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MBA Recommendation Letter: An In-Depth Guide with Sample

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Are you considering an MBA for your higher studies? Have you got your application ready with all the necessary documents like MBA recommendation letter? 

Don’t keep LOR writing for the last minute because your endorser might not always be available to draft it for you.

Stop worrying if you are struggling to draft one for yourself. In this blog, we are going to give you some perspective on MBA letter of recommendation.

By reading this blog carefully, you will come to know: 

  • What is a recommendation letter for MBA program?
  • How to write a letter of recommendation for MBA without mistakes? 
  • Correct writing tone and structure from a letter of recommendation sample for MBA

What Is MBA Recommendation Letter?

MBA Recommendation Letter is an endorsement letter written in favor of an MBA applicant by a former teacher, professor, HOD, or employer. The letter becomes quite important when the selection criteria of the institute are tighter. 

How Important are Recommendation Letters for MBA?

An MBA recommendation letter is important as it:

  • Provide a third person point of view of the abilities and talents of the candidate.
  • Help to make the MBA application stronger. 
  • Provide an insight into the characteristics and ethics of the applicant, which other documents fail to provide.
  • Ease the work of Admission Officers by helping them make wise decisions
    regarding the admission.

What are the Types of MBA Letter of Recommendation?

Universities may ask for two or three LORs from the applicants.

Professional LOR for MBA 

Academic LOR for MBA

The former is to be written and endorsed by the manager or supervisor of a company where you worked previously. The latter is to be authorized by a professor or teacher or HOD of your former college.

In this MBA letter of recommendation guide, you will find examples of them all.

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Format of an MBA Recommendation Letter

Review a few MBA recommendation letter sample and you will realize that the presentation and formatting styles of LOR depend on the university and the country. But, in general, it contains an introduction, two paragraphs, and a conclusion. 


In the introductory paragraph, the endorser should introduce himself/herself and then establish a connection with the candidate. A maximum of three sentences would be enough for this part of the recommendation letter.

Second paragraph

As it is clear from MBA reference letter sample, the endorser must focus on the organizational, leadership and team-management skills of the candidate in the second paragraph. Citing practical instances would be a powerful way to demonstrate these abilities.

Third paragraph

In the third paragraph, the reader gets to know the character of the applicant in greater depth. The person recommending you might include some specific examples of how they dealt with their responsibilities in the past.


This paragraph contains a clear statement of endorsement. On a positive note, it underscores that the candidate deserves a berth in the respective institution. This part also contains the formal signature and contact details of the referee.

How to Choose Your Recommenders to Write Letter of Recommendation for MBA?

Before you choose a recommender to write your MBA reference letter, check if he/she is the right person to do it.

Here are four conditions to help you make the right referee selection.

  • The intended recommender knows you personally. 
  • The referee is genuinely happy to recommend you and supportive of your goals. 
  • The recommender is aware of your strengths and capabilities. 
  • There has been a sufficient amount of association between you and the referee

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How to Write MBA Recommendation Letter?

A student will approach you to write a common MBA recommendation letter because he/she needs the endorsement of an authorized person to validate his relevant experiences, skill sets, and character.

Hence, when you draft the letter, strictly adhere to the below guidelines.

Get clarity on the points:

Be clear about what you are going to write in the LOR – the professional or academic experience and how they will affect the applicant’s future.

Use praises carefully:

Universities scrutinize the praises used in the letter of recommendation for mba. Be realistic when you praise an applicant. Do not overemphasize trivial things. 

Avoid negative comments:

 If you cannot recommend a student honestly, let him/her know the case politely. Negative comments will make the MBA recommendation letter weakness more felt. 

Use anecdotes:

Talk about specific examples where you found the applicant to be exceptional, for instance, when he/she gave a presentation on globalization. Specific examples make the letter impressive. 

Avoid cliches:

Cliched phrases, for instance, Jane is extremely hard-working, talented and extraordinary, will make your LOR look too generic. If the applicant is hard-working, give concrete evidence to prove that. 

Pro Tip: Do not write anything in the LOR for MBA that contradicts the information on your GPA or SOP. It will invalidate your application.

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How long should an MBA reference letter be?

An MBA reference letter should be written within a word limit of 400 to 500 words.

MBA Recommendation Letter Sample

Though you need to incorporate a fresh perspective in the MBA recommendation letter for each application, it is completely okay to read a couple of letter of recommendation sample for mba before you begin writing it for the first time.

Download or read the MBA recommendation letter template given below. 

Name of the Referee

Position of the Referee

Contact Details of the Referee

Name of recipient

Mailing address of desired recipient

Position of desired recipient

Today’s date

Dear (Admissions Committee/ Dean of Admissions),

It gratifies me academically to recommend the candidature of my ex-student (Name) for his admission in the MBA program at the globally well-ranked ____________ University (name of the university). My interactions with (Name) occurred during the time he was pursuing his engineering post-graduation in Civil Engineering, at ________ (Name of the college), ______ (place) where I am serving as an Associate Professor of ____________ (subject of specialization, if any ). I had taken theoretical and corresponding lab classes of Civil Engineering, Programming and Data Structures, Mechanics etc. for his batch. As his mentor and Professor, I can vouch for his intellectual maturity and excellent comprehension skills which sets him apart from his peers.

(Name) was one of the brilliant students of his batch and was regular and punctual in his college attendance. As a committed academic, he was the topper in all the tests and examinations. Being a witty learner with quick comprehension power, he knew how to discreetly apply knowledge for optimum results. He was very particular about his studies and was efficient in gaining extensive knowledge and skills relevant to his career. I remember he was an active learner at Coursera and Udemy through which he honed his conceptual clarity and understanding.

I must say that it was his diligence, indefatigability, and sincerity that put him on a high pedestal among his mates. I have come to appreciate the spark in him ever since he had involved himself as an active member of ____________ Association. Being the Coordinator of the ____________ Association, I have observed his leadership qualities and management skills which made each of our programs colorful. As his Mentor for 4 years at ___________ Association, I have seen his problem-solving attitude and analytical skills.

I am sure this MBA degree will give him wings to his dream to be an entrepreneur. As a brilliant student with great passion for studies, he would definitely prove to be an asset to your institution. I strongly recommend his candidature and endorse his application without any reservation. My best wishes are always with him. You can contact me for further details.

With Regards,



Name of the institution

Mobile Number


Download MBA Recommendation Letter Example PDF

MBA Recommendation Letter Example for UK

Name of the Referee

Designation of the Referee

Contact Details of the Referee

Name of recipient

Mailing address of desired recipient

Position of desired recipient


Dear (Admissions Committee/ Dean of Admissions),

It gives me a sense of security regarding the future of my student, (Name) who I have learnt is desirous of pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from your esteemed institution in the United Kingdom. As his mentor and Professor, I have always held high opinions about the innate potential of (Name). I am (Name), Associate Professor at ________(Name of the College), __________ (place). (Name) was one of the brightest students of his batch who brimmed with academic potential and has attained good grades and CGPA because of his hard-working, focused and persevering attitude which helped him to clearly define his academic and professional goals.

I have taught (Name) various subjects and have personally observed the dedication and passion he exhibited towards his studies and life. As a top scorer of his batch, he always performed well in his academics. It is his great interest and passion for the studies that put him high among his mates and I have observed the same when I taught him a module on __________, ____________ and ______. I was amazed by his dedication and passion with which he participated in every lecture of mine and his questioning mentality and the ability to think outside the box must receive special mention. He had this habit of coming prepared to the class so that the lecture can be made more interactive.

As part of our department fest, he was the Coordinator of our __________ club. As the mentor of the same club, I have observed personally his leadership capabilities and time management skills. I must appreciate his never give up attitude which I would say is the key reason for his and his team’s success. Being the leader of many College activities and programs I have seen his interpersonal skills and management capabilities and the passion and dedication he put forward in every activity must be highlighted.

I firmly believe that (Name) is right in his decision to go for academic pursuits in order to advance in his career ahead. He would prove his worth during Masters. He definitely deserves admission in this course because of his analytical approach and vibrant personality. My best wishes are always with him.

With Regards,



Name of the institution

Mobile Number


Download Letter of Recommendation Sample for MBA

What should an MBA Letter of Recommendation Include?

In case you are applying for an MBA program, refer to a well-drafted MBA letter of recommendation template and make sure that your endorser includes these elements in your recommendation letter: 

  • The critical thinking abilities and intellect of the applicant
  • A demonstration of the ability of the applicant to resolve business issues
  • The aesthetics and work ethics of the individual
  • The organizational, leadership and professional strengths of the applicant

What weakness should I write in an MBA recommendation letter?

As a Recommender you can address the weaknesses of a candidate by scrutinizing the candidate under certain pointers like professionalism, communication skills, leadership qualities, adaptability, etc.

Who should write MBA recommendation letters?

You can approach any of the following persons who have the authority to recommend you to request writing your MBA common letter of recommendation. 


Supervisors can know the candidates more closely. Check out a sample MBA recommendation letter from supervisor.


LOR by professors carry much weightage. Read a sample letter of recommendation for MBA from professor.


You can approach a team leader or HR manager to write an MBA recommendation letter from employer.


Request the manager of your former company to write a letter of recommendation for MBA from manager.

Recommendation Letter for MBA Program: Requirements for the UK and Canada

Letter of Recommendation for MBA in UK

UniversityNo. of LORs & Type
University of Oxford2 professional/academic LOR
University of Cambridge1 reference from a supervisor
Imperial College London2 professional references
UCL (University College London)1 or 2 academic LORs and 1 professional LOR
The University of Manchester1 Professional/academic LOR

Letter of Recommendation for MBA in Canada

UniversityNo. of LORs & Type
University of Alberta2 Academic
University of British Columbia3 Academic/Professional
University of Montreal1 Academic
University of Toronto2 Academic
University of Waterloo2 Academic
McGill University2 Academic/Professional
McMaster University2 Academic
Western University2 Academic

Top Universities That Ask MBA Letter of Recommendation for Admission

More than 90% of the universities abroad ask for an LOR from the applicants when they apply for an MBA program. Below is a list of the top universities where an MBA letter of recommendation for admission is mandatory. 

Harvard University

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Cornell University

London Business School

Stanford University

Kellogg School Of Management

Columbia Business School

National University of Singapore

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With a powerful recommendation letter for mba program in your application, you have a higher chance of getting admission. 

We hope that you have found this blog on the letter of recommendation for MBA helpful.

Do you have any questions? 

Do you wish to see more MBA reference letter examples?

Leave your questions, doubts, feedback, or suggestions in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Is LOR required for MBA in India?

Yes. Some colleges in India ask for recommendation letters from candidates who wish to pursue an MBA program.

Can a mentor write a letter of recommendation MBA?

Yes, a mentor can write a letter of recommendation for an MBA program, given that the mentor knows you well and can vouch for your capabilities and skills relevant for an MBA program.

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