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Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security Writing Guide 2024

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Does the thought of writing a letter of recommendation for cyber security worry you? For most students and even referees, LOR writing is a subject of big concern. While for some it is the writing style, for others it is the question of what to write in the LOR. But rest assured, after reading this blog, you will have a perfect understanding of cyber security recommendation letter and be confident to write them for whatever cyber security programs or jobs you are applying to. 

To give you a glimpse of some of the areas we discuss in this blog, it includes: 

  • A clear definition of what a cyber security recommendation letter is.  
  • How to write a cyber security LOR and what points to incorporate into it?
  • How to format the cybersecurity LOR based on a sample letter of recommendation for cyber security program?

What is a Cyber Security Recommendation Letter?

A cybersecurity LOR is a reference letter written on behalf of an applicant for a cybersecurity higher education program or job. The letter is typically written by someone who has closely associated with the candidate and knows about his/her strengths, suitability, and potential to succeed in the field of cyber security.

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Why Is a Recommendation Letter for Cyber Security So Important?

A cyber security recommendation letter is immensely important for several reasons. 

  • LOR from a reputed professional is an unbiased account of a candidate and thus institutes consider it the right tool to evaluate an applicant. 
  • An LOR is not only a narrative about an applicant’s skills and strengths but also a source of ‘stories’ about him/her, for instance, shared experiences between the referee and the candidate. 
  • LOR provides a third perspective about an applicant. This helps the selection panel verify whether the candidate’s account of information is to be taken for its face value. 
  • An LOR which is printed on the official letterhead of the referee serves as an official document. It is kept as part of the candidate’s academic records by the institutes. 
  • An LOR helps the institutes know whether the candidate has the potential to succeed in the cyber security program and holds values that align him/her with the institute.
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Questions to Answer Prior to Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Ms in Cyber Security

To be able to write an ideal cyber security letter of recommendation that appeals to a selection committee, you need to make it comprehensive by making it answer the following questions. 

How do you know the applicant? 

Describe in what capacity you associated with the candidate and how long your association lasted. 

What sort of cybersecurity background does the candidate have? 

Talk about the candidate’s cybersecurity background. You can talk about the seminars, project works, research works etc that the candidate carried out under your tutelage. 

Which experiences with the candidate make you think that he/she has the potential to succeed in cybersecurity? 

Write about any incident where the candidate proved his dedication to cybersecurity. 

What unique strengths/skills/exposure has the candidate got that make him/her a better choice than other candidates? 

Here, mention a few strengths, skills, or exposure that your candidate has shown excellence at as compared to your other students. Illustrate how those qualities made him stand out among his colleagues and how he will continue to repeat the same in the new institute when you pursue the cybersecurity program. 

Why do you think the candidate deserves admission for cybersecurity at this institute? 

Finally, give your overall unbiased assessment of the candidate highlighting why you think he or she deserves admission for cybersecurity at this institute.

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How Does the Selection Committee Assess Your Cyber Security Recommendation Letter?

By way of writing the cybersecurity recommendation letter as per the expectations of the selection committee, you can be assured that the letter will impress them. Here is a list of criteria that the selection committee use while assessing the recommendation letters. 

The accuracy of the letter: The selection panel will note how accurate is the letter. This will include the accuracy of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and points. 

Readability: The selection committee will see how easy it is to read and understand the letter. Go with a simple writing format avoiding unambiguous vocabulary. 

Use the correct format: The use of a format enables the reader to scan specific information easily from the LOR. It will also add to the aesthetic value of the letter. 

Customization: The selection panel will carefully inspect to what extent the letter has been customized to the institute and the cybersecurity program that they offer. 

Agreement with other documents: It is an important area to ensure that the LOR does not contract any other material in the application such as the statement of purpose or application form.

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How Long Must a Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security Be?

Most institutes do not require any specific word account to follow in a cyber security reference letter. However, we have seen that the general consensus is to write it somewhere in the range of 400 to 500 words. Why? Because this word count ensures that your LOR is not too long or too short.

Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security Examples

As you start writing the LOR, it is quite natural to get confused as to how the introduction should be, how the conclusion needs to be or how to greet the referee. Look at the LOR sample given below and get all your doubts cleared.

Dear Members of the Admission Panel,

I am extremely delighted to recommend Mr XXX for the cyber security program he is applying to. I have associated with Mr XXX for over two years between 2019 and 2022 as Head of the Department at XXX engineering institute, where he graduated in computer science. He is a hardworking and self-motivated candidate who is ready to go to any extreme when his passion matters.

There is a reason for me to remember XXX as a special person in my professional life as a teacher. When he joined the 2019-2022 batch of engineering at XXX, he stood out from all other applicants in terms of a career goal in the field of computer science. While everyone seemed to be interested in marking their spaces in programming, software engineering and more, XXX was into something different – cybersecurity. During one of our conversations, I asked him why he was so keen to learn about cybersecurity, he said cybersecurity was the biggest concern the world, especially the common folks, will be facing in the future. He is true. Cybersecurity has more demand today than ever.

XXXX is a voracious reader and observer of current affairs and matters that concern information technology and cybersecurity. No update regarding these topics slips his attention. It was evident in his worldview and approach to studies. He was able to grasp new concepts across all subjects taught in the computer science graduate program. As the head of the Department, I am in charge of evaluating the academic progress of students in all subjects. Hence, I keep a close watch on students who show maximum consistency and those who need improvement. XXX fell into the first category. He maintained above average GPA in all subjects and was regular in the class.

Apart from the academic side, XXX is a highly energetic and social person. He has a magical ability to keep discussions and events lively and in a positive mood. Moreover, he possessed good leadership and communication skills. I remember him as being in charge of the 2021 college cultural fest. He designed the program a bit differently that year by inviting a few popular guests and arranging the time for the students to interact with them. It was a new experience for both the teachers and students.

Given his academic records, involvement in college activities and social life and interaction with students and faculties, I strongly recommend him for your cybersecurity program. I am convinced that he will complete the program successfully and be a wonderful student and community member of your institute. Feel free to contact me in case you wish to verify anything further about him.





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How to Use Sample Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security Program – Guidelines

While going through the SOP samples, strictly avoid getting influenced by what is written in them. Bear the following guidelines in mind. 

  • Note down the samples’ writing style, tone, grammar, and sentence construction ranges. 
  • Inspect the type of examples the referee has used to support his claims and see if you can recall similar instances. 
  • Check the LOR structure – where to place the greeting, address, date etc. from the sample letter of recommendation for cyber security program. 
  • We strictly advise you not to copy from the sample. Use it only as a reference point to help you get familiar with and get started.
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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Cyber Security? Simple Steps

You have got to know about the LOR expectations from the guidelines and the structure from the samples shared above. Let us now see how to write it step-by-step. 

Step 1: Introduction: Start the letter by explaining why you are writing it. Follow it up by explaining the type of association between you and the candidate shared and its duration. 

Step 2: Main body: Your LOR can have multiple body paragraphs depending on the number of points you want to focus on. Here is a structure you can use: 

Body 1: Talk about the candidate’s academic excellence. Use quantitative information to show where the candidate stood as compared to other students. E.g.: He was the second highest scorer in my subject in a batch of 25 students. 

Body 2: Highlight the candidate’s relevant accomplishments, skills and qualities that will make him fit for the cybersecurity program. E.g.: Knowledge of cloud security, exposure to cybersecurity frameworks etc. 

Body 3: Talk about the personal values, ethics, morals etc. that the candidate holds strong. Show how that will work in his favour for the cybersecurity program and a career in it. E.g.: Integrity, honesty, punctuality, dedication etc. 

Step 3: Conclusion: Conclude the recommendation letter by showing how strongly you recommend the candidate to the cybersecurity program based on your overall evaluation of the candidate. Mention that you are happy to be contacted if the admission panel wants to verify any information supplied in the recommendation letter. Add your contact details, phone number and email address, at the end of the letter. 

Step 4: Proofread and submit: Carefully go through the letter and ensure that it contains no mistakes. Find out how the letter must be submitted and send it accordingly.

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Who Can Write Cyber Security Recommendation Letter?

Industry experts: If you have had any personal or professional connection with any industry experts who work in the domain of cybersecurity, you can request their reference letter. 

Professor: Request a professor who has taught you cybersecurity or related subjects and knows you personally for at least six months. 

Co-worker/mentor/project head: If you have worked, done a project, or interned in the field of cybersecurity, a co-worker or mentor who assisted you or your project head would be able to write LOR for you. 

Clients: You can ask any satisfied clients or customers who have worked with you on a cybersecurity-related project.

Do’s and Don’ts to Follow While Writing Cyber Security LOR

By adhering to the following Dos and Don’ts while writing your cybersecurity LOR, you can ensure that it remains above average both in quality and appeal and helps your candidate win the attention of the selection panel. 


  • Select a couple of aspects you can confidently talk about the candidate and illustrate each of them with evidence. 
  • Include the most relevant and recent information in the letter of recommendation for cybersecurity. 
  • Maintain professionalism by choosing an appropriate tone, format, and letterhead for the LOR. 
  • Be honest. Do not write any false information in the letter just for the sake of making it stronger. 
  • Be balanced. Not only praise the candidate but also mention an area where the candidate could still improve. 


  • Do not use any template to write your LOR. It is important to customize your reference letter accordingly to the program, the candidate, and the institute. 
  • Do not write a lukewarm LOR. If you cannot be enthusiastic and positive, you’d better inform the candidate to choose a different referee. 
  • Do not write an overly lengthy LOR. Try to limit the word count to approximately 500 words. 
  • Do not let typos or errors damage the overall appeal of the letter. Wrong punctuation could change the entire meaning of a sentence. So proofread carefully. 
  • Do not show any kind of bias in the letter. Present the letter as a 100% objective assessment of the candidate you are recommending.
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Does Your Cyber Security LOR Tick These Boxes? Final Checklist

Done with your cybersecurity LOR? Here are some questions to help you verify whether your cyber security recommendation letter is good to submit. 

  • Does your LOR have a strong introduction that explains the letter’s purpose and in what capacity the referee is recommending the candidate for the cybersecurity course? 
  • Does the LOR supply sufficient supporting information for each specific example of the candidate’s accomplishments, skills, and strengths? 
  •  Does the LOR prove that the candidate deserves admission for cybersecurity? 
  • Has the LOR been proofread and ensured that it is free from all potential mistakes, and adheres to an accepted format and structure? 
  • Does the LOR contain the referee’s contact information to help the recipient with any follow-up in case of any such needs? 
  • Is the LOR 100% accurate? Does it agree with the application and any other materials provided in the application bundle?
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A powerful letter of recommendation for cyber security is imperative when you apply for a job or seek admission to a reputed university. Each piece of information provided in this blog will make a lot of difference to your LOR when you incorporate it into the writing. We hope you found this blog helpful to brainstorm, plan and write a winning cybersecurity LOR. 

Do you have any further questions regarding the cyber security recommendation letter writing? If so, do not hesitate to let us know by writing them in the below comment section.



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