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Character letter for Court with Writing Guide 2024

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Looking to write a character reference letter for court for someone? A genuine character letter you write for someone may change their life forever. 

In this blog, we cover some important points about this letter. If you are writing it for the first time, this blog will give you complete training before writing it. Some of the key points discussed in this blog include: 

  • What is a character letter for court? 
  • Questions to ask yourself before writing it
  • How to use character letter for court example? 

What Is a Character Letter for Court? Why Is It Important?

A character letter for court is a document written in favour of an accused by a family member, colleague or friend. The letter is addressed to the magistrate or judge who is presiding over the case and shares a positive analysis of the character of the accused.

Character letter for court serves as an important document on account of the following points: 

  • It shares additional information that may be relevant for the judges or magistrate to know before making a verdict on a case. 
  • The court knows an accused only on grounds of the charges being levied against him/her. A character reference letter helps to provide a more complete picture
  • Court gets a third-person perspective of the accused’s character, honesty, integrity and commitment towards society through the letter of character for court
  • A character letter for court can leave a positive or negative impact on the accused’s future. 
  • A good letter for character witness for court may make the court realize that the accused has a support system outside and that he or she is not a threat to the society

Questions You Should Have Answers For Writing A Good Character Letter For Court

If you are required to write a character letter for court, do not write it simply. Ask the following questions yourself before to get more clarity and start your writing. 

What is the goal of the letter?

Before writing the letter, try to figure out what the goal of the letter is and what impact it will make on the verdict. 

To whom is the letter addressed?

Gather details about the judge or magistrate to whom the letter has to be addressed and try to know the values or ethics he/she holds strong. Tailor your letter catering to their perspectives to have a more positive impact.  

What is the nature of your relationship with the accused?

Explain in the letter in what way or capacity and for how long you know or have known the accused. The type and nature of your relationship with the accused will have a strong impact on the reliability of your letter. 

What is the accused charged with?

Never write a character letter for court for someone without knowing their criminal history. Get to know the nature of the charges and their background of it. Also, check whether the accused has a history of committing similar crimes in the past. 

Are you convinced that the accused will amend his/her ways?

Explain why you think the accused should be given a lighter punishment or even be acquitted of charges. Has he/she shown any signs of remorse or taken any deliberate efforts to amend their ways for the better? 

What positive qualities do you observe in the accused?

Note down the positive qualities, for instance, dependability, honesty, integrity, compassion, commitment, etc that you can vouch for the accused. 

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What Do Magistrates Look for In the Character Letter for Court?

Magistrates presiding over a case will look for the following points when they review a character letter about an accused. 

  • Positive qualities of the accused such as integrity, honesty, commitment, responsibility
  • Whether the accused is willing to change their past ways or has shown remorse for their past actions
  • The authenticity and credence of the writer to vouch for the accused
  • Whether the accused can be a valuable member of his/her community or society by way of making significant contributions
  • Whether the character letter aligns with the pieces of evidence presented in the case

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How Long Should a Character Reference Letter for Court Sentencing Be?

The length of a character witness letter for court depends on factors like the purpose of the letter and the specific requirements of the court. A typical letter would consist of between 300 and 1000 words. 

While some courts require a minimum or maximum word count and specify that in their directions to the public, others leave it up to the choice of the writer.

Character Letter for Court Example

Here are some character reference for court sample letters. Go through them carefully before you start writing your letter. 

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to provide a character reference for Mr John. I have known him for the last twenty years and have good knowledge of his values, qualities, dedication, and character.

I first met him in (year) on my university admission day. We both had applied for an MBA program at XXX University. During the selection interview, he appeared confident and relieved. At the interval, he interacted with everyone and our friendship started there. We have remained close friends to this day and have kept frequent phone contact and held occasional get-togethers.

Throughout our friendship, John remained truthful and honest. He never allowed his friends to suffer and always offered his support. He was a reliable friend to all of us. I have a fond memory of his strong integrity. After the completion of the graduation, I didn’t want to find a job. Instead, I was looking to do a PhD. This required a lot of money. While many of my friends promised their support, it was John who stood by me throughout.

John was not only kind to his friends and close ones but also to everyone. He was a genuine human being who was ready to reach anyone without prejudice of race, language or gender. He was the first one among us to take the initiative for voluntary programs like community services. He not only took the initiative for it but also remained responsible and committed till the end, even when others tend to back out.

Another great quality that I noticed in John during my association with him was his readiness to correct his mistakes and reconcile. John was short-tempered and would occasionally find himself in arguments with friends. However, he would always be the one who came forward to make up. He would go to any extent to be on good terms with his friends.

Given my personal experiences with John, I can vouch for his good character, social commitment and willingness to contribute to society. I have no doubt that he would remain a responsible and law-abiding citizen if given a chance to correct his mistake.

I sincerely hope that you will review this character reference letter written on behalf of John seriously and consider it as a reflection of his character. I sincerely urge you to take into consideration John’s past contributions to society, personal qualities and virtues, and willingness to learn from mistakes and correct himself while making a decision on his case. I am ready to provide additional information or clarification in case you require them.

Yours sincerely


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Guidelines for Using Character Letter for Judge Sample

If you are not sure how to write a character letter for court, you can use a sample for reference. Read the following tips to learn how to use them effectively. 

  • Use the character letter for judge example as a guide to provide you with an overview 
  • Use the sample as a starting point.
  • Use the sample as a reference to the structure and format 
  • Use the sample character reference letter for court as a trigger for brainstorming your own points

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How to Write a Character Letter for Court in 5 Steps

Writing a character letter for court is not a walk in the park but it is not the hardest job either. The following steps should help you write it easily. 

Step 1: Write an introduction

To begin with, write an introduction for the character letter for court. The introduction should explain the purpose of the letter as well as who you are.

Step 2: Explain the nature of the relationship with the accused

In the next paragraph of the letter, explain the type and nature of your relationship with the accused. Mention for how long you have known the accused and in what capacity. Include evidence of an incident or experience you both shared. 

Step 3: Acknowledge the charges 

In the next paragraph of the letter, acknowledge the charges that have been levied against the accused. Show that you are aware of the seriousness of the case. 

Step 4: Give your opinion on the accused’s character

This is the crucial part of your character letter for court. In this paragraph, you will try to prove the good sides of the accused such as his integrity, honesty, social commitment etc. 

Step 5: Write a Conclusion 

Conclude the letter by showing your support for the accused and your trust and hope in their positive character, remorse for their past actions and return to a normal life. 

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Who Can Write a Character Reference Letter for Court?

It is important that a character letter for court should be written by someone who can vouch for the accused’s good character and has honest hope in their remorse over the crime and return to a healthy social life. The following people can be considered for writing the letter. 

Family members: Close family members of the accused know the emotional sides of the accused better than anyone else. Family member character letter for court is the most popular one. 
Friends:Friends of the accused know about the social life of the accused and can therefore write a reliable character letter. 
Teachers:Teachers could share some insights into the personal traits of the accused such as leadership, integrity, and commitment.
Employers:Employers would know how the accused behaved at work and approached the work. Their insights could shine a light on the integrity of the accused. 
Members of the community:If the accused has been a member of a religious community, the members of that community can write a character letter for him/her. 
Co-workers:Co-workers who have associated with the accused for over a period can be considered for writing the court letter. 

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Final Checklist to Cross-check Your Letter of Character for Court

  • Have you proofread your character letter for court and made sure it contains no mistakes? 
  • Have you clearly stated the purpose of the letter in the introduction? 
  • Have you compared your letter with character letter for court examples? 
  • Have you adhered to a recommended format, word count and structure? 
  • Have you vividly established your relationship with the accused? 
  • Have you included a closing in the letter showing your strong support and readiness to appear in court to testify for the accused?

Do’s and Don’ts in Your LOR

Here are the important dos and don’ts to bear in mind while composing a character reference letter for court. 


Address the magistrate:
Begin the letter by addressing the judge/magistrate. You could address “Dear Judge (last name of the judge presiding over the case)” or “Your honour”
Use specific examples:
Write specific examples of experiences you both shared to solidify your claims about the accused’s good character. 
Proofread your letter a few times keeping an eye out for grammar and spelling errors. 
Be honest:
Do not fabricate facts in order to write an impressive character letter. Write genuinely about the accused. 
Keep a professional tone:
A letter that looks respectful and professional will leave a positive impact on the magistrate. 
Show the readiness to testify:
At the end of the letter, offer your willingness to appear in court and testify for the accused if required


Criticize the case:
Never criticise the case as a fabricated one. Your duty is only to give an opinion about the accused’s character, not the case’s status. 
Get too emotional:
It is advised to sound balanced and not too emotionally involved in the case. So, avoid overly emotional language in your letter. 
Use simple language in the letter but avoid using colloquial uses or slang.
Do not supply any information in the letter if you are not hundred percent convinced of it. 
Write negatively about others:
Do not write any negative comments about any parties involved in the case.
Last-minute writing:
You may have to revise the letter a few times to make it look good. So, do not wait until the last minute to write it.


A powerful character letter for court can play a crucial role in the court’s verdict and thus have a lasting impact on the future of the accused. So, write it carefully, taking your own time. 

We hope that the blog has given you clear insights into the content as well as the writing process of character reference letter for court. 

Did you already write the letter or are you still confused about any specific point? We would love to hear from you. So, write your comments below. 

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