employer or hand it over to the friend. Follow the mode of submission as required by the employer. 

Get familiar with structure and format:

A reference letter for a friend for a job written in proper format and structured will impress the recruiters. Hence, use correct format and structure. 

Give specific examples:

Talk about any remarkable experiences that you had with the friend that will add value to the letter. Perhaps it could be an achievement that you witnessed. Add details. 

Prime Areas to Focus When You Write Your Reference Letter for a Friend

Establishing your connection

At the outset, it is essential to establish the connection between the endorser and the applicant. While writing a reference letter for a friend, specify how and how long you know the person.

Skills and qualifications matter

Highlight the professional and personal strengths, skills, and qualifications of the applicant, ensuring that the reader finds them relevant to the position he/she is applying to.

Highlight improvement and progress

Centre the letter on the progress and improvement your friend has made in his professional and personal life over the years since you first met him/her. 

Use the correct reference letter template for a friend

Use an appropriate reference letter format to compose your letter. Doing so will help your get quicker attention from the recruiter and also will give your friend a competitive edge over others.

Provide contact details

At the end of the letter, include your contact information such as your email address and phone number and show a willingness to correspond further in case any clarification is needed.

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Sample Reference Letter for a Friend

If you are getting stuck while writing the reference letter, reading this sample letter of recommendation for a friend will help you get more clarity and proceed. 

Download Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Friend PDF

Tips for Writing a Reference Letter for a Friend

  • Gain a detailed insight into the endorser, and the relationship that the person enjoys with the applicant.
  • Take time to understand the purpose of the reference letter.
  • Ensure that the language is compelling and professional.
  • Include all the ideas with brevity and conciseness in the document.
  • Demonstrate the personality of the applicant with relevant examples and stories.
  • Maintain an engaging and professional tone.
  • Stay focused on the traits of the applicant, which the respective authorities would count.
  • Ensure that the document is free from flaws and errors.


A well-written personal letter of recommendation for a friend can help your friend make a progress in his professional and personal life. 

Has this blog helped you feel confident about writing a letter of recommendation for friend? 

We are thrilled to know about your experience.

We would like to know if you have any further questions or doubts about writing a reference for a friend.

If you have, take a moment to comment below.



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