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Letter of Recommendation for College – Updated Guide for 2023

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You probably looking onto this blog trying to figure out what an LOR is and how to write a good one for your college admission, didn’t you? Then let us explore the nuances of a letter of recommendation.

In this blog, we will help you understand: 

  • What is a letter of recommendation for college application?
  • How to write a good recommendation letter for college program.
  • Case-specific LOR for college application samples to get you familiarized with writing an LOR.

What Is Letter of Recommendation for College?

A Letter of Recommendation for college is an official document to include in college applications. It is a written endorsement of the applicant by a professor or head of the department of the institute where the candidate previously studied. 

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Why Do You Need an LOR for College Admission?

Universities and colleges ask for an LOR from applicants for a number of reasons. Not knowing exactly why you are required to write an LOR can cause you to lose some of its characteristics. So, learn about its significance first. 

Why you should be accepted:

Though you list out the reasons why you should be accepted in your personal statement, these points get more clarity and validity when an LOR backs them.

Approval of your character:

Beyond academia, universities want to verify that their applicants possess good character and personality. An LOR for college students acts as a second opinion on these elements. 

It verifies your academic performance:

As LOR is written and endorsed by a professor or HOD who has associated with you, it will be an authentic verification of your academic performance. 

An unbiased view of the applicant:

Your new university does not have any information about you. It is the letter of recommendation for college program that will provide them with an unbiased view of you. 

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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for College?

Remember that the college admission panel is not looking for a generic LOR but one that is more specific in nature and helps them scrutinize the applicant more effectively

 Follow the below steps to write the LOR that can impress them:

Request the right person:

Whether you need a letter of recommendation for college from employer or professor, ask someone who can recommend you and who knows you on a personal level. 

Provide the referee with all information:

Your referee might not have all the information about you at hand. Provide him with sufficient details as well as a letter of recommendation for college template.  

Tell specific aspects you need to focus on:

An LOR with a focus on specific aspects of the candidate sells more than those with a generic tone. Tell your referee the specific aspect of you that you want to be focused more. 

Include comparative examples:

Providing comparative examples in the recommendation letter for college student, for instance, how you performed better than other students would make it more realistic and powerful. 

Use accepted format and structure:

Use a format and structure in your LOR that is acceptable to your university. Consult former students and professional writers. Additionally, check the recommendation letter for college template.  

Submit the LOR as per instructions:

Some institutes demand LOR to be sent by the recommender himself while others might ask students to include it in the application. Verify what is required and do it accordingly. 

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

Take a few minutes to read and understand the nature, structure, and format of an ideal college LOR by going through this recommendation letter for college sample. 

Formatting Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

Presenting your letter of recommendation with professionalism counts. A well-formatted letter ensures that your information is scannable, and the reader can find the details effortlessly. A breezy read and appealing appearance cast a positive impact on the authorities. This ensures that the person would go through the letter till the end and make the right decision.

Consider incorporating the following elements in your letter of recommendation for college student: 

  • Use the right fonts and typography
  • Choose an appropriate layout for the presentation
  • Integrate other visual elements, if required
  • Work on margins, spacing and other aspects
  • Proofread and edit the letter in the end, wherever required
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What Should Your Letter of Recommendation for College Admission Include?

An LOR should unfailingly contain the following elements should it be considered authentic, legible, and complete. 

  • The name and position of the person endorsing the applicant
  • Establishing the relationship between the two people
  • Demonstrate the academic strengths with instances
  • Speak of the core traits, technical skills and soft skills
  • Explain how the applicant can contribute to the institution
  • Include a formal statement of recommendation
  • Providing the contact details of the respective authority

Tips for Writing a Powerful Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

In addition to perfecting the language element, formatting and structure, an LOR should prioritize a few other things. Follow the below tips to make your LOR both unique and powerful.

Ensuring uniqueness in each letter

When there are multiple LORs, recommendation letter for college admission from employer, teacher, etc., make sure they are unique in presentation and content.

Validating the profile

The information presented in your letter of recommendation should complement your resume and other applications and should never contradict anything. 

Using custom templates

At times, the admission authorities prescribe certain structures or norms, to which the applicants need to adhere. This makes it easier for them to scan the points.

Recommending from the heart

A recommendation letter can be one written just nominally or one that is really aimed at recommending a candidate. For the admission panel, this difference matters a lot.

Eliminating cliches

It is best to avoid cliched phrases like a hard worker, exemplary student etc. in the recommendation letter for college scholarship or admission. Instead, give specific comparisons.



You have learnt how to write a letter of recommendation for college. 

Now, it is time to put your learnings into practice. 

Are you ready to write now?

We are looking forward to hearing about your experience. 

Leave all your suggestions and feedback in the comment. 

If you got any questions or doubts to clarify, we are open to hearing them too and helping you further. 



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