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Letter of Recommendation for Civil Engineering Writing Guide 2023

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Not sure whom to request for your civil engineering recommendation letter? Or not confident to write it by yourself? By getting familiar with the strategy of LOR for civil engineering writing and reviewing a few relevant samples, you can become a pro and write an amazing LOR. In this blog, we will walk you through it. As you read along, you will come across: 

  • A comprehensive guide describing how to write LOR for civil engineering in five simple steps
  • Tailor-made LOR samples for Ms in civil engineering
  • Dos and don’ts in LOR civil engineering

And much other helpful information. So, get ready for an informative and inspiring reading ahead.

What Is LOR for Civil Engineering?

A letter of recommendation for civil engineer, in simple terms, is a letter usually written by a professor or HOD recommending a candidate for a civil engineering degree. The letter acts as a bridge that connects a candidate from one institute to another. A civil engineering recommendation letter can also be written for a civil engineering job seeker.

Why Is LOR Civil Engineering So Important?

Like a statement of purpose and GPA, a letter of recommendation is also an important document in your application bundle for higher education or a job in civil engineering. The following reasons will explain why. 

  • LOR for civil engineering will explain why the student is apt for the program. 
  • A civil engineering LOR can validate the applicant’s own claims of achievements and skills mentioned in their statement of purpose.
  • An LOR which is endorsed by an authorized person like an HOD or principal or professor can make the application weigh heavily with the selection panel. 
  • An LOR can be a saving grace for a candidate when other factors disfavour, for instance, poor GPA or lack of experience.  
  • A convincingly written LOR reiterates your strength, suitability, and personal qualities and gives you a competitive edge.
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Six Questions to Ask Before Writing Letter of Recommendation for Civil Engineering Students

If you are a referee who has been asked to write an LOR for a candidate for civil engineering admission, ask the following questions yourself. The answers to these questions, when put in the correct structure, will make the content for your LOR.

What is the purpose of the civil engineering recommendation letter? Is it for higher studies or a job? 

First, identify the exact purpose of the recommendation letter. Only then will you be able to write the finest and tailor-made recommendation for the candidate that weighs heavily with the admission panel. 

What sort of skills and qualifications would the candidate need for this program? Does the applicant have them? 

Go through the course specification and find out what sort of skills and qualifications the civil engineering program demands from its applicants. Check whether your application has those skills and qualifications. 

How well do you know the candidate? Have you associated with him/her for a sizable amount of time so as to write a reference letter for him/her? 

Explain the nature of the association you had with the candidate specifying how long you both worked or associated together. It’s important to have at least six months of association to be able to write a convincing letter of recommendation for Ms in civil engineering.

What are the candidate’s relevant accomplishments that would make him/her ideal for the civil engineering program? 

Write about any accomplishment the candidate made during your association with him/her, for instance, a project in civil engineering or an extraordinary construction plan the candidate designed that you liked and thought to yourself that this man is going to thrive in the domain of civil engineering. 

How did the candidate stand out from his/her peers? 

Write about any personal qualities or values or ethics that the candidate held strong in his heart that made him special and stand out from his peers. E.g.: The candidate’s dedication to anything that he undertakes. 

What are the candidate’s technical skills and abilities? 

Think about any technical skills or abilities the candidate possessed, for instance, familiarity with any civil engineering software. Similarly, strong analytical skills, a passion for solving complex problems or a knack for solving challenging building designs etc. are relevant skills that can be specified in this context.

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What Do Admissions Officers Look for In LOR for Civil Engineering?

The admission panel will not be reading your LOR casually and taking a decision at a whim. Before considering the recommendation letter for master degree in civil engineering for a final decision, they will ensure the following things. 

  • The LOR has been written by a credible referee who has relevant work experience, and qualifications in the domain of civil engineering. 
  • There has been a genuine association between the referee and the candidate, and both worked together on something in civil engineering or a related field. 
  • The LOR supplies verifiable examples whenever any quality or skill or accomplishment of the candidate in civil engineering is mentioned in it. 
  • The LOR does not contradict the candidate’s own statement of purpose or any other materials in the application bundle for the civil engineering course.
  • There are sufficient comparisons to prove the candidate’s competitive edge over his/her peers.
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How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation for Civil Engineer Be?

When you write your civil engineering recommendation letter, do not exceed the recommended word count. Likewise, presenting a too-short LOR may backfire too since it has more chances of missing out on important information. Therefore, bear the following figures in mind. 

Number of pages: 1 to 2

Number of words: 400 to 500

Number of characters: 2000 to 2500

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Ms In Civil Engineering

We are happy to share a couple of LOR samples for Ms in civil engineering with you here. Going through them would help you identify many inspiring points.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr XXXX for the role of civil engineer trainee at your organization as he is applying for this position. I have had the privilege of knowing Mr XXX for the last four years in the capacity of HOD as well as professor of surveying at XXX institute, xxx. During this period, I found him to be highly responsible, hardworking and enthusiastic.

XXX was a student of the 2018-2022 civil engineering batch. I have been his HOD throughout this period. In addition, he studied surveying under my tutelage. Hence, I have a clear knowledge of his academic performance, personal qualities and strengths and social involvement. Surveying was taught in the first year of civil engineering as it is a core subject and a clear understanding of it is required for learning other subjects. XXXX put serious effort into understanding the basics of it. Besides the regular classroom activities and exercises, he managed to find spare time for his personal research on the subject.

As a student, XXX lived up to my expectation in terms of active classroom interaction and timely completion of assignments and regularity. Over the years of my career as a teacher, I have realized that interactive classrooms are more helpful for learning. XXXX would always come up with a question that makes the topic interesting for everyone and triggered discussions. In addition to surveying, XXX kept the consistency of excellence with all other subjects. He was regular in class and punctual to submit his assignments and projects.

Besides being a good student, XXX is an outstanding public speaker too. He has that magical power to grab his audience’s attention throughout his speaking time. This is partly because of his clear diction of words and partly because of the careful choice of words to convey his message. This quality also helped him to shine in leadership roles. In 2020, he took the initiative for a waste management project in a rural village in XXXX. He designed a plan through which the waste could be easily sorted into plastic and bio categories. The plastic waste would go into a recycling unit and the biowaste would be used for manurer. It was a successful project which earned goodwill both for the college and for XXX.

XXXX has a bright future as a civil engineer and he has my full support and wishes for the role of civil engineering trainee at XXXX. I am certain that he will be the most appropriate candidate for this role given his academic records, achievements and personal qualities and strengths. I am ready to clarify any of your questions regarding his candidacy going forward.





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How to Use Sample LOR for Ms in Civil Engineering? Some Useful Guidelines

Wait a minute before you start to use the samples. We recommend you follow these guidelines. 

  • After finishing the first round of reading the samples, brainstorm and note down the points that come to your mind. 
  • Understand the type of skills, strengths and accomplishments expected in a civil engineer LOR from the sample you review. 
  • Do not stop by reading just one sample. Read a minimum of two different samples for civil engineering and understand how the narrative differs from context to context. 
  • Do not look at the sample letter of recommendation for Ms in civil engineering during your writing since that can leave the influence of the sample on your writing.

How to Write an Impeccable LOR for Civil Engineering?

Here is a step-by-step guide showing how you can write an impeccable civil engineering LOR. 

Initial formatting: At the top of the letter, enter the date, below that, write the recipient’s name and address. 

Greet the recipient: You must greet the recipient using the appropriate salutation, for instance, Dear Ms/Mr. 

Write the introduction: Next, write an appropriate introduction to the letter. It should state who you are, why you are writing this – the purpose and how you know the applicant. 

Recommend the candidate: Next, recommend the candidate by telling what makes him/her a good fit for the civil engineering program. Supply specific examples where the skills or qualifications of the candidate align with the program requirements.

Speak about a personal experience: Include a personal anecdote showing what it’s like to work with the applicant. Mention the candidate’s unique personal qualities, ethics, values etc. 

Write an overview: Next, write a summary of what you have written and reiterate why you’d recommend this person. End on a positive note wishing the candidate the best of luck. 

Provide Contact details: Supply your contact information such as email address and phone number to help the admission panel member who wishes to follow up. 

Step 8: Add your signature and stamp.

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Who Should Write Your Civil Engineer LOR?

Depending on the purpose of the LOR and how many LORs are needed, you can choose among the following people to write your civil engineer LOR. 

Civil Engineer: A civil engineer under whose direction you have worked or done a project can write you a civil engineer recommendation letter. He could vouch for your unique abilities in the domain of civil engineering. 

Professor: A professor who has taught you a relevant subject in graduation might know about your passion for civil engineering and be considered for the LOR. Show him a sample lor for Ms in civil engineering if he is not familiar with the format. 

Principal/HOD: The principal or HOD of your college, provided they know you personally and can vouch for your specific skills or strengths for civil engineering can be considered to write your LOR. 

Employer: If you have been in a civil engineering firm for more than six months and have good records, you can request the employer of the company to write your civil engineering LOR. 

Project manager: If you have interned at a company in civil engineering, you would usually be working under the jurisdiction of a project manager. You could ask him/her for the LOR.

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Do’s and Don’ts in LOR Writing

Here are some handpicked Dos and Don’ts which you may be careful with while writing the letter of recommendation. 


  • Research the program for which you are writing the LOR or collect relevant course details from the student. 
  • Focus on a few aspects of the students and be specific and detailed about those points. 
  • Write the recommendation letter on the official letterhead. Include the signature and stamp at the end. 
  • Supply relevant examples of the candidate’s suitability for civil engineering in the recommendation letter. 
  • If the recommendation letter is for a job application, read the job description carefully and adopt a few relevant keywords to include in the letter. 


  • Do not use any boilerplate content in your recommendation letter. Customize the letter according to the specific situation (job or higher study) for which it is created. 
  • Do not simply list the skills or strengths. Quantify them instead. For instance, he had the best analytical skills in the batch of 30 students. 
  • Do not sound negative or pessimistic. Unless you sound positive, the reader cannot be expected to take positive action on your candidate. 
  • Avoid writing in the passive voice. Using passive voice excessively will make the LOR look less enthusiastic. 
  • Do not default the deadline. Get to know the exact date when you should submit the LOR and send it on time.
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Final Checklist

  • Has your LOR been proofread and ensured of containing no mistakes? 
  • Has the LOR been written on the official letterhead of the referee and contains his signature and seal? 
  • Have you made sure that your LOR does not contradict any information you provided through other application materials? 
  • Have you secured your LOR from a diverse range of people? 
  • Have you compared your LOR with authentic LOR samples for Ms in civil engineering? 
  • Does the LOR clearly establish the connection between the applicant and the referee? 
  • Does the  LOR provide sufficient supporting information while discussing the candidate’s relevant skills and achievements? 

If your answer to the above questions is yes, you have a good recommendation letter in your possession, and it is good to be submitted.


By carefully applying the tips, strategies and guidelines provided in this blog, you can write an excellent LOR. We hope you found this blog helpful. 

Do you have any other doubts or questions regarding a letter of recommendation for civil engineer which we have not covered in this blog? 

We are trying to make this blog the most trusted source of information for students and referees for writing LOR for civil engineering. 

Your valuable feedback and suggestions will help us improve the quality and informativeness of this blog.



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