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Fulbright Recommendation Letter Example with Writing Guide 2023

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2023 is an exciting year for those who are seeking higher education in the United States. If you are worried about the expenses of studying in the USA, a Fulbright scholarship would be a great relief to you. The first step towards getting qualified for this is writing a Fulbright recommendation letter. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything about it in detail such as: 

  • What is a Fulbright reference letter? 
  • Dos and Don’ts to follow while writing it
  • Fulbright recommendation letter Example

What Is a Fulbright Recommendation Letter? Why Is It Important?

A Fulbright recommendation letter is a letter written by an authorized person endorsing your qualification, character, academic excellence, and professional experience while applying for a Fulbright grant. 

Fulbright is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the United States. Obviously, the number of students seeking this is enormous. The scholarship issuing body, therefore, wants to ensure that the grant is given out to the most deserving candidates. A Fulbright recommendation letter helps them in many ways. 

  • It gives a third-person point of view about the candidate who is applying for the scholarship. 
  • Fulbright reference letter is written by a professor or employer who can authentically speak on behalf of the candidate. So, it has value and authenticity. 
  • The recommendation letter Fulbright not only speaks about the academic excellence of the candidate but also the personal qualities. 
  • A well-thought-out recommendation letter for Fulbright will clearly establish the potential of the candidate to succeed in the higher study program he is taking up. 

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Fulbright Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Having clear answers to the following questions is necessary to write a comprehensive and impactful LOR for a Fulbright grant. So, go through the following questions carefully and brainstorm for the most appropriate answers. 

  • What are your academic and professional aspirations? How can the Fulbright scholarship help you with that?
  • Why do you deserve a Fulbright grant? Why do you think you are more suitable for it than other applicants? 
  • Can you think of a specific academic or professional achievement that clearly shows your skills/strengths or potential? 
  • How have you demonstrated a commitment to your field of study or profession?
  • How would you utilize the Fulbright grant for your academic or professional growth?

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What Do Admission Officers Look for in Your Fulbright LOR?

When admission officers review your letter of recommendation for the Fulbright grant, they will generally scan for a few specific points such as: 

Authenticity of the writer:

Before starting to read your recommendation letter, the admission officers will verify whether the letter has been written by a person who has the power to vouch for you. 

Your qualification:

To deserve a Fulbright grant, you need to meet certain academic qualifications. Admission officers will look for information that confirms your qualifications 

Potential to excel:

Admission officers want to know your potential to successfully complete the higher study program. Ensuring the scholarship reaches candidates with great calibre is a big concern for them. 

Personal qualities and character:

The letter of recommendation for Fulbright scholarship is supposed to share some insights into the personal qualities of the candidates, for instance, perseverance, work ethic and integrity. 

Your fitness for the program:

Admission officers are looking to know how closely you fit into the proposed program for which you are seeking the Fulbright grant. The more you meet the requirements of the course, the higher the chances of getting selected.

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How Long Should Your Recommendation Letter For Fulbright Scholarship Be?

Here are some figures you may consider implementing while writing your Fulbright scholarship LOR. 

Word count:

400 to 500

Character count:

2000 to 2500

Number of Pages:

1 to 2

Fulbright Recommendation Letter Example

Here is a Fulbright recommendation letter sample for you to review. Go through it carefully to understand the expectations of the document and identify how you can meet them in your writing. 

Dear Esteemed Members of the Fulbright Scholarship Committee

I am both delighted and honoured to write this letter to recommend Mr Richard for the most coveted Fulbright scholarship. I have known Richard for about two years in my capacity as a professor of Economics at ABC Institute and have worked closely with him during this period.

Richard is an exceptional student who had an above average academic excellence, strong dedication to whatever projects he undertakes and exceptional leadership qualities. I am certain that he will be an ideal candidate to be considered for the Fulbright scholarship and if selected, he would utilize this privilege to make the best use of it for his academic growth.

During his academic formation at ABC Institute, I witnessed his consistent demonstration of unwavering curiosity and thirst for knowledge and dedication to excel. He was one of the five students in the batch to secure the highest percentage of grades for my subject Economics. He actively participated in research programs and would frequently seek my advice in his area of specialization. He maintained an exceptional GPA in the batch too. I remember recommending him to an inter-university talent fest which was organized for select candidates who made exceptional achievements in specialized subjects. I was happy to recommend him because I was convinced of his ability to solve complex problems, analyse new concepts critically and suggest novel ideas.

On the extra-curricular front, Richard has made remarkable achievements and shown exceptional potential in various capacities. He possessed strong communication skills and a dare to take initiative, both of which helped him immensely in performing leadership roles and organizing events with ease. He was also keen to help his peers discover both their academic and non-academic potential and evolve in their own ways.

As a member of the student community, Richard was very friendly, outgoing and kind. He always believed in keeping a good relationship with his peers and the academic faculty. Alongside individual growth, he was committed to contributing to the growth of the student community as a whole.

To sum up, I honestly recommend Richard for the Fulbright scholarship. I have no doubt that he will continue to repeat his academic excellence, honest participation in extracurricular initiatives and commitment to the student community in his future endeavours too. I strongly believe that this scholarship will make a positive impact on his future.

If you would like to clarify anything about him as part of the selection process, feel free to contact me.





Download Fulbright Recommendation Letter Examples PDF

Guidelines for Using Sample Recommendation Letter for Fulbright Scholarship

Not knowing how to use the sample Fulbright letter of recommendation effectively will cause you to benefit less from them. Follow the below guidelines to utilize them at their best.

Read to brainstorm:

While reading the samples, keep your brain active to brainstorm for points that you could use in your LOR.

Read to format:

Using the right format in the LOR is essential to impress the selectors. While reviewing the sample, get familiar with the format.

Read to write:

There is no writer who is not inspired by a previous work. The LOR sample is a great way to inspire yourself to write your own copy.

Read not to copy:

Never read an LOR to copy any point or idea from it. Rather, read it to inspire your own imagination so that you can come up with your unique points.

Write Your Reference Letter for Fulbright Scholarship In 6 Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write your LOR. It will help you be ready with your LOR in just six easy steps. 

Write the introduction:

Prepare a clear, short and precise introduction for the LOR at first. The introduction should clearly establish the purpose, the relationship between the applicant and the referee and the duration of their relationship.

Develop the body:

The body can be divided further into multiple paragraphs based on a particular theme that it focuses on. It should demonstrate the achievements, character, skills and strengths of the applicant that the referee can authentically vouch for with vivid examples.

Write an impactful conclusion:

Next, write a conclusion that beefs up all the major points and solidifies your recommendation for the applicant. Show your willingness to be contacted for any further queries and include your contact details (phone or email).

Format your LOR:

After you are done with the writing part, the next step is to format it in a style that is acceptable. Use a professional font and font size. Organize the LOR in paragraphs. Develop the essay with a strong introduction and conclusion. Leave space between paragraphs.


Proofreading is the most important step in LOR writing. In this stage, you will carefully go through the LOR word by word and rectify any grammatical or spelling mistakes. You will also keep an eye out for wrong punctuation and poor sentence construction and modify them.

Submit your LOR on time:

Read about the LOR submission guidelines of the Fulbright Scholarship issuing authority and submit it as directed. Do not wait till the last day to file your application since there is always scope for early birds.

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WWho should I ask for a Letter of Recommendation for Fulbright?

When it comes to choosing the referees to write your Fulbright recommendation letter, you can consider the following people. 


Teachers or principals who have taught you are in a good position to speak about your academic potential, character, skills and strengths.


If you are applying for the Fulbright scholarship to pursue a post-graduate level program, you must include an LOR from a professor or HOD (Head of the department) who taught you for your graduate-level program.


If you have any history of working anywhere, you may consider your employer or supervisor who is closely associated with you to write your recommendation letter for a Fulbright grant.

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Final Checklist

Here is a checklist to validate your recommendation. Make sure all these below boxes are ticked before you proceed further with your LOR. 

  • Does the LOR have a clear introduction that explains the purpose and relationship of the referee? 
  • Does the LOR meet the recommended word count and format? 
  • Has the LOR addressed the major strengths, achievements and skills of the applicant? 
  • Is there enough supporting information or evidence to prove the points? 
  • Does the LOR seem engaging to read as the given sample Fulbright recommendation letter? 

Dos and Don’ts in Fulbright Recommendation Letter Writing

To write a powerful and winning LOR like the Fulbright reference letter sample we have shared in this blog, it is important to adhere to some Dos and Don’ts.


  • Highlight the potential of the candidate to succeed in the program
  • Show how previous accomplishments can be translated into the candidate’s potential strengths
  • Explain how the applicant’s goals, backgrounds and interests align with the expectations of the Fulbright program.
  • Solidify your points with quantifiable data, for instance, where the candidate ranked among other students.  
  • Show your enthusiasm to recommend the candidate. Never sound like you are writing it just for the sake of it. 


  • Do not write anything that you are not certain about. An honest LOR is key to the successful approval of the application. 
  • Do not keep the focus only on the academic aspect of the candidate. Give a holistic account of the candidate instead. 
  • Do not sound generic. Whatever you write in the LOR, make it specific and well-accounted. 
  • Do not write informally. LOR serves as an official document endorsing an applicant. So, it should be written in a professional tone. 
  • Do not write too long or short. Maintain the recommended word count which is approximately 500 words.

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We hope this blog has given you deep insights into the Fulbright recommendation letter. Whether you are the applicant or the referee, this blog has the right information to help you move forward. 

In case you have any questions or need any further clarification, we are here to help you. 

So, write your thoughts in the comments below. 



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