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Letter of Recommendation for Promotion – A Guide with Samples

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Did you know that getting a job promotion is not that hard if you have got a powerful letter of recommendation for promotion? Wondering how to write that or get it written? This blog has everything that you need to know. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss: 

  • What is a letter of recommendation for promotion?
  • How to write a reference letter for promotion? 
  • Recommendation letter for promotion sample

What is a Letter of Recommendation for Promotion?

Letter of recommendation for promotion is a sort of reference letter wherein an employee is recommended for a job promotion.

In most common scenarios, the letter is written by a team leader or an HR manager to whom the employee is directly reporting. In some cases, a self recommendation letter for promotion is accepted.

When to Recommend an Employee for Promotion?

You may want to recommend an employee for promotion under the following circumstances. 

  • The employee is completely compatible with your company’s unique work culture.
  • The employee is always willing to help the rest of his team. 
  • The employee is constant and consistent in his effort for personal and professional growth.
  • The employee has shown exceptional expertise in specific tasks he or she is handling. 
  • The employee is self-motivated and motivates his team. 
  • The employee possesses exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • The employee shows leadership qualities.
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What are the Importance of Letter of Recommendation for Promotion?

The decision regarding an employee’s job promotion is taken by the management on the basis of his performance assessment report and recommendation letter for promotion and salary increase. If you are wondering why a letter of recommendation for promotion is so important, here are the reasons: 

LOR shows the employee’s deservingness:

An LOR for promotion clearly helps the management to understand whether the employee deserves the promotion.

LOR verifies employee’s potential:

Since the Letter of recommendation for promotion is written by someone close to the employee, he or she knows the potential of the employee. 

LOR highlights employee suitability:

Before promoting an employee to a new role, it is necessary to check his suitability for the role. 

LOR serves as a validation:

When an employee applies for a promotion, he should show why he should be promoted. LOR validates all those points. 

LOR shows the competitive edge of the candidate:

In the LOR, the referee can point out in what way the employee has a competitive edge over other candidates. 

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How to write Promotion Recommendation Letter?

With a powerful recommendation letter for promotion, you can make a positive impact on an employee’s life. Consider the following points as you prepare to write an LOR for promotion.

Verify whether you can write the LOR:

Not every coworker can write a recommendation letter for promotion. Usually, when the HR department asks for LOR, they would specify certain designations that can write it. Check if you fall under that. 

Address the recipient:

LOR that says ‘whomever it may concern’ has less impact as compared to one that is written specifically to the recipient, for instance, the CEO of the company or the HR manager. 

Mention your qualifications:

Include all relevant details about you in the LOR such as your qualifications, how you are related to the concerned employee etc. These details would enable the reader to understand the context easily. 

Elaborate key information:

Elaborate on the key pieces of information you are focusing on in the recommendation letter such as how you observed the growth of the employee, the role you are recommending the employee to and how closely that role fits in. 

Justify why the employee deserves promotion:

It is important to justify your recommendation for promotion. You can do it by highlighting the remarkable skills or strengths you find in the employee. 

Pro Tip: Do not write a generic or impassionate LOR for promotion. Write it only if you truly and honestly recommend the employee for promotion. Read a sample recommendation letter for promotion employee carefully.

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Recommendation Letter for Promotion Sample

With this sample recommendation letter for promotion and salary increase, you can get a holistic picture of writing an LOR for promotion. If you are a novice at writing recommendation letters, reviewing samples is highly recommended. 

Download Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion PDF

How to Format a Letter of Recommendation for Promotion?

Formatting the letter of recommendation for promotion correctly is important because it improves the readability of as well as the visual impact of the letter. 


It is okay to choose any font that is appropriate in an academic or formal context. For instance, Helvetica, Times New Roman or Arial.

Font size:

Keep the font size of your LOR to 12 points. It is advisable to keep that consistent throughout the letter.


There are two options to choose from when it comes to indentation. You can either indent the first line of every paragraph without leaving spaces between paragraphs or keep extra space between paragraphs and not indent.

Line space:

When it comes to line spacing, it is recommended to keep 1.5 or double spacing.

By using the correct recommendation letter for promotion template, you can get the text formatting rightly done.

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What to Include in a Recommendation Letter for Promotion?

Include the following details without fail in your recommendation letter for promotion.

A catchy introduction:

It is through your introduction of the letter that you get hold of the reader. 

Professional skills and strengths:

The more relevant skills and strengths you include in the letter, the better it will turn out to be and help the employer consider you for promotion. 

Information regarding the candidate’s personality:

In addition to the professional attractiveness of the candidate, his personality traits are also important when considered for a promotion. 

Powerful endorsement:

As a person in authority, how strongly do you recommend this particular person for a promotion? Your LOR must clearly show this aspect too. 

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter for Promotion

With a recommendation letter for promotion, you are making a big difference in the life of an employee. Hence, try to write it as perfectly as you can. Consider the below tips during your writing.

Sound positive:

A positive and optimistic reference letter for promotion can make a big difference when a candidate is considered for promotion. 

Never highlight negatives:

It is okay to give a neutral view of the candidate. However, do not emphasize the negatives of the candidate. Give a balanced view instead. 

Do not plagiarize:

You can refer to previously written LOR samples for a recommendation. However, it is highly recommended not to plagiarize the content.


After you have finished writing your recommendation for promotion of employee, proofread it a few times to find out the mistakes and correct them.

Use an accepted LOR format:

Choose an LOR for recommendation format that is widely accepted. Refer to recommendation letter for promotion pdf for the same.  


We hope that this blog has helped you understand what a letter of recommendation for promotion is and how to write it perfectly. 

Do you have any questions or doubts or suggestions regarding this blog? 

We are eager to hear from you. 

Feel free to write them in the comment below. 

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