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Letter of Recommendation for Masters in Data Science – A Guide for 2023

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Drawn towards the immense career possibilities of data science and want to enrol on the best data science program in 2023? It is not too late. There are a couple of more in-takes for higher studies this year. With all the documents, including the data science recommendation letter, ready, you can apply for the program confidently. Now the question is how one can ensure that he or she has the best LOR for data science. That is when this blog makes sense to you. From this blog, you will get clear and precise answers to all your questions regarding data science LOR such as:

  • How to write a data science recommendation letter? 
  • How to format it and what points to include in it? 
  • What to take away from sample letter of recommendation for MS in data science

What Is LOR for Data Science?

An LOR for data science is a letter written to recommend someone to a data science higher study program or a profession. It is written by someone who knows the candidate both personally and professionally, is holding a reputed professional role and is willing to vouch for the candidate’s skills, strengths and achievements.

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Why Do You Need a Recommendation Letter for Data Science Program?

When you apply for a job or higher study program in data science, a recommendation letter is a mandatory requirement for the following reasons. 

  • It shows how drawn you are to the domain of data science and whether you have a genuine passion for the subject. 
  • It proves your unique achievements in the domain of data science by which admission officers figure out whether you are fit for the data science program. 
  • With the help of a data science LOR, you can show your selectors how and why you stand out from other applicants in terms of skills, qualities, and achievements.
  • Your LOR for data science acts as a validation for your own materials in the data science application such as SOP, personal statement and resume. 
  • An LOR for your data science program written and endorsed by a reputed professional will add more weightage to your application.

Questions You Need Answers Before Writing Letter of Recommendation for Data Science

Designing the theme, content, and points of your data science LOR by answering the following questions will make it comprehensive and capable of impressing the selection committee member. 

What is the exact purpose of this recommendation letter? 

Knowing the details of the advanced education program or job in data science that is being applied for will enable you to customize the recommendation. A customized LOR will go a long way in trapping the attention of the reader. 

In what capacity have I associated with this person whom I am recommending? 

Providing the exact context of your association with the candidate is important in this LOR and this question will help you get that right. 

What relevant soft skills does the candidate have to excel in data science? 

Consider talking about your candidate’s skills at communicating effectively, collaborating, and thinking critically and rationally. These are some essential soft skills that will help a person thrive in data science. 

What relevant technical skills does the candidate have in data science? 

Write about your candidate’s proficiency in data analysis techniques, data visualization, programming languages and data modelling. 

What are the personal qualities and values you noticed in this candidate that will make him a good fit for data science? 

Talk about the candidate’s ability to stay dedicated to a project, passion to learn and up-skill, meet deadlines, work under pressure, show integrity at work etc. 

How can you substantiate your candidate’s contributions and achievements in the domain of data science? 

Consider mentioning a couple of examples of the candidate’s specific contributions or achievements in the subject such as any projects he has undertaken, or any data sets he has analysed to reveal an interesting pattern.  

What makes this candidate stand out from the rest?

Mention the person’s unique qualities and strengths that you noticed as setting him apart from his peers and therefore making him a strong choice for this higher study or job opportunity in data science.

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What Does Admissions Committee Expect in LOR for MS in data science?

Here is a list of things that your admission officers will expect to see in your LOR. 

  • Unbiased assessment of the candidate’s skills, strengths, and achievements 
  • Specific examples that prove the candidate’s achievements, skills, and strengths 
  • Simple, straightforward, and objective writing 
  • An introduction that shows the letter’s purpose and the referee’s relationship with the candidate
  • Contact details of the referee for future correspondence
  • Proper format and structure

What is the Recommended Length of an LOR for data science?

We advise you to adhere to a word limit of between 400 to 500 words while writing the data science letter of recommendation. This will make it 1 or 2 pages long.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for MS In Data Science

Looking for LOR samples for MS in data science? We have listed some here for you to look at. While going through them, ensure you make the best use of them by noting down the maximum relevant information.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing this letter to show my strong support and recommendation for Miss XXX for the role of data scientist at your company. I have known her in the capacity of senior data scientist at XXX Ltd for a period of one year and six months. During this period, I found her to be responsible, attentive to detail and enthusiastic in her professional path.

XXXX was hired by the company soon after the pandemic-induced lockdown restrictions were eased and companies started to function normally. As a start-up that was treading in a crisis hit time, the management was particular about hiring someone who could multi-task various responsibilities. XXX proved that she could shine not just in the major roles that she was hired for but also in different areas.

Throughout her tenure with us, she consistently tried to excel in different aspects of data science such as methodologies used in data analytics, the latest data science concepts and algorithms. She possessed a commendable ability to evaluate complex data sets and derive meaningful insights from them. Additionally, her strong background in programming languages like SQL and Python enabled her to solve even some of the data problems that our senior staff found challenging.

Another remarkable skill of XXX is her ability to identify similar or repeating patterns from diverse groups of data. This helped our team, on multiple occasions, to save a large amount of time and complete the projects on time.

Other than her professional achievements and excellence, XXXX is an amazing singer, organizer and public speaker. Her presence made fun Fridays in our organization much more interactive, entertaining and fun. Also, when it comes to organizing events – cultural or professional – she is very practical and makes sure that everyone is given their fair share of attention and participation.

Based on my association with XXX for this short but significant duration of time, I can wholeheartedly say that XXX is an impressive candidate to be considered for a role like a data scientist. She has proven track records of achievements in the field and is also an amazing team player who can bring maximum contributions to your team. I strongly recommend her for this role. If you have any further questions about her character, performance or anything else, feel free to get in touch with me at the below-given contact information.





Guidelines for Using LOR samples for MS in Data Science

  • Samples are meant for reference purposes only. So do not copy any points in them. 
  • Get familiar with the range of vocabulary, grammatical structures and professional writing tone from the sample. 
  • Learn how to write sample LOR for MS in Data Science by closely inspecting the format and structure. 
  • Read at least two different sample LOR for MS in data science written from two different perspectives. 
  • Use the LOR samples we share here for validating your final draft of the data science LOR copy and as a point of reference during your writing.
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How to Write LOR for Data Science? The 5-Step Strategy

Step 1: Gather requirements: Talk with the candidate and get the exact requirements for the letter such as the data science program being applied, submission procedure, points to focus etc. 

Step 2: Review samples: Get familiar with the writing tone, structure, format etc. by reviewing a couple of samples from reliable sources. We have listed some samples here for you to go through. 

Step 3: Write the letter: Next, write the recommendation letter. Make sure to bring in maximum engagement by using a friendly and professional tone as well as simple words to convey your thoughts. 

Step 4: Structure and format the letter: Format your letter in the following order: 

  • Date 
  • Name and title of the recipient 
  • Address of the recipient
  • Salutation (Dear Selection Officer)
  • Introduction 
  • Body – the body will be divided into recommendations, examples of achievements/skills/strengths, the potential of the candidate to succeed in data science. 
  • Conclusion 
  • Contact Details 
  • Signature

To format: 

  • Print the LOR on the official letterhead on an A4 size paper. 
  • Set the font to 12 points size. 
  • Set a 1-inch margin at the top, bottom and both sides 
  • Set Times New Roman, Arial or Georgia as the font style.

Step 5: Proofread and submit: After finishing the writing and formatting of the LOR, read it carefully a few times. We recommend you read it at least five times. Check for grammatical and spelling errors as well as poor sentence structures and incorrect use or absence of punctuation. Submit the letter on time as instructed.

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Who Should You Request Data Science Recommendation Letter?

Request a referee who knows you personally and is happy to recommend you to the data science program. You can consider the following professionals. 

  • An established data scientist/data engineer/data analyst with whom you have a personal or professional connection. 
  • A professor, teacher, or mentor who has guided you in data science or a related subject, for instance, statistics, or mathematics. 
  • A colleague or co-worker who has worked with you on a data science project. 
  • An employer or project manager under whom you have worked on a data science-related project or job.

Do’s and Don’ts to Follow While Writing Letter of Recommendation for MS In Data Science

An LOR for data science can backfire for various reasons. To avoid such misfiring, we recommend you strictly follow the below Dos and Don’ts. 


  • Customize the recommendation letter to the exact data science program that the candidate is applying to. 
  • Establish that the candidate has the potential to succeed in the data science program by highlighting his relevant soft skills and technical skills in the domain. 
  • Provide sufficient examples and supporting information when any skill or achievement is attributed to the candidate. 
  • Talk about the personal qualities and values you observed in the candidate during your association and how that will benefit the candidate’s overall character and strength. 
  • Provide your contact details and openness for any further correspondence to verify the candidate’s eligibility or appropriateness to the data science program. 


  • Do not write the recommendation letter in a hurry. If you are busy, let the candidate know it or find alternative solutions like allowing the candidate to write the LOR himself. 
  • Avoid using cliched recommendation letter writing structure or boilerplate content. Try to come up with a writing tone as given in the LOR samples for MS in data science here. 
  • Avoid putting the candidate in a negative shade by overly emphasizing the negatives. Talk about the negatives as areas that the candidate constantly tried to improve. 
  • Avoid using too technical language even though data science contains a lot of complex jargon. The purpose of the LOR is to convey the message directly. 
  • Do not limit the scope of the LOR to the academic aspect alone. Cover the social and personal aspects as well, for instance, how valuable the candidate is to the students’ community.
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Final Checklist to Authenticate LOR For Data Science

Here is a final checklist to authenticate a letter of recommendation for masters in data science. If your answer to the following questions is yes, you are good to go. 

  • Has your LOR been printed on the official letterhead of the referee? 
  • Has the LOR been duly signed and dated by the referee? 
  • Is the contact information of the referee clearly provided in the LOR? 
  • Have you got your LOR for data science from a referee who is authorized to write it? 
  • Has the LOR been written in compliance with the specific guidelines given by the institute? 
  • Have you confirmed with the referee whether he is willing to follow up on any enquiries by the selection panel regarding the information provided in the LOR?


A tailored LOR for data science that is formatted correctly and written using simple language will weigh heavily with the admission officer who reviews your application. 

Were you able to write your recommendation letter as expected and as impressively as the LOR samples for MS in data science shared in this blog? 

We are eager to know how your writing experience was. 

Share your feedback with us in the comment.



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