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Recommendation Letter for Doctor – A Guide for 2023

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Are you a doctor looking for a job change or higher education? In both cases, the institution that you are moving to will ask you for a doctor reference letter. Who should you get it from? How to write it? We are sure these questions would have flashed through your head as you are reading this. Through this blog, we aim to solve these questions and a lot of other questions like

  • How to format a doctor recommendation letter?
  • What points to include in a recommendation letter for doctor?
  • What to infer from a recommendation letter sample for doctor?

What Is a Recommendation Letter for Doctor?

A doctor reference letter is a letter by an employer, colleague, or mentor of a doctor. It is written to endorse the doctor’s character, achievements, and abilities.

Why Is Letter of Recommendation Doctor Important?

A recommendation letter for doctor is an essential requirement when you apply for higher education, or a job change. The major reasons are: 

  • It proves that you have the expertise and skills to perform as a reliable doctor
  • If the recommendation letter is from a reputed personality, it will boost your career prospects 
  • Since trust and reliability are criteria people use when choosing a doctor, a positive recommendation letter in a doctor’s portfolio can be a good asset
  • With a strong recommendation letter, you can easily get placed into reputed residency fellowship programs
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Five Questions to Ask Before Writing a Doctor’s Reference Letter

Do not start writing a recommendation letter for doctor job or higher study before getting clarity for the following questions.

What is the purpose of this doctor’s reference letter?

Talk with the candidate and find out the exact purpose for which the letter needs to be produced. This is important to customize the letter.

Is there any specific requirement to be fulfilled while writing this reference letter?

Check with the candidate if there are any specific requirements to be met such as word count, structure, format, submission method etc. Adhere to those requirements without failure.

What is the nature of your relationship with the candidate and how long have you known him/her?

Explain in what capacity you associated with the candidate and for how long. Explaining this is important to show that you personally know the candidate and are writing this recommendation letter with full knowledge of his/her character, strengths, and weaknesses.

Do you have experience with the candidate where his/her key strengths or skills were noticeable?

It is important to provide supporting information to every point you write in the recommendation letter. Hence, when you talk about the skills and strengths of the candidate or give him/her a good character endorsement, make sure to supply sufficient information like any shared experiences or activities.

Does the candidate have any weaknesses that need to be addressed?

Do not leave your letter of recommendation for doctoral program with only the positives. Write with a balance of both negatives and positives. Talk about an area where you think the candidate could work on and improve. However, do not put it as something that disqualifies him but something that the candidate has the potential to work on and improve.

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What Do Admissions Officers Expect To See In A Recommendation Letter For Medical Doctor?

Admission officers look for validation of various information regarding different aspects of the candidate.  The success of a doctors recommendation letter lies in its ability to supply that information. 

  • The integrity of the candidate: Integrity is an essential quality that doctors need to have. The admission panel will try to spot examples which show the candidate’s integrity.
  • Character of the candidate: Only a person with good character can be a good doctor because it is a profession which requires dealing with the public.
  • Time management skills: Admission officers will want to know how efficiently the candidate manages his/her time and prioritize their tasks. 
  • Examples of the points discussed: In the LOR, admission officers do not just expect good words about the candidate but provable examples of every quality and strength being attributed. 
  • An overall opinion: What is the overall opinion of the referee about the candidate? Whether the referee is 100% enthusiastic to recommend this person for the doctor job or course.

How Long Should Reference Letter for Medical Doctor Be?

  • Most institutions consider 400 to 500 words as the acceptable word count for doctor LOR
  • Check with your institute to see if they direct you to abide by any specific word count

Recommendation Letter Sample for Doctor

Here are a couple of doctor reference letter samples for you to review before writing. It could be an effective brainstorming exercise to help you uncover a lot of important information like the LOR structure, format, writing tone etc.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to recommend Dr XXXX for the position of Early Interventionist at your hospital in XXXX. I have known Dr XXX for over three years as his colleague and department head at XXXX hospital in XXXX. From my experiences, I have found him to be a dedicated physician with deep domain knowledge, exceptional skills and expertise in his area of practice and a consistent yearning for improvement.

I strongly believe that the most important quality that a physician should possess is the dedication to the field of medicine. Dr XXXX is an example of that. He not only has the required knowledge and expertise but also is dedicated to the field. He loves his profession and always admits that he was blessed to become a physician. He maintains a healthy relationship with his patients and always tries to provide them with the utmost clarity of their health condition. As an early interventionist, his timely diagnosis is crucial to the treatment of patients. Throughout the last three years of his service at XXXX, there has never been an instance of delay in the diagnosis due to his fault.

Another unique skill that I have noticed in him is his proficiency in analysing complex medical data and interpreting them in simple language for healthcare assistants like nurses and paramedics. He thinks that efficient patient care is possible only through the collaboration of everyone in the team.

Dr XXX is loved by everyone in the hospital – by the staff, management and patients. He has a great sense of humour and strong communication skills. When he interacts with people, he puts himself in their shoes and talks. This makes the conversation more meaningful, effective and helpful in establishing a good rapport with the other. Moreover, he is kind, jovial and down-to-earth.

Apart from the professional, I have found him to be a socially committed individual. After he joined our hospital, he took the initiative to start a program to educate patients on general illnesses and the effective home remedies to take to prevent them. He wanted to ensure that the least number of people visit the hospital and took steps to empower them in their own healthcare journey.

Based on my personal experiences as well as an objective assessment of his performance as department head, I am definite that Dr XXX will be a great addition to your team of physicians at XXXX. I strongly recommend him for this role and wish him the best of luck.

If you have any questions regarding Dr XXXX, please feel to get in touch with me at the given contact information.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Your Title/Position]

[Your Contact Information]

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Guidelines for Using a Recommendation Letter Sample For Doctor

  • Read the samples and see which aspects of the candidates are highlighted in them.
  • Figure out whether your association with the candidate gives ample scope to write about those areas. 
  • Do not limit your exposure to just one sample. Read at least two samples and get a diverse perspective. 
  • Compare your own writing with the sample and find out if your writing falls behind anywhere. 
  • Download your doctor recommendation letter samples only from trusted online sources.

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How to Write Your LORs in 5 Steps?

Write an introduction

Start your recommendation letter for doctor with an introduction. It must reveal who you are, how you know the candidate and how happy you are to recommend him/her for the specific doctor course or job. 

Write the body

Divide the body of the LOR into one or two paragraphs based on the points you want to focus on. 

  • In the first body paragraph, list down the major skills, strengths, and character traits you have noticed in the candidate and explain them in detail with any of your experiences when you noticed them. 
  • In the second body paragraph, show examples to prove that a candidate has the potential to succeed in the particular doctor course or job in the light of any previous accomplishments or achievements.

Write a conclusion

Conclude your doctor recommendation letter by strongly reiterating your support for the candidate and expressing your hope that he/she will have a bright future. 

Share your contact details

End by sharing your contact details. Mention that you are ready to be contacted for any further clarification. 

Proofread and submit

Proofread the doctor reference letter three to four times and rectify all mistakes in it. Find out the submission procedure from the candidate and submit it on time as directed.

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Who Can Write My Doctor Recommendation Letters?

Wondering whom to ask for your doctor recommendation letter and how to ask a doctor for a letter of recommendation? Here is a list of authorized professionals whom you can approach for it.  Whomever you plan to get it from, make sure you contact them at least a month prior to the deadline. 

  • Any doctors: Any doctors who have closely associated with you while doing your clinical research or rotation can know about you and write your doctor’s recommendation letter.
  • Your department head: If you have already done your residency fellowship, you may have worked under a program director or department head. They are authorized people to write LOR for you. 
  • Your co-workers in the same rank: Your co-workers who are holding similar ranks could be closely associated with you and can vouch for your character, skills and dedication.
  • Professors or mentors: Professors or mentors you had during your clinical/medical formation time are a great pick to write LOR for your higher education or job in the clinical/medical field.

Final Checklist

Are you done with the recommendation letter for doctor? Is it ready to be submitted? Take a minute to answer the following questions before proceeding. If your answer to any of these questions is ‘no,’ make the necessary changes/improvements. 

  • Is the LOR written as per the requirements? 
  • Does the LOR look appealing to the reader to make him take positive action? 
  • Does the information in other documents agree with the LOR? 
  • Does the LOR provide sufficient contextual information for the points discussed? 
  • Does the LOR reiterate the calibre of the candidate to succeed in the doctor course or job? 
  • Does the LOR contain the contact information of the referee? 
  • Does the LOR establish the relationship between the referee and the doctor candidate?

Do’s and Don’ts In Writing Recommendation Letter For Resident Doctors

Here are some useful Dos and Don’ts to help you write the doctor recommendation letter as expected. 


  • Discuss the potential of the candidate. 
  • Highlight the positive personality traits of the candidate.
  • Align previous accomplishments with the candidate’s desired course/job.
  • Share quantitative comparisons to show the candidate’s strengths and skills. 
  • Make it engaging to read and detailed with no further clarification required.


  • Use generic language to write your recommendation. 
  • Stuff the letter with technical jargon or medical terminologies
  • Use the entire letter to praise the candidate. 
  • Write negatives as if it disqualifies the candidate. 
  • Limit the scope of the letter to the basic expectations of the candidate.


A recommendation letter for doctor should exude the positivity and enthusiasm of the writer to recommend the candidate. We hope the tips, steps, and samples shared through this blog are of significant help to you. 

Do you have any further questions or doubts to clarify with us? We are happy to help you. We would also love to hear your feedback about this blog. 

You can write your questions, feedback, or suggestions to us in the below comment section.



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