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Letter of Recommendation for Coworker – A Complete Guide

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Tired of searching online ‘how to write a letter of recommendation for a coworker?’ Today, we are going to discuss with you the same. In this blog, you will learn: 

  • What is a letter of recommendation for coworker? 
  • How to write a reference letter for coworker?
  • Sample reference letter for coworker to help you craft your own.

What Is a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker?

Letter of recommendation for coworker is an LOR you will write for a coworker when he wants to apply for a job in a new organization. You can write it for any coworker whom you know well. The length of a coworker professional reference letter is about 500 words. 

Can a Letter of Recommendation Be from A Coworker?

Yes, it can be from any coworker. However, do not write it for someone whom you barely know, as a matter of work ethic. 

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When Does One Need a Coworker Letter of Recommendation?

A co-worker might need a LOR from you for a promotion or job change. Here is a list of scenarios.


Letter of recommendation for coworker for immigration is required when the coworker is looking to migrate to a foreign country.


Letter of recommendation for coworker for scholarship is drafted to help a coworker win eligibility to receive a scholarship.


You will write a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker in Healthcare when he is looking for work or studies in the healthcare sector.


A coworker looking to make a job change in a teaching position or education would need a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker in Education.

Medical Field

A coworker looking for higher studies or job change in the medical sector requires a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker in Medical Field.

Graduate School

If your coworker is seeking admission for graduate school, you will write him a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker in Graduate School.

Nursing School

You will write a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker in Nursing School to recommend a coworker to a nursing school for advanced studies.

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How to write a Letter of Recommendation for a Coworker without difficulties?

Writing a reference letter for a coworker can be difficult if you haven’t familiarized yourself with reference letter examples for coworker. Follow these steps. 

  • Use acceptable coworker reference letter format: Using the right letter of recommendation template for coworker enables presenting information coherently. 

  • Cherry-pick points and include only what is relevant: Be extremely selective about what you write in the letter. Do not write anything that is irrelevant. 

  • Collect all details before writing: Gather all details, like whom the letter has to be addressed, submission due date, etc., from the coworker. 

  • Maintain conciseness in the coworker reference letter: Be mindful of LOR length when you write it. Keep it concise as in a perfect reference letter template for coworker.

  • Proofread and edit the letter: Scrutinize the LOR for coworker and provide him with a perfect piece of writing so that his chances for selection will be higher. 

Pro Tip: Use simple language in the referral letter for coworker. Unless your messages get communicated, the letter won’t serve the purpose.

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Recommendation Letter Sample for Coworker

Reviewing a recommendation letter sample for coworker is a quick way to learn how to write it on your own. Go through the recommendation for colleague sample below. 

Sample Reference Letter for Coworker for Higher Studies




To whomever it may concern

My name is _________, and I am the Deputy General Manager at ___________ (name of the company), handling the Business Unit in __________ (place). I have had the opportunity to work with _______(Name) for the past three years and it’s my pleasure to put forth a word of recommendation for _______(Name), who has been working in our company, as an Assistant Manager (Marketing & Sales) from DD MONTH YEAR till date. I highly recommend him for your MBA program. I am sure his critical thinking abilities and analytical capabilities will allow him to perform well in your institution as well.

When he joined the company he was a fresher, but with the right guidance and mentorship, he performed well in all the activities undertaken by him. He turned out to be a highly efficient employee who is proficient in performing his duties which included a wide variety of responsibilities like managing sales and marketing operations, investigating industry trends, planning and executing workable strategies, training and developing a team of new joiners, issuing quotations to the client and so on. In the course of my association with him, I was impressed with his meticulousness and diligence and the way he handled the company’s sales and implemented marketing strategies must receive special mention.

_______ (name) is hardworking and dedicated individual who is passionate in his responsibilities and always had a focused approach to all the responsibilities undertaken by him. I must appreciate his professionalism, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

With this, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my humble opinion about ________ (name). He truly deserves this international exposure and academic backing which will benefit him to have a flourishing career ahead. I believe he is a great candidate for your MBA program and I am sure his dedication and passion for his studies will take him a long way in his career.

I would be happy to provide any further details or clarification on the discussed matter. Please feel free to contact me at my mobile number: xxxxxxxxxx and email:

With regards,



Name of the company

download pdfDownload Sample Reference Letter for Coworker PDF

Recommendation Letter Sample for Coworker




To whomever it may concern

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Name, during his tenure at the Marketing Department of our company named (Name of the company), _____ (place). I am glad to recommend him for the position of Senior Market Research Analyst at __________ (Name of the Company), _______ (Place).

I am ________ (Name), HR Manager at ___________ (Name of the Company) and I have been working in this role in this company for the past 12 years. Though I have worked with many bright, young and talented professionals, the spark I observed in ______ (Name) is often missing in others. His problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities make him stand out among his peers. I was impressed with his work ethic and the ability to work efficiently under pressure. He was among the top 1% undergraduates who have worked under my guidance and as his mentor I can vouch for his creative abilities and marketing ideologies.

In the course of our association, I had noticed that he is good at research work and his technical capabilities and quick grasping prowess are commendable. While working on a project based on xxxxxxx for solving business challenges, his contribution towards the issue was highly appreciated. I was really impressed with his work and the manner in which he handled things with finesse must receive special mention. I must say that he has developed the qualities of acuteness, intelligence, dedication along with remarkable analytical, decision-making and reasoning skills in the course of his professional journey so far.

As a great team player and a natural leader he is very cordial to his fellow mates. He always has a helping mentality and is at the forefront to guide his junior colleagues.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information or clarification. You are always welcome to contact me on my mobile number: xxxxxxx and email:

With Regards,



Name of the company

download pdfDownload Recommendation Letter Sample for Coworker PDF

What is the structure of Letter of Recommendation for Coworker?

Here is how you must structure your recommendation letter based on a sample reference letter for coworker. 

  • Address and date: Mention the date and the address of the person for whom the letter is written.

  • Introduction: At the introduction, introduce yourself and tell in what capacity you know the candidate. This lets the reader know your perspective. 

  • Your endorsement: Provide the reader with a head-up of the candidate’s skills and strengths and endorse them in your capacity as a coworker. 

  • The body: In the body of the letter, give examples of your coworker’s skills, achievements and experiences. 

  • Conclusion: Give a summary of all you have written in the conclusion.  This will serve as the most appropriate closing to the letter. 

  • Contact details: Add your name, designation, and contact details at the end of the recommendation letter in case the addressee want to verify any information.

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Things to Review Before Starting to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker

Keep the following things in mind to write a concise and short letter of recommendation for coworker. 

When to write a letter of recommendation for coworker?

You should write a recommendation letter for coworker only under the following circumstances. 

  • You are convinced that the coworker matches the skills the new job demands.
  • You are familiar enough with the coworker to write a recommendation letter for him. 
  • You have mentored your coworker and know about his skills, abilities, and integrity. 
  • You are certain that the coworker is the right fit for the concerned job. 
  • You are sure about the coworker’s experience and domain background. 
  • You are impressed with the coworker’s consistency and competency in job performance.

When not to write a letter of recommendation for coworker?

Do not agree to write a recommendation letter for coworker under the following circumstances and you are certain about that. 

  • Your coworker does not have the relevant experience that the new job demands. 
  • Your coworker is not a hard worker and does not take initiative to learn new things. 
  •  Your coworker is applying to a company where you previously worked and burnt bridges. 
  • You cannot recommend the coworker honestly because of personal conflicts. 
  • Your coworker lacks some of the essential skills for the new role. 
  • You don’t have enough acquaintance with the coworker to write LOR for him.

Writing a Reference Letter for Coworker: What to Focus On?

  • Right at the beginning, you need to explain the connection between the endorser and the candidate. It is recommended to write your job title clearly, which justifies why you are qualified to endorse the person. 
  • Make sure to state the duration for which you know the person. To enhance the authority, mention some of the projects, where both of you have collaborated in the past.
  • Your recommendation letter should convey the professional aesthetics and ethics of the person under consideration. The recruiter or university authorities should clearly understand the soft skills and personality of the individual.
  • Highlight the areas, which convey how the individual would enable the business to grow further.

Things to Avoid in Writing a Coworker Recommendation Letter

  • Copying what is in the resume.
  • Lengthy account of coworker’s work experience at the current company 
  • Emphasizing the negatives. LOR is to meant to recommend a candidate. 
  • Being dishonest and including skills or achievements that aren’t real. 
  • Being careless about grammatical or spelling mistakes. 
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Tips to Write a Compelling Recommendation Letter for Coworker

Accurate information: Provide only accurate information as a mismatch in the letter of recommendation can affect the reliability of the candidate.

Furnishing measurable data: Rather than using generic words to describe an achievement, use terms that recruiters can assess.

Quality of the LOR: Conceptually, structurally and grammatically, the letter of recommendation for coworker should be sound. 

Subject line: Amplify the importance of the email that contains letter of recommendation for coworker doc highlighting the word ‘recommendation’ in the subject line. 

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Letter of Recommendation for A Former Coworker

Some employers demand job applicants submit LOR from all former companies. In that case, you will be requested for writing a letter of recommendation for a former coworker.


We honestly hope that you can now write a glowing LOR for coworker by carefully implementing the steps discussed in this blog. 

Have you got any other questions in this regard? We are always willing to enlighten you. 

Feel free to leave your feedback, suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

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