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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Employee in An Effective Way

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When you apply for a job, you will often hear the term ‘letter of recommendation for employee.’ Have you ever wondered what this is all about?

Well, we have brought this blog to help you get familiar with that. 

In this blog, we will cover:  

  • What is a recommendation letter for employee
  • How to write a reference letter for employee
  • Examples to help you draft a strong recommendation letter

What is Letter of Recommendation for Employee?

A letter of recommendation for employee is an endorsement letter written by a previous supervisor or manager for an employee recommending him or her to a new job in another organization.

Why Is an LOR Important for Employees?

Many organizations demand job applicants include a recommendation letter from a former employer. This is considered an important document because: 

  • A reference letter for employee leaving will help the new organization know the reasons for the employee’s resignation from the former company. 
  • A letter of recommendation for former employee is an endorsement of his/her job performance, professionalism, and workplace ethics. 
  • The new organization can decide on the salary based on the recommendation letter for salary increase of employee. 
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Types of Recommendation Letter for Employee

Based on their purposes, employee reference letters are classified into three. They are: 

Employment Reference letter:

This type of letter is required for an employee when he/he intends to apply for a job in a new company or organization.

Academic Reference letter:

If the employee is looking for higher education in a college or university after working in an organization for some time, he will need to get an academic reference letter.

Character Reference letter:

The purpose of a character reference letter is to convince the concerned selection body that the candidate has been a good employee holding certain values and principles. 

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Whom Should You Get Employee Reference Letter From?

For a good reference letter for employee, you can consider a manager, employer, or supervisor. If you haven’t been directed to get the letter from a person in a particular designation, you can choose one of these people with whom you had a strong personal connection. 


The manager of the company where you previously worked is the right person to write you a reference letter. An LOR from manager carries much weight.


An LOR from employer is a reference letter written and endorsed by an authorized person in a company. It could be the MD, HR Manager, or Team Leader.


Your supervisor is someone who knows you more closely because he was in charge of assessing your performance and growth. An LOR from supervisor is valued highly.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for an Employee?

Writing a reference letter for an employee is a noble thing because you are making a change in someone’s life. When you are requested to write a recommendation letter for employee, follow the below steps to make it a really strong one. 

Get specific details:

If you can’t pull up the records of the former employee, ask him/her to provide you with relevant details. Carefully review the employee records before writing a letter of recommendation for an employee.

Know the reference letter’s purpose:

Find out the exact purpose of the reference letter. If it is for higher education, you must write it differently than a generic letter of recommendation for employee. 

Use the correct format:

Use a generally accepted employee reference letter template word. If the employee requests to write in a specific format or structure, write it so because the approval of the letter will be influenced by this. 

Recommend honestly:

If you think you cannot honestly recommend the employee, tell him/her that politely. A namesake LOR is more harmful than not having a simple letter of recommendation for employee. 

Proofread and correct mistakes:

Once you have finished the drafting, go through the letter a few times and correct the mistakes. Spelling mistakes or grammatical inaccuracies will cause the messages to be incorrectly understood.  

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Employee

If you haven’t written a short recommendation letter for employee yet, writing it for the first time will be difficult. Check out the sample letter of recommendation for employee to get some perspective. 

Download Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee PDF

Recommendation Letter Format for Employee

The LOR format is a very important factor that determines its appeal to the reader. Format it as you do for an official business letter. Follow the below rules. Also, check out a letter of recommendation template for employee for more clarity. 


Any font that is accepted for academic or business writing will work aptly for a recommendation letter too. For instance, Times New Roman or Arial.

Font size:

Set the font size of the text to 12 points. Keep that size throughout the letter. Don’t change it for the salutation or conclusion.


Write the letter in multiple paragraphs. At first, write an introduction, then body paragraphs and then a conclusion. Organize the points logically.

Line spacing:

Choose either 1.5 or double spacing for the lines. Do not leave lines between paragraphs.


You may choose to indent or not. If you chose to do it, maintain consistency.
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What to include in a Recommendation Letter for Employee?

In addition to ensuring that you have the got the employee reference letter format right, ensure that your letter has the following key elements. 


At the start of the letter, write an introduction where you clearly establish your relationship with the applicant.


Next, write an overview of the applicant from your point of view. List key skills, strengths, or personality traits that you remember.


Elaborate on the overview with an anecdote to make it clearer, relatable, and realistic.


Conclude the letter summarizing and honestly recommending the candidate for the new job or admission.


Add your signature and contact details (email address and phone number). Show your readiness for follow-ups.

Pro Tips to Write the Best Recommendation Letter for Employee

  • Keep your tone positive and optimistic in an employee LOR. 
  • Submit the letter as per the guidelines in print or softcopy. 
  • Make each letter unique if multiple letters are required. 
  • Quantify achievements, success, or accomplishments. 
  • Provide examples when writing about strengths or skills.



You have finished reading about letter of recommendation for employees. 

Are you sure you can write a general letter of recommendation for employee, truly recommending him for a specific purpose?

We would love to hear your thoughts. 

Feel free to write them in the comment below.



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