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Nursing Letter of Recommendation Writing Guide 2023

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Nursing is a career path that has the best job prospects today. No technology can replace nurses. If you are looking for higher education or a job in the field of nursing, the most important document you will require is a nursing letter of recommendation. In this blog, we share everything you were looking to know about this document such as: 

  • What is a reference letter for nurse? 
  • How to write it and what points to highlight in it?  
  • Sample professional reference letter for nurses

What is Nursing Character Reference Letter?

A reference letter for nurse is an official endorsement letter written by a nursing superintendent or a reporting physician about a nurse recommending him/her to a higher study program or a job in the field of nursing.

Why Is Nursing Character Reference Letter Important?

A nursing reference letter is mandatory for the following reasons.

  • It shows whether you are suitable for the profession of nursing. 
  • It highlights the personal qualities that make you a good fit for nursing. 
  • It shows whether you have the potential to succeed in the nursing program or job being applied. 
  • It gives an objective evaluation of your skills, strengths, qualities, achievements, and accomplishments. 
  • It gives proof for the claims you made in your statement of purpose or personal statement or resume
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Questions to Ask Prior To Writing Letter of Recommendation for Nursing Student

If you are not sure what to write in the letter of recommendation for nursing program, ask these questions yourself and try to get the answers before you start your writing.

How do you know the candidate? How long did you associate? 

Write in what capacity you know the candidate and the duration of your association. 

How did the candidate differ from his/her colleagues? 

Explain what made the candidate stand out from his/her colleagues.

What were the specific areas in which the candidate excelled? 

Explain the skills or strengths of the candidate with specific examples.  You can cover both personal and professional skills such as leadership qualities, analytical skills etc. 

What made the candidate special as a person? 

Talk about the personal qualities of the candidate such as his honesty, integrity etc. 

Why do you think the candidate will be successful in the job/course they are taking up? 

Share an example where the candidate was successful and show how that will be translated into the candidate’s future when he does his nursing job or studies.

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What Do The Selection Want To See In the Letter Of Recommendation For Nurse Practitioner?

  • A genuine recommendation that comes from the heart and is not made up. 
  • Sufficient examples to prove the recommended candidate’s skills, achievements and character 
  • A strong introduction that shows how the referee and the candidate are related.
  • Content that is smooth to read and does not contain mistakes. 
  • Contact details of the referee for future correspondence in case of any need

How Long Should A Staff Nurse Recommendation Letter For Nurses Be?

An ideal nursing character reference letter can go up to 500 words and should not go below 400. 

Check whether the organization or institute you are applying to for a job or study has specified a length to adhere to in the LOR.

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Nursing Letter of Recommendation Examples

It is time to review a few sample letter of recommendation for nurse colleagues now. Let us see how these samples inspire you or help you figure out how certain information can be articulated in a convincing style.

Dear Recruiting Manager,

I am writing this letter to show my strong support for Miss XXXX as she applies for the post of staff nurse at your esteemed hospital in XXXX. I have known her in my capacity as nursing superintendent for the last two years at XXX where she has been working lately. She is one of the most hard-working and genuine healthcare professionals in the team of 50 nurses I supervise.

XXX joined our hospital two years ago soon after completing her graduation in nursing. Unlike a fresh candidate, she was very outgoing and patient-centric from the very beginning. I even asked her what was behind her energy and passion for this profession. She told me about her childhood experience of looking after her bedridden and differently-abled brother. This experience attracted her to the profession of nursing. She sees nursing not as a professional but as a way of life through which she can contribute the best to humanity. Throughout her tenure, she has been genuine, committed to the role and punctual. I could see a genuine sense of responsibility, kindness and warmth in her interactions with the patients. And this has in fact made her one of the most loved nurses of our patients.

During her short tenure with us, she was promoted to higher ranks two times as the management was convinced of her professional strengths and deep domain knowledge. Although she was in the general ward initially, we could identify her potential to perform a more serious role and was promoted to the surgical ICU and later she was made the main charge of nurses in that surgical ICU ward.

Apart from the professional side, XXX is very active and social. She has no hesitation to take up roles that require organizing teams or interacting with so many people. She sees her involvement in various programs and events as opportunities to evolve herself into a better human and professional.

I have no doubt that XXX will be a great asset to your healthcare facility. There is no doubt that she would be a role model and inspiration for all nurses. I take this opportunity to strongly recommend her for the newly applied post and wish her the best of luck. If you have any questions regarding her, please feel free to get in touch with me at the given contact details.



Guidelines for Using Examples Of Recommendation Letters For Nursing Students

Keep in mind the following guidelines when you use nursing recommendation letter samples to improve your nursing letter recommendation writing. 

  • Before going through any sample, it is advised to write a draft LOR and see how that ends up. Later, you can compare your writing with the sample and see where the former fails. 
  • Never be complacent with reading just one sample professional reference letter for nurses. We recommend you read at least two samples and see how different referees use different perspectives. 
  • Do not attempt to copy the same sentences from the sample. It is okay to get inspired from the samples but copying from the samples will cause the LOR to lose its uniqueness. 
  • When you review a sample, be sure to note down the new learnings. For instance, the style or format by which the referee establishes his/her association with the candidate. 
  • It is important to obtain your samples from trusted sources. We have shared a few authentic nurse practitioner reference letter examples in this blog to help your cause.

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How To Write A Nursing Letter Of Recommendation In 6 Steps?

An LOR is a document that will have a significant impact on your candidate. If you cannot write a positive one, better convey that to the candidate rather than write a lukewarm one. Here are some steps to write a powerful reference letter for nurse. 

Discuss with the candidate

When the candidate approaches you for the LOR, discuss with him/her all details you want to know such as the LOR purpose, future aspirations of the candidate etc. and note them down. 

Check your database

Do not simply write an LOR based on the input you received from the candidate. Check your own database – academic records, achievement records etc. and see how closely they match the candidate’s claims or the information he passed to you. 

Write the first draft

Now that you have all information at hand, write the LOR. Introduce yourself, establish the purpose and your association with the candidate, point out the factors that the candidate is ideal for the nursing job with examples, and then conclude. 

Review samples

After you have finished writing the LOR, compare it with the reference letter sample for nurses we have shared here. Note down all areas that need brushing up and improving your writing. It may require you to do a few rewrites.  

Proofread and correct mistakes

Next, go through your LOR word by word. Keep an eye out for grammatical and spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, sentence construction and coherence. Make necessary changes in the writing to improve each area of your writing. 

Submit as directed

Check whether you are needed to hand over the LOR to the candidate or send it directly to the admission panel.  Submit the document as you are required. Make sure that you do not default the deadline as that can cause the application to get rejected.

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Who Is Eligible To Write My Nursing Character Reference Letter?

You can consider anyone with whom you have officially associated for at least six months to write your nursing recommendation letter. The most common people for this could be: 

Hospital Administrator

The administrator of the hospital where you have worked as a nurse is an authorized person to write a nursing recommendation letter for you since they closely evaluate your performance and know your character. 

Nursing Superintendent

Your Nursing Superintendent will certainly have a record of your professional growth, achievement, punctuality and other personal qualities. So, their LOR can definitely be considered. 

Nursing Professor

A professor or instructor who taught you a subject during your nursing diploma or graduation can recommend you with an official letter when you apply for a nursing job or higher study program. 

Reporting Doctor

A reporting doctor is one under whom you work in a healthcare facility and report directly to. He/she can be authorized personnel to write a reference letter for nurse for your higher studies or job change. 


In some scenarios, LOR from a colleague/co-worker/friend is accepted. Letter of recommendation for a nurse friend is written in the same format as LOR written by anyone else.

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Final Checklist

  • Does the recommendation letter have a strong introduction that clearly establishes the purpose and shows the referee’s relationship with the candidate? 
  • Does the reference have a conclusion that reiterates the referee’s strong support for the candidate and contains the referee’s contact details and willingness to be contacted for any clarifications? 
  • Is the reference letter free from any type of grammatical or spelling mistakes? 
  • Is the reference letter easy to read? 
  • Does the reference letter give provable examples of the candidate’s accomplishments during his/her association with the referee? 
  • Has the reference letter been validated against a sample recommendation letter for nursing student?

Do’s and Don’ts in Nursing LOR Writing


  • Get your nursing character reference letter from diverse personnel if you are required to produce multiple LORs. 
  • Visit the referee in person and request the LOR rather than requesting online or via phone.
  • Request the LOR at least one month in advance. The referees could be busy, so you literally must buy their time in advance. 
  • Provide your referee with all required information and sample professional reference letter for nurses for personal reference. 
  • Once you receive the LOR, go through it carefully. If any mistakes are found, get them corrected.


  • Do not produce a boilerplate LOR. Write an LOR that looks uniquely and specially written for a specific purpose.
  • Do not use negative language. The LOR must look positive, pleasant and enthusiastic should it impress the selectors.
  • Do not try to include too much information in the LOR. Aim to write an LOR in about 400 words writing points that do not cause to exceed it. 
  • Do not let cliches spoil the appeal of your LOR. Incorporate your unique style of writing and perspective into the LOR. 
  • Do not agree to write an LOR for a candidate if you are not 100% certain about the candidate’s skills or strengths or not happy to recommend them.
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Was this blog on writing a nursing letter of recommendation helpful to you? 

We hope that we could share some valuable insights and relevant samples with you through this blog. 

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of this blog. 

So, if you think there are areas that we can still improve in this blog, let’s know the same in the comment below. 

We wish you best of luck with your nursing job application.



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