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Letter of Recommendation for Teacher – A Powerful Guide

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Are you required to write a letter of recommendation for teacher and do you find it hard? Be assured that we can help you. In this blog, we cover everything about writing recommendation letter for teacher applicants. 

By reading through this blog, you will learn: 

  • What is a Letter of recommendation for teacher?
  • How to write a good reference letter for teacher?
  • Sample reference letter for teacher to show its format and structure

What Is Letter of Recommendation for Teacher?

A Letter of recommendation for teacher is a letter endorsed by someone in the authority to recommend an applicant for a new teaching job or a promotion in the existing teacher designation. 

The letter could be written by:

  • The principal of a school where the candidate has worked as a teacher 
  • The professor of the teacher’s training institute where he or she got professional training. 

Why Would You Need a Letter of Recommendation for Teacher?

Teaching is a noble profession. Before any applicant is appointed as a teacher in an academic institute, the management will carry out a few background checks about the candidate. 

  • A letter of recommendation for outstanding teacher serves as a validation of the applicant’s skills and strengths. 
  • LOR for teacher verifies whether the candidate’s claims in the personal statement are true or not. 
  • Recommendation letter for a teacher from principal confirms whether the teacher has shown integrity and sincerity in his/her previous roles or during academic formation. 
  • LOR serves as a character reference letter for the teacher
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Who Can Write a Reference Letter for Teacher?

Depending on the nature of the application, you can approach different people for writing a reference letter for a teacher. You may also require a reference letter for teacher training. In general, teachers approach people working in the following profiles to obtain a recommendation letter.

An academic peer:

A coworker working with you as a teacher would be a good choice to approach for a letter of recommendation for coworker teacher.

A colleague:

At times, teachers can get endorsed by their superior colleagues. Knowing the correct format of the letter of recommendation for a teacher colleague is important though. 


Letter of reference for teacher from principal is weighed carefully when a teacher is hired. If your previous school’s principal is enthusiastic to recommend, consider it. 

An accomplished student:

You may also obtain an endorsement from a student, who has already progressed in his or her career and would like to write a testimonial thanking the teacher.


A letter of recommendation for teacher from parent carries much weight as it shows how the teacher communicated to the parent about a child’s academic performance and growth. 

Different Teaching Roles to Apply with Reference Letter for Teacher

In accordance with the teacher role you apply for, your letter of recommendation needs to be customized. Although the basic points and structure remain the same, the overall approach to writing these letters must be specific. 

  • Letter of recommendation for substitute teacher
  • Letter of recommendation for special education teacher
  • Letter of recommendation for preschool teacher
  • Letter of recommendation for daycare teacher
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How to write a Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher?

Writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher will be easier if you take the right approach. Here is a tested and proven procedure for your consideration.

Select a recognized format:

Choose a format that is acceptable and appropriate for the specific role the candidate is applying for. Reference letter examples for teachers would help you in this regard. 

Introduce yourself:

Next, give a brief introduction about yourself, your qualifications, in what capacity you recommend the teacher and the duration of your association with him/her.

Mention the candidate’s desired position:

Customization in LOR will make it look more authentic. Speak about the specific teaching role being applied and how well the candidate is prepared for that. 

Talk about the candidate:

 Mention any skills, strengths, or qualities that you found in the candidate and that made him different from others. Soft skills such as communication or leadership qualities are good to highlight in teacher LOR.

Solidify with examples:

When you write about a particular achievement of the candidate, do not forget to solidify that with examples. For instance, how the teacher helped weaker students to understand complex science lessons.

Give your contact details:

At the end of your LOR, give your contact details which are easily accessible – Email or mobile number. 

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Teacher

As you get ready to write the LOR, here is a sample letter of recommendation for teacher to help you gain some insights. Read this carefully and analyze how it is structured and formatted, and throws light on important aspects of the candidate. 

Teacher Letter of Recommendation Example

To whomever it may concern!

I am taking this opportunity to recommend the candidature of our employee, Anu Vincent, at your school for the position of Senior Secondary English language Teacher. During the three years of her tenure at our school, she was well liked by both students and teachers. As a Senior Secondary teacher she has always come up with innovative ideas and teaching pedagogies. Although it is a great loss for our teaching community, I am pleased for her career upliftment and would recommend her strongly on behalf of our school community.

Though she was a fresher when she joined our ABC Senior Secondary School, she has had tremendous growth as a teacher here. She has exhibited the qualities of acuteness, meticulousness, empathy, and patience right from the beginning. As a young and dynamic faculty she has made students comfortable with the use of the English language. She has always come up with engaging and interesting activities to increase the language familiarity of the students. I am glad that she has formed a great bond with all her students and has always maintained a personal connection with her pupils.

She was one of our vibrant teachers who has always participated and coordinated the various staff programs and functions of our school. She is very professional in all her approaches and has maintained a friendly aura around her. She had never missed any Parents Teacher Association Meetings and had participated in and coordinated several school functions. As a gifted educator, she has always found innovative ways to grab student’s attention. I am happy that she has formed a good rapport with her students, and has employed fair teaching practices in her classroom. As a faculty of English Language and Literature, she has always come up with innovative games and competitions to arouse students’ interests in the programs, and I am glad that she has also ensured students participation in every program she has arranged.

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Anu Vincent. As a hardworking and committed teacher she has always been a fellow mate for our students. I am very happy and pleased to recommend her without any reservation and I am sure she will perform great in your school as well. Please feel free to contact me for any further clarification or enquiries.

Yours Truly,

Rishi Xavier,


ABC Senior Secondary School,

_________ (place)

Download Teacher Letter of Recommendation Example PDF

How to Format a Reference Letter for Teacher?

Choosing the right template is crucial for drafting a reference letter for teacher assistant or any other variant of these letters. It enhances readability. 


The letterhead should include the following details:
  • Date
  • Name
  • Title
  • Address of school
  • Address of street
  • Contact details


In this segment of the application, the writer introduces himself or herself, besides establishing the connection with the teacher, and duration of association.

Second paragraph

The second paragraph of your recommendation letter should speak about the training, skills, professional strengths and teaching methodologies of the candidate.

Third paragraph

In this segment of recommendation letter for teacher from principal, justify the candidate’s suitability for employment. Refer to the candidate’s participation in various activities.


In the concluding paragraph, write a formal and strong endorsement statement. Remain open for further contact, and finish the letter with a note of invitation.


That’s all about writing letter of recommendation for teacher. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and benefited from the tips shared in it. 

Do you have any other questions regarding this blog? 

Feel free to write it in the comment below. 



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