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Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter Writing Guide 2023

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The career prospects of mechanical engineers in 2023 look bright. After the pandemic-induced restrictions are eased, the world is inching towards another industrial revolution. If you want to ensure a fulfilling career as a mechanical engineer, you will need training from an accredited university or college. For which, LOR for mechanical engineering is unavoidable. 

Do not worry if you are not sure about writing it though. We have carefully prepared this blog, answering every concern that a student might need clarification on while thinking about a recommendation letter. You will find sections covering: 

  • How to write an LOR for MS in mechanical engineering? 
  • What do selection committee members look for in a mechanical engineering LOR 
  • LOR samples for mechanical engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter?

Mechanical engineering recommendation letter is an official letter addressed to the selection panel of a mechanical engineering college or university by a previous faculty of a candidate who is seeking admission there. The letter gives a sneak peek into the candidate’s character, achievements, social commitment, skills and more.

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Why Is LOR for Mechanical Engineering So Important?

Letter of recommendation for MS in mechanical engineering is quite important for many reasons. 

  • It introduces the candidate to the mechanical engineering institute. Prior to seeing the recommendation letter, every candidate is a stranger to the selection panel. 
  • It establishes why the candidate needs to be given admission. Since many students apply, the selection panel requires strong reasons to shortlist a candidate.
  • It provides examples of the candidate’s relevant skills and achievements. The selection panel will learn how suitable the candidate is for mechanical engineering from these examples. 
  • It enables the selection committee to see the factors that distinguish a particular mechanical engineering aspirant from other applicants. 
  • It acts as a validation of the information the candidate himself supplies through his application, statement of purpose and other documents.
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Questions to Help You Write an Incontestable LOR for Mechanical Engineering

Not providing clarity in the recommendation letter can make it look shady. So, you need to establish your narrative with a clear focus and examples. Answering the following questions will help you write an incontestable mechanical engineering LOR. 

How are you and the candidate related? 

Show how you know the candidate specially mentioning the duration and time of your association. 

How did you find the association with the candidate? 

Explain how healthy your association with the candidate was. Explain whether you found the candidate to be different from other students in a positive way. Make sure you specify the nature of your association and the major duties, responsibilities or tasks done together or under your supervision. 

Why would you recommend the candidate to the mechanical engineering program? 

Give your strong reasons to recommend the candidate to this mechanical engineering program. Show why you think he or she would take up the course seriously and add value to the institute that is hosting them. 

What personal qualities do you think will make the candidate a great asset to the institute? 

Write about the unique personal qualities you noticed in the candidate, for instance, how empathetic and helpful the candidate was to his/her colleagues or teachers when they were in need. 

What are the specific examples that show the candidate’s true motivation for choosing mechanical engineering? 

Think about any experience when you realized that the candidate is truly driven towards a career path in mechanical engineering.

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Five Areas Admission Panels Focus on in LOR for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Ever wondered what admission panels focus on when they peruse a mechanical engineering recommendation letter written on behalf of a candidate? Here are the five most frequently targeted areas. 

  • Suitability: The suitability of the candidate to join the specific mechanical engineering program at a given college or university. 
  • Proof: Admission officers look for proof of a candidate’s claims. For instance, if a candidate has claimed excellent time management as a quality, the LOR must agree with that. 
  • Personal qualities:  Admission officers are likely to shortlist candidates with some good qualities, for instance, helpfulness, honesty, integrity etc. 
  • Professionalism: This quality is expected in the recommendation letter itself. The admission officers would ignore LORs written less impressively and professionally. 
  • Academic Potential: Institutes admit only the candidates who are likely to succeed in their mechanical engineering courses. So, the LOR must hint at the academic potential of the candidate.

How Long Should an LOR for Mechanical Engineering Letter Be?

Adhere to the following figures to ensure that your letter of recommendation for masters in mechanical engineering is in the right length. 

  • Page: 1 or 2 pages 
  • Words: 400 to 500
  • Characters: 2000 to 500

LOR Samples for Mechanical Engineering

The following mechanical engineering recommendation letter samples will let you get familiar with the writing tone, structure, introduction/conclusion writing, and more. Read the samples carefully.

Dear members of the selection committee

I am writing this letter to recommend Miss XXX for the post-graduate course in mechanical engineering your esteemed college is offering. I have had the chance of teaching her the subject ‘Manufacturing Technology’ during her graduation in mechanical engineering. During this period, I came to know about her potential in studies and her strong passion for a career in mechanical engineering. I am convinced that XXX is the right candidate for your mechanical engineering program given her exposure in the field and academic track records.

XXX is a very hard-working student who always tries to make use of her time. Unlike other students of her age, she was serious about the purpose of her career and always gave priority to that. This was evident in many ways – her timely submission of assignments, regular attendance and consistency with results. For my subject ‘manufacturing technology,’ a subject that most students found a little confusing, XXX outshined everyone else and scored the highest grade in the batch of 40 students. She also did an impressive project in the subject titled ‘The evolution of machinery in the manufacturing Sector’ that showcased how machinery keeps constantly evolved since the industrial revolution. It also shares some future predictions about manufacturing technologies and machinery. I found the project extremely insightful and encouraged him to send it to a university-level competition. It managed to grab the second prize in the competition.

XXX is a very kind and respectful student. She is a student who showed a greater level of integrity not only in matters related to academics but also as a person who lives in a society. When somebody is in need of help, she doesn’t hesitate to help.

She possesses strong communication skills – oral and written and is a very good public speaker. She doesn’t shy away when asked to address a large audience. It was something she enjoyed doing very much just like her passion for mechanical engineering.

In short, I strongly believe that XXX is the most deserving candidate for the mechanical engineering program. I am convinced this program will further enhance her knowledge in the subject and prepare her for a more rewarding and fulfilling career in the field. She wins my wholehearted support and recommendation. If you want to verify anything regarding her that I might be able to help you with, I am happy to. Contact me at the below contact details.





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How to Use These Samples?

Go through the following guidelines to learn how to use the samples we have shared here.

  • Consider each sample given here as an opportunity to learn a new aspect of LOR writing. 
  • Check how the admission panel is addressed in the LOR sample.
  • Identify the paragraph structure from the sample letter of recommendation for Ms in mechanical engineering. 
  • Build confidence to write your LOR independently by reading samples.
  • Read a minimum of two samples in order not to get stereotyped into one way of presentation

How to Write LOR for Mechanical Engineering?

Go through the below given step-by-step instruction to write your mechanical engineering recommendation letter. 

  • Start with a salutation: Find out to whom the recommendation letter must be addressed and use a proper salutation at the beginning. 
  • Write an introduction: Next, write the introduction. Start by telling who you are and how you know the candidate. Show how strongly you recommend the candidate’s admission. 
  • Outline the student’s accomplishments: Pick one or two achievements the student made during your association with him/her. Explain how he strived for that and how that will translate into his choice of mechanical engineering. 
  • Describe skills, values, and strengths: Write about the personal qualities, strengths, skills etc. that make the candidate special from others and thus deserve admission to the mechanical engineering program. 
  • Conclusion: End the letter by strongly recommending the candidate for the mechanical engineering program. Mention that you are ready to be contacted for any further clarifications. 
  • Contact details: Add your contact details (email address and phone number) and signature. Make sure that the letter is printed out on official letterhead.
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Who Should Write Recommendation Letter for Mechanical Engineering Student?

Before choosing a referee to write your Mechanical engineering LOR, you must check whether your institute is asking you to get it specifically from someone, for instance, a professor or HOD. Normally, the following officials can be considered. 

Professor: A professor who has taught you a mechanical engineering subject and knows you for more than six months. 

HOD: The Head of the Department who oversaw your academic activities in a relevant training program. 

Employer: An employer if you have worked under him in an engineering or related profession. 

Co-worker/Mentor: A co-worker or mentor who helped you grow in the specific engineering trade or skill and knows about your potential.

Do’s and Don’ts In Letter of Recommendation for Mechanical Engineering Students

Keep the following Dos and Don’ts while writing your mechanical engineering recommendation letter. 


  • Provide ample contextual information in the LOR so that it looks legit and easy to be verified. 
  • Supply quantitative comparisons when writing about the student’s performance and achievements.
  • Show how the student’s merits align with the expectations of the mechanical engineering program
  • Customize the letter in accordance with the program features, the student’s unique qualities and how both complement each other.
  • Show how the mechanical engineering program will positively influence the student and his career plans. 


  • Write broadly about the student. Use specific instances, examples and contexts instead. 
  • Write using complicated or ambiguous language. Use simple vocabulary and sentences. 
  • Provide negative comments or information in such a way that it negatively influences the panel’s impression of the candidate. 
  • Forget to state that you are willing to be contacted for any clarification and share your contact details for the same. 
  • Try to talk about multiple points without giving clarity to them. Even if just one point, make it clear, concise and contextualized.

Final Checklist

Before we wind up, let us share a final checklist with you. It will help you find out whether you have written the professional recommendation letter for mechanical engineer in the correct way. If your answer to any of the following questions is ‘No,’ it means you need to rework your recommendation letter. 

  • Are all pieces of information provided in the recommendation letter true and verifiable? 
  • Does the referee you have chosen to have the credential to write your mechanical engineering recommendation letter? 
  • Have the LOR been proofread and ensured with the use of correct spelling and grammar? 
  • Does the LOR focus on the skills, qualities or achievements that are relevant to the desired mechanical engineering program? 
  • Has the LOR been formatted correctly? 
  • Does the LOR maintain a positive and enthusiastic tone from start to end?


For your LOR to have any impact on the reader, it must be accurate, relevant, and engaging to read. We hope that the tips, samples, and instructions given in this blog were helpful to you in writing the LOR as expected. 

Do you have any questions or doubts regarding mechanical engineering recommendation letter yet to be clarified? Feel free to let us know by writing them in the comment below.



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