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Letter of Recommendation from Manager: All in One Guide

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Are you thinking about writing or getting written a letter of recommendation from manager? You are close to finding what you have been looking for. In this blog, we cover all the questions you have about LOR from manager. 

This blog throws light on: 

  • What is reference letter for employee from manager
  • Its significance in the job search or academic pursuit
  • How to write LOR by manager

What is a Letter of Recommendation from Manager?

A letter of recommendation from manager is a letter written by a manager to vouch for a former employee who directly reported to him during the latter’s tenure. 

The letter will verify whether the employee showed professionalism, work ethic and punctuality. 

Why Would You Require an LOR from Manager?

When you leave an organization and decide to join a new firm, the latter will verify whether you were an efficient employee in the former company. An LOR from manager becomes significant in this verification process. 

  • LOR from manager tells whether you complied with the relieving procedure 
  • Recommendation letter from manager confirms the duties and responsibilities you handled. 
  • It verifies whether you had been reliable and responsible in the former company.
  • It serves as a personal reference letter about you to the new employer.
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What Makes A LOR From Manager Effective?

There are multiple things to consider when you begin to draft the recommendation letter for employee from manager if you want to make it both effective and impactful.

Rapport with the reader:

First of all, the letter should be friendly and engaging to read if it should help build a rapport with the reader and influence him or her to a positive response.

Presentation styles:

The way you present the points in the letter makes or breaks it. Familiarize with a presentation style through recommendation letter for employee from manager pdf.

Choice of words:

Use simple words in your letter which can be easily understood by anyone reading it. A simple writing style is good for getting the messages across.

Right format:

Choose a format after confirming the purpose of the letter. For instance, professional LOR for MS from manager is written differently than one for MBA. 

Candidate’s individuality:

It is important to keep the focus of your letter revolving around the individuality of the candidate for it to make a stronger impact on the reader.

Most Demanded LORs from Managers

Managers often receive LOR requests from people for various purposes. Here is the list of most demanded LORs from managers. 


LOR from Manager for MS/Masters is requested by candidates who wish to pursue higher education in master’s programs. Check out LOR samples for MS from manager.


If an applicant wants his manager to write a reference letter for getting admission into an MBA program, he would request an LOR from Manager for MBA.

MS in CS

If the applicant’s desired course is a master’s in computer science, he would request LOR from manager for MS in CS.

Higher Studies

If you haven’t finalized the higher study program yet, you can get a letter of recommendation from manager for higher studies which is more generic in nature.

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How to Write Recommendation Letter from Manager?

To write a powerful recommendation letter for employee from manager doc, follow the below steps. 

Get the details ready:

Collect all relevant information – employee designation, duration, duties and responsibilities, specific personality traits and any experiences.

Write in patience:

 Do not hurry to write the letter because doing so will generate many mistakes. If you are in a hurry, let the employee know so he can think of alternatives. 

Familiarize with the format:

Read a sample recommendation letter for employee from manager pdf and familiarize yourself with the correct format to write the letter.

Know the purpose of the letter:

Find out for what purpose – academic or professional – the employee is requesting the reference letter. Customize the letter accordingly. 

Proofread and edit the letter:

After writing the letter, read it a few times carefully and make sure that it contains no mistakes, no contradictions and is surely going to help the employee. 

Pro Tip: An LOR from manager that is concise and honest will surely reflect in its presentation whereas one that lacks these characteristics will backfire.

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Samples for LOR from Manager

Here is a sample recommendation letter for employee from manager. Read it through before you start to write.

Format of an LOR from Manager

You may use a recognized custom format in your recommendation letter from manager to present the reader with a visually appealing letter. 

  • In case you are following the business format, you need to place the contact information, date and details of the manager at the top.
  • Follow up the salutation with the letter body, ensuring that you establish the connection between the recommender and candidate clearly.
  • Next, elaborate on the strengths, experiences and skills of the candidate, that the recruiting committee would find relevant. Use contextual anecdotes to make a perfect impact.
  • The last paragraph should carry a clear statement of endorsement as well as your availability in future to clarify further queries. Include your contact details too. 
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Addon Tips for Making Recommendation Letter from Manager Attractive


Show your positivity and enthusiasm to recommend the employee throughout the letter. 


Use the correct salutation at the beginning of the letter after collecting the designation of the recipient.


Don’t limit the letter to praises alone. Mention an area where the employee could improve. 


Keep the letter concise, straight to the point and relevant. Avoid irrelevant information. 

Be specific:

Don’t write a generic recommendation letter. Write a specific one that covers the key performances of the employee.

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Recommendation Letter from Manager

If you are trying to get a recommendation letter from manager, avoid the following mistakes.

Reusing samples:

Do not reuse a recommendation letter sample for employee from manager as it would affect the letter’s credibility.

Requesting via phone or email:

It is better to meet the manager in person and request a letter than by email or phone. 

A manager who can’t be objective:

Choosing a manager who is biased or can’t be objective to write your LOR will backfire.

Last minute rush:

Request LOR from manager as early as you can. Don’t wait for the last minute. 

A manager who doesn’t know you:

Only consider approaching managers who know you personally. 


That’s it. 

You now have all the insights for writing a perfect letter of recommendation from manager. 

How confident are you to write the letter now? We are excited to hear from you. 

If you get stuck somewhere while writing and feel the need for more clarity on any point, we are ready to help you out. 

Write your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below. 

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