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LOR for Masters in Computer Science Writing Guide 2023

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LOR writing has become more complicated than ever before because institutes these days use the LOR as one of the key documents to accept or reject a candidate. There are a lot of factors that influence an LOR. In this blog, we give you a comprehensive picture of LOR for masters in computer science. By the end of this blog, you will know: 

  • How to write a unique and consistent computer science recommendation letter?
  • How to format and structure an LOR for MS in CS? 
  • How to use LOR examples for MS in CS while writing?

What Is a Computer Science Recommendation Letter?

A Computer science recommendation letter is a letter which is used to officially introduce a candidate to a college/university or organization. A previous teacher or employer or close associate writes and endorses this letter. It extensively talks about the candidate’s appropriateness for the computer science course or job. 

Why Is LOR for Ms in Cs So Important?

Even if you have the required GPA and fulfil all requirements for the computer science program, a recommendation letter is quite important because: 

  • The college/university/organization has no idea about the candidate other than his own claims in the SOP and resume. LOR officially introduces the candidate. 
  • From the LOR, the selection committee gets an overview of the candidate’s character. Most institutes prefer candidates with good character and high moral values. 
  • Institutes can know about the candidate’s appropriateness to the computer science program from the referee’s endorsement. 
  • LOR provides proof for some important aspects of the candidate such as his/her accomplishments, skills and strengths 
  • An LOR by a person in a reputed authority, for instance, a principal or professor adds weightage to an average candidate’s application.
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Answer These Questions Before Writing Letter of Recommendation for Computer Science

Answers to the following questions will make your LOR writing much easier since the core theme can be addressed by these. 

Why do you think the candidate is apt for masters in computer science? 

Find out a few aspects of the candidate that you think will make him/her fit for the masters program in computer science. You can talk about the candidate’s keen interest in computer science during your association. This could include the extra efforts he or she took to know about IT in general, the latest innovations in IT or the amount of time the candidate would spend in researching computer science or IT. 

What do you know about the candidate’s character?

Explain how you found the candidate to be – pleasant, well-behaved, polite, kind, or hardworking. Illustrate what you found special in the candidate during your association, perhaps something that made him/her stand out from the rest of the applicants.  

How would the candidate add value to the institute where he is going to study? 

Talk about the various areas that the candidate can contribute to other than academics, for instance, co-curricular activities, event management, sports, cultural activities etc. 

How long did you associate with the candidate and in what role? 

Explain the duration of your association and the nature of the association you had with the candidate – as a professor, HOD, employer, supervisor, or co-worker. 

How can you verify that the candidate has got relevant skills, strengths and accomplishments in computer science or a related field? 

Share your experiences with the candidate where you witnessed their significant improvement in a computer skill or an accomplishment. This will help prove that the candidate is apt for the chosen higher study field.

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How Does the Selection Panel Assess a Recommendation Letter for Computer Science Student?

computer science. So, while writing it, ensure maximum adherence to the following expectations. 

  • Use of a recognized LOR writing format
  • Customization of the letter to the computer science program 
  • Enough supporting information and shared experiences by the candidate and referee 
  • High readability and engagement 
  • Contact details of the referee

Should A Computer Science Recommendation Letter Comply With A Word Limit?

Yes, it is recommended to keep your LOR for computer science short and concise, approximately within the word limit of between 400 and 500 words.

LOR Samples for MS in CS

Before we go any further, here is a sample LOR for MS in computer science. Review it carefully. If you are not sure how to use the sample, we have given the guidelines for the same below.

Dear Members of the Admission Panel,

It is with great joy and privilege that I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Mr XXX for his admission to the post-graduation program in computer science your institute is hosting. I have supervised Mr XXX as a team leader for one year while he worked as a technical support agent at Infolab Pvt Ltd, XXXX. During this period, I found him to be honest, hardworking and most importantly tech savvy.

XXXX joined Infolab Pvt Ltd after his graduation in computer science. He possessed in-depth knowledge of networking, and hardware installation besides a thorough understanding of some of the basic software applications we were using at the company. Initially, he worked under my direct supervision. Nevertheless, there has never been any instance where I had to tell him to do anything because he was very proactive and noticed the need for technical interventions before anyone else could figure that out.

During his tenure with us, he made a number of achievements. One of them was designing an all-in-one application for the sales and services of computer hardware units sold by our company. We used his design for the development of the application and it was a great success.

XXX is a great team player. During weekly meetings which discuss the progress of work, he would make intelligent suggestions that would help everyone in the team contribute at their best. This helped maximise the productivity of the team. Throughout his tenure with us, he was very keen to learn new things, stay up-to-date in information technology and the latest solutions being introduced in the market. Additionally, he showed strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Apart from his professional side and excellence in computer science and IT, XXX is a kind teammate who encouraged everyone to work hard and make use of the time at their best to mark their names in their professional path. His professional life and work ethic is inspirational for everyone.

As he decides to pursue higher education in the field of computer science, I am extremely delighted and convinced that he can climb great heights of success in this field. I have no doubt that he is the right candidate for this program. Besides thriving academically, he would contribute to the institute as an exemplary student and human being.

I strongly recommend XXX for the program and wish him the best of luck and success in his future. If you would like to verify anything about XXX, I am more than happy to answer your queries. Feel free to contact me at the below contact details.




Contact Details

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How to Use LOR Examples for Ms in Cs?

Follow the below guidelines while reviewing the samples we have shared in this blog. 

  • Inspect the LOR from the salutation to the signature at the end. Look at the overall structure and note it for your reference. 
  • See how the skills and strengths are established in the sample with supporting information. 
  • Identify the writing format and writing tone used in the computer science reference letter. 
  • Do not modify the computer science recommendation letter given in this blog to write yours. Instead, write a unique LOR after getting inspired by the sample. 
  • Do not use a sample LOR for MS in computer science for your reading if you are not certain about the credibility of the source.
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How to Write the Best LOR for MS in CS?

You can also write the best LOR for computer science if you stick to the following step-by-step guidelines. 

Step 1: Write the date, recipient address and a proper salutation at the start of the letter as you see in the sample recommendation letter for computer science student. 

Step 2: Write an introduction explaining who you are, why you are writing this letter and how you know the candidate. 

Step 3: Elaborate on the type of association you had with the candidate, and what you noticed in him as special. Also, tell what qualities, strengths, skills, and achievements the candidate made during your association which will make him ideal for a career in computer science. Make sure to include some quantitative examples to make your points stronger. 

Step 4: Explain how personally you know the candidate and are aware of the candidate’s character. Mention any personal values or qualities you noticed in him – commitment, dedication, integrity, honesty, etc. Also, talk about some of the extracurricular skills of the candidate such as excellence in arts, sports, organizing events, leadership skills etc. 

Step 5: Conclude the letter showing your strong recommendation for the candidate for the computer science program. Wish the candidate the best of luck and add that you can be contacted should the selection panel require any further clarification. 

Step 6: Add your contact details and signature.

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Whom to Approach for a Strong LOR for MS in CS?

Note that the reputation of the person who endorses you will have a very strong impact on the overall impression and acceptance chances of your LOR. So, try to obtain your letter of recommendation for masters in computer science from a legit person. Here is a list of people who can be considered. 

  • A software engineer/IT expert: A software engineer/IT expert with whom you have had any personal or professional connection. 
  • Professor: A professor who taught you computer science or a related subject. 
  • Employer: An employer you worked for who deals with IT or anything related to computer science. 
  • A co-worker: A co-worker you have worked with (recommended only if you need multiple LORs)
  • Project manager: A mentor or project manager who assisted you during a computer science internship.
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Bonus Tips to Write a Convincing Computer Science Recommendation Letter

  • Write in a positive tone with a sincere interest to recommend the candidate to the computer science program. 
  • Be reminded to mention your readiness to be contacted anytime for further clarification and provide contact info for the same. 
  • Establish your relationship with the candidate and show that you know him/her on a personal level. 
  • Write the letter of recommendation for MS in computer science on the official letterhead with the date and signature. 
  • Mention a couple of shared examples to provide evidence for your points.

Mistakes to Avoid in Computer Science LOR

  • Do not wait until the last minute to find a referee and request your letter of recommendation for a computer science application.  
  • Do not choose a referee who is not legit to recommend you to the computer science program. 
  • Do not provide any information in the LOR that contradicts other materials in your computer science application bundle.  
  • Do not attribute any quality or skill in the reference letter that the candidate does not possess 
  • Do not focus too much on the negatives. Write a balanced LOR specifying the areas that the candidate has improved or has the potential to improve.

Final Checklist to Cross-check Your LOR for MS in CS

Before submitting the LOR or handing over it to the candidate, cross-check the following things. 

  • Have you sealed, signed, and dated the LOR? Have you printed it on the official letterhead? 
  • Is the language and tone used in the LOR for masters in computer science professional? 
  • Have you written a balanced LOR not only highlighting the skills but also specifying the areas that the candidate has the potential to improve? 
  • Have you supported your points with sufficient background information and examples? 
  • Have you complied with any specific LOR writing guidelines by the institute? Have you customized the letter according to the opted institute? 
  • Have you made sure that the letter contains no grammatical or spelling mistakes?


To conclude, writing an impressive computer science recommendation letter is not a walk in the park. 

It must meet a series of requirements. 

The tips, strategies and LOR samples for MS in CS given in this blog would make your writing easier and less time-consuming. 

Do you have any questions after reading this blog? Let us know in the comments. Best of luck with your LOR writing.



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