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Letter of Recommendation for Higher Studies – A Complete Guide

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The deadline for filing your higher studies application is near. Your LOR for higher studies is not ready though. Found yourself in this situation? Don’t worry because: 

This post will help you understand:

  • What is a letter of recommendation for higher studies
  • How should you write an LOR for study abroad
  • Model recommendation letter for higher studies

What is a Letter of Recommendation for Higher Studies?

Letter of recommendation for higher studies is an academic letter which you need to include in your application for higher studies at any college or university. Generally, the letter wouldn’t exceed 500 words.

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Why Do You Need LOR for Higher Studies?

An LOR for higher studies provides sufficient evidence to a student’s claim about his/her capabilities and strengths to prove that he/she fits into the university. It gives an outsider’s view of the candidate. So, institutions can make candidate selection better.

Students often require LOR for higher studies for various reasons. It could be for:

Higher Studies in Abroad

You need a recommendation letter for higher studies abroad when you choose to study in a foreign country.  

USA and UK are the top two destinations to which international students fly for further education. For studying in these countries, you will need:  

  1. Letter of recommendation for higher studies in USA 
  2. Letter of recommendation for higher studies in UK


If you are applying for a graduation course after your secondary level education, you will need an LOR for graduation in the application. 


If you have chosen MBA for your master’s program, you can request an LOR for MBA which tells why you are a better fit for this program.


For admission to any academic programs held at universities, you will be asked to write an LOR for university.


You will be asked to include an LOR for masters in the application when you apply for any master’s program after graduation or certain years of professional experience. 


LOR for PhD is a requirement for applicants of doctoral programs. This specially drafted reference letter should explain why the applicant fits into the PhD program.

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Types of LOR for Higher Studies

Based on the nature of your recommender, a letter of recommendation for higher studies can be of two broad categories:

Academic LOR

Recommendation letter from principal for higher studies comes in the category of academic LORs. It could also be from a professor or head of the department or teacher. 

Professional LOR

Letter of recommendation from employer for higher studies is regarded as a professional LOR. Particularly, when you need MBA recommendation, this might help. 

How to Write an LOR for Higher Studies?

Follow the below steps to write an LOR for higher studies. 

Check if there are any specific instructions

It is necessary to comply with the university or college instructions when you draft your LOR for higher studies.

Include all relevant details about the applicant

Do not forget to give a comprehensive picture of the applicant in the LOR, such as your academic strengths, personality traits, extracurricular involvements etc.

Go with an accepted LOR format

An LOR is a critical academic document and has to be formatted correctly. Unless a particular format is asked to use, choose an accepted one. 

Be positive and enthusiastic

Keep your tone positive and enthusiastic to genuinely recommend the candidate so he/she can get admission to the place he wishes.

Make the letter engaging

Do not sound too formal in the LOR. Write it engagingly. Write about your unique experiences with the student that made you remember him.

Proofread and edit

Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors may cause your LOR to look unprofessional. Eliminate all mistakes through proofreading and editing.

Pro Tip: Lack of customization in LOR will make it sound too generic. Customize each letter for the particular case.

Need Help In Writing LOR for Higher Studies? Contact Us

Samples for LOR for Higher Studies

The easiest way to understand what an LOR is like is to review a sample recommendation letter from employer for higher studies PDF. 

Tips for Writing a Strong Letter of Recommendation for Higher Studies

  • Spend time with the recommender to convey your strengths, so those are integrated into the letter. 
  • Choose a person who is familiar with your professional and academic achievements as your recommender. 
  • Write the letter in clear and crisp language and organize the ideas logically in the letter.
  • Incorporate a proper format in the letter. Refer sample recommendation letter from employer for higher studies. 
  • Ensure factual accuracy in all the details; academic grades, professional skills, specific achievements, etc. 
  • Adhere to the mentioned word limit in the recommendation letter, if any.

What Not to Do While Writing Your Letter of Recommendation for Higher Studies?

  • Do not use someone else’s signature after drafting your letter of recommendation. This process would be illegal, and unethical, of course.
  • Don’t approach someone for a recommendation letter, in case the person is now aware of your professional or academic accomplishments.
  • Do not include any contradictory information in your letter of recommendation. Remember, these letters should complement other information you present through your resume to the admission committee.
  • Make sure to submit the letter of recommendation within the stipulated time. A delay on your part in submitting the letter may lead to the rejection of your application. We deliver the recommendation letters to our clients within the stipulated timeframe.


That’s all you got to know about writing a letter of recommendation for higher studies. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and found it both useful and informative. 

Have you got anything to clarify in this regard?

Let us know in the comment section.



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