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Letter of Recommendation for Masters Program: A Detailed Guide

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Once you have decided to pursue a master’s program, the next important step is to file a flawless application. And this involves writing a letter of recommendation for masters program. 

 Drafting the perfect Letter of Recommendation is no easy task but we have got you covered.

By Reading this blog, you will come to learn: 

  • Definition of what a letter of recommendation for master’s program is
  • Steps on how to write a recommendation letter for master’s degree without mistakes
  • A sample letter of recommendation for a master’s program

What Is a Recommendation Letter for Masters Program?

A Letter of recommendation for masters program is a letter which is supposed to be written by a professor or a teacher to recommend you to a master’s program at a college or university.

The letter contains verification of your;

  • Achievements and accomplishments in specific subjects 
  • Overall academic performance
  • Your personality traits 
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Whom Should You Approach for Writing a Recommendation Letter for a Master’s Degree?

As a student, you can ask your tutors to write a recommendation letter for you. It would be a good idea to have your coworker or supervisor endorse you if you have professional experience. Here are a few excellent contenders you might contact to write your reference letter.

Letter of Recommendation from Professor for Masters Degree:

Having a reference letter prepared by a Professor whom you have collaborated with would be a good option.


Your employer’s attestation of your skills and abilities in the form of an LOR will certainly impress any admission panel.

HOD (Head of Department):

The head of the department of your graduation program can write you a reference letter for masters.


The principal of your previous college could recommend you with an LOR for masters.

Does an LOR for MS Really Matter for Studying Abroad?

Yes. According to some statistics, more than 90% of the colleges and universities in foreign countries require candidates to include an LOR for masters for studying abroad in the application. 

How Many LORs Are Needed to Study for Masters Abroad?

In most cases, you will be asked to produce at least two to three reference letters for master application abroad. 

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Programs That Need a Professional Reference Letter for Masters

The requirement of an LOR is applicable to all MS programs. Here is a list of popular MS courses which you need to apply with an LOR. 

  • LOR for MBA
  • LOR for MSW
  • LOR for MS in CS
  • LOR for MS in Pharmacy
  • LOR for MS in Civil Engineering
  • LOR for MS in Industrial Engineering
  • LOR for MS in ECE
  • LOR for MS in Data Science
  • LOR for MS in Biotechnology
  • LOR for MS in Business Analytics

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Masters?

A letter of recommendation for masters should vouch for the suitability of the candidate to the particular MS program. Here is how you must approach it. 

Focusing on diverse strengths

Make sure that each letter covers diverse aspects of your personality. This would give a comprehensive view of your character and strengths to the admission committee.

Complementing other information

All the documents you submit to the admission authorities should complement each other. This means the data provided in your LOR shouldn’t contradict your resume, letter of intent, or other documents.

Including practical examples

Include stories and incidents, which speak of the applicant’s academic strengths. Also, you need to be unique with your approach and should use the right pitch and tone in the write-up. 

Showing your growth

The letter should speak of the overall growth and maturity of the applicant over time demonstrating how he evolved in his respective field. This approach will help create a positive impression.

Pro Tip: While being unique, the LOR for masters shouldn’t deviate from the accepted structure or format. Also, it has to contain no mistakes should it impress selectors.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Masters Program

Writing an LOR for masters will come in handy after you review some sample letter of recommendation for masters program. Here are a few samples for you to read and familiarize yourself. 

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Masters Program PDF

Letter of Recommendation Format for Masters

When you write the best letter of recommendation for masters, it is inevitable to format and structure it correctly. Use the following steps to do that effectively. 

Format your text by using academically accepted font, font size, line spacing, and indentation. 


Times New Roman or Arial

Font size:

12 points


Indent the first line of each paragraph

Line spacing:

Use double space


Start the introduction positively showing your excitement to recommend the candidate and then explain how you are related to the candidate.


Divide the body into two or three paragraphs. Use each paragraph to speak about specific areas. For instance, one paragraph can carry information about academic excellence, achievements etc., while another one can carry info about the unique personality traits that you found attractive.


Write an apt conclusion reiterating your support for the candidate and how he will add value to the institute. Conclude by wishing best of luck to the candidate and showing your openness to follow up on any clarifications. Write your email address and phone number before signing off.
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Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Masters Program

Make each letter look different:

When you require more than one reference letter for a master degree, ensure each LOR looks different and speaks about specific areas of strength and personality traits. 

Include quantitative examples:

When you include examples of your strengths or achievements, explain them in quantitative terms. E.g., the candidate was one of the first students to complete a project. 

Stick to submission guidelines:

Never default to the LOR submission guidelines given by the university. Dispatch directly to the college if you are supposed to do so. 

Customize to the master’s program:

The LOR must be customized to the master program being applied. Read and understand the program description, and the LOR template for masters, and tailor the letter.

Proofread and edit:

Mistakes or lack of clarity in the LOR can backfire. Make sure that there are no mistakes and the messages are communicated well. Do not submit the letter without proofreading and editing. 

How to Choose a Referee to Write a Professional Reference Letter for a Master’s Program?

Here are a few points for your consideration while choosing a recommender/referee to write your recommendation letter for a master degree. 

Qualification of the recommender:

An LOR from a recommender who is highly qualified will carry much weight. However, consider this as a priority only if you have more choices. 

Duration of association:

Obviously, a professor or HOD or teacher who has had the longest duration of association with you might know you better and recommend you genuinely. 

Relevance of the recommender:

Here too, when you have more choices, give first priority to a referee who can talk on behalf of you about a relevant project or course you have done under him. 


Regardless of the master’s program you are applying to, put in the time to ensure that you have the best letter of recommendation for masters. 

Did you enjoy reading this blog? 

We sincerely hope that it was helpful to you. 

If there is anything that you like to discuss with us concerning the topics covered in this blog, don’t hesitate to comment below. 



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