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How to Write a Recommendation Letter for Internship – All in One Guide

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Are you pondering about joining an internship program? An internship from the right place can change your future forever. For this, you need a well-written recommendation letter for internship. This blog gives a holistic account of LOR for internship. 

In this blog, you will get to learn: 

  • What is a Letter of Recommendation for Internship?
  • How to write an internship reference letter without mistakes
  • Letter of recommendation template for internship for better understanding

What Is a Recommendation Letter for Internship?

A Recommendation letter for internship is kind of an authorization letter from a professor or teacher recommending you to a company or organisation for doing internship. The letter provides insights on a candidate’s personality traits, commitment to projects and core values and strengths.

Do Internships Require Letters of Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is a mandatory requirement for applying for internships. Most internship programs consider candidates who are likely to convert into their future employees. LOR helps them come across the right candidates because: 

  • It gives a summary of the candidate’s strengths.
  • It shows whether the candidate is genuine. 
  • It elaborates on the candidate’s soft skills. 
  • LOR verifies whether the candidate is punctual and reliable
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Whom Should You Get Letter of Recommendation For Internship From?

Companies accept recommendation for internship program from the following people. If you are told to get it specifically from someone, for instance, a supervisor or HOD, do so. 


A teacher who taught you and knows you personally can write you the Letter of recommendation for internship from teacher.


A letter of recommendation for internship from HOD carries much weight when you apply for an internship at some reputed companies.


A professor who taught you in college can write you a Letter of recommendation for internship from professor.


You can get a Letter of recommendation for internship from employer if you have worked in any company. 

Can a Teaching Assistant (TA) Write a Letter of Recommendation for Internship?

A teaching assistant is an eligible person to write a recommendation letter for internship. Consider Teaching Assistant for your LOR when you require LOR from more than two people.

Most Demanded Internship Reference Letters

It is possible to do an internship after or during any higher education program. Reference letters are mandatory for most of these programs.  Take a look at the most demanded internship programs.

Recommendation letter for student for internship

Recommendation letter for medical internship

Recommendation letter for research internship

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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Internship? Steps and format

Below discussed are the steps and format for writing a letter of recommendation for internship. Choosing the most appropriate format to present your recommendation letter is crucial as it affects the document’s clarity and visual impact. 

SalutationStart the recommendation letter with a salutation. It is okay to use “Dear”.
IntroductionHere, the person writing the recommendation letter for internship completion needs to explain how he or she is acquainted with the candidate. This part should also have a brief introduction to the profile of the writer so that the readers get to understand the actual weight of the letter.
BodyThe body of your recommendation letter may include two to three paragraphs. Firstly, the endorser needs to illustrate your characteristic traits and professional strengths with specific examples. Next, the LOR should convey your soft skills, people skills, work aesthetics, and values. Depending on the context, the recommender should explain how you added value to your previous institution or organization. All these details need to be relevant to the target position.
Body paragraph oneExplain how you are related to the person that you are supporting. Mention how long you know him/her for.
Body paragraph twoIn this paragraph, talk about the applicant’s suitability for the internship program that you are recommending him to. Explain in what way he will be able to make contributions to the organization. When you highlight the applicant’s strengths or expertise, be sure to include specific examples as well.
Body paragraph threeUse this paragraph to talk about your personal experience with the candidate and the core values or ethics of the candidate that you were impressed about. Transition the paragraph to give your strong recommendation for the candidate on the basis of all you stated.
ConclusionThe concluding paragraph needs to be punchy and end on a positive note. It should also have a strong statement of endorsement. Sign off the internship reference letter as you do in a formal letter writing your name and designation.
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Sample for LOR for Internship

If you try to write your LOR for internship after reviewing a sample letter of recommendation for internship, you will get more clarity and insights.

Letter of Recommendation Sample for Internship

To whomever it may concern!

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend the candidature of my ex-student, Naira Bajaj, who has applied for a summer internship at your company. I am Mr. Kishore Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, XXX Institute of Engineering, ________ (Place). As her Professor, I have taken various modules in Microprocessors, Digital and Analog Communication, Solid-State Devices, etc. for her batch.

As a passionate and highly practical student, Naira was one of the top performing students of her batch. As a student who brims with potential, I am sure this internship program in Embedded System would offer her the strategic understanding required to take her career forward.

As the brightest student of her batch, Naira has always performed well in all my examinations. She always showcased diligence and has excelled in all the activities she engaged in. Her penchant for Electronics was well reflected in her stellar performance in all the internal assessments. As a person with a high analytical mindset, she has always believed that it was necessary to dive deep into any problem and understand the crux of the issue with proper logical reasoning. I have come to appreciate the spark in her when she was involved in a noble project under me. As her mini Project Guide, I have observed her passion and dedication towards the work she engages herself in. As a person who gives her one hundred percent in the work she engages in, I am sure she will prove to be a good professional as well.

Naira is a person with high leadership potential. As the Union Secretary of the college, she had beautifully executed all her works. I have always appreciated her willingness to walk the extra mile to achieve the aspired goal. I must say, it is her perseverance, indefatigability, and sincerity which has put her on a high pedestal among her mates. As the Coordinator of our Department fest named XXX, she efficiently arranged everything and even won appreciation from the other faculties for her leadership and interpersonal capabilities.

I believe this internship opportunity will provide her with a great understanding of professional life and corporate culture. As a person who provides high commitment to the work she engages in, I am sure she will prove her worth while being there as well. I endorse this application without any reservation.

Yours truly,

Kishore Banerjee

Assistant Professor

XXX Institute of Engineering

________ (place).

download pdfDownload Letter of Recommendation Sample for Internship PDF

What to Include in Your Recommendation Letter for Internship?

A recommendation letter for internship serves as an authentic testimony of the professional strengths of the candidate. 

This bolsters the application, ensuring that he or she can land upon the desired internship position.

 While drafting a recommendation letter for internship, the writer should focus on the following aspects: 

  • A brief introduction on the profile of the candidate
  • The most relevant qualities and skills.
  • Some specific instances that show the positive traits of the applicant.
  • A few anecdotes, relevant to the responsibilities that the person would shoulder during the internship.

Well, you need to be choosy about the information to be presented in your letter of recommendation. Make sure that they support other documents like your resume. Check the recommendation letter for internship for any possible flaw or mistake.

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter for Internship

  • Focus on the skills, talents, qualifications, and other remarkable aspects of the candidate.
  • It is important to collaborate well with the person whom you are endorsing. Take time to understand the strengths and abilities of the candidate.
  • The points should not be repetitive. In case you are submitting more than one recommendation letter for internship, make sure that each one looks different.
  • Address the reader professionally, ensuring that the tone is polite and warm.
  • Be optimistic with your tone and pitch.
  • Incorporate the right words to create an impact on the reader. Any unprofessional or colloquial language would stain the intern’s profile.
  • Unless something is related to the profile of the candidate or the job, do not include it in the letter.
  • Make sure to use specific points and not generalized ones.
  • Keep away ambiguity or vagueness from the document, and try to be precise.
  • Use the most suitable template in your recommendation letter for internship to structure the document perfectly.


Well done! 

You have read everything about how to write a recommendation letter for internship. 

Are you ready to write it now? 

We would love to hear from you whether this blog truly helped you or not. 

Write your feedback on this blog in the comments below.

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