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Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship – A Complete Guide

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Are you worried about the huge expenditure on your education? Perhaps, getting a scholarship might help you. With a strong letter of recommendation for scholarship, you are halfway through your scholarship application. This blog describes everything you must know about a reference letter for scholarship. 

In this blog, we will expose you to: 

  • What is a recommendation letter for scholarship?
  • How to write it without errors? 
  • Realistic example of recommendation letter for scholarship

What is a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship?

Letter of recommendation for scholarship is a letter written by a teacher or professor in favour of the scholarship application of a student. The letter would verify the applicant’s claim that he truly deserves the scholarship and fulfils all the requirements. 

Why Is a Reference Letter for Student Scholarship So Important?

For each scholarship, there will be hundreds of applicants. A recommendation letter for student scholarship helps the issuing body to determine who, among many, is the right fit. 

  • LOR for scholarship is written by teachers or professors who know the applicant well. 
  • Their unbiased recommendation would help the scholarship authority finalize the most eligible candidate. 
  • Recommendations letter for scholarship not only covers academic excellence but also personality and character. 
  • LOR for scholarship would testify that the applicant will utilize the scholarship for his growth and won’t misuse it. 
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Who Can Write the Best Recommendation Letter for Scholarship?

When you apply for a scholarship, find out who all are the people who can write you a recommendation letter. Generally speaking, you can consider the following persons to write the letter, even for scholarship for UCLA recommendation letter. 


Recommendation letter for scholarship from professor or teacher is accepted by most scholarship authorities.


A letter of recommendation for scholarship from principal carries high authority and is a good choice for scholarship application.


A previous employer can testify to your professionalism and character through a recommendation letter for scholarship from employer.


You can also ask a friend to write a scholarship recommendation letter from friend. Not all scholarship programs accept this though.

Top Three Scholarships That Require Letters of Recommendation

There are hundreds of scholarship programs out there, which you can apply on the basis of your qualification, age, experience and so forth. The top three scholarship programs are:

Graduate Scholarship

Graduate scholarship is the most popular type of scholarship. You can apply it with a Letter of recommendation for graduate scholarship.

Scholarship for Masters

If you are a graduate thinking about doing Master’s program, you can apply it with a letter of recommendation for masters scholarship.

Scholarship for PhD

Most universities issue PhD scholarships. If you are eligible, apply with a Letter of recommendation for PhD scholarship.
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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship?

If you are ever requested by a former student or employee to prepare a recommendation letter for masters scholarship or any other program, the following steps will help you draft it both perfectly and impressively. 

Read about the scholarship program:

At first, you need to know about the scholarship program, its requirements, scope, etc. Knowing these details will help you customize the scholarship application recommendation letter for scholarship pdf. 

Gather applicant’s details:

Carefully go through all details that the applicant has provided you with. Also, check your own records about the student. Include these details for specifications. 

Write an unbiased LOR:

If you can’t write an honest and unbiased LOR for the applicant, it is highly recommended to back away. Scholarship LOR needs to be unbiased and honest.

Maintain enthusiasm throughout:

Start your LOR with a salutation and strong enthusiasm to recommend the student for scholarship. Keep that positive vibe throughout the letter. 

Get the correct format:

You may have to use a different format for each recommendation. Use a general LOR for scholarship format only if not specified otherwise. 

Add your contact details:

A recommendation letter for scholarship doc will be incomplete without the referee’s contact details such as email and phone number. Also, express willingness to be contacted. 

Letter of Recommendation Sample for Scholarship

Read the following example of recommendation letter for scholarship to understand how LOR for scholarship is different from LOR for other purposes, for instance, promotion.

To the William Shakespeare Poetry

Scholarship Committee!

It is with great pride and pleasure, I recommend the candidature of my student, Rose Thomas for the prestigious William Shakespeare Poetry Scholarship. I am Renny George, Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature at ABC University, _______ (place). As her Professor, I have taken various modules of British Literature, American Literature, Postcolonial Literature, etc. for her batch. As a scholarship with a high literary cause, I am sure Rose well matches all your requirements. As a great lover of poetry and fiction, she has proved her talents in various competitions and symposiums. I must really appreciate her awareness of the nuances within literature, which she has cultivated due to her deep passion for the same.

As a person with a high liking for the English language, Rose has always loved reading fiction and poetry. This has always made my class interactive as she always responds to all my questions owing to her pre reading habit. As a voracious reader, she has read numerous books and has a small library in her home. As a student who has taken maximum books from the college library, she has even tried her hand at writing. She is a budding poet who writes about contemporary happenings in the society. I am glad that she has published her poetry by collaborating with xxx Publishing Agency. Her poetry is very soothing and informative. As a person who is updated with the current happenings, her poetry mainly deals with 21 st century geopolitics.

As the President of our Department Literary Club named Rivera, she has conducted several Literary Quizzes and Elocution competitions. As an avid participant of various extempore competitions, poetry and fiction competitions, she has brightened the name of our department and college several times. She has also proved her talents in various cultural and sports events due to her strong interpersonal and leadership capabilities.

As a caring individual, she is always at the forefront helping others. As an active National Service Scheme volunteer, she has been part of various social welfare programs conducted by the college. It is her caring nature and vibrant personality that has won her the award of best NSS volunteer in the college for the last academic year.

It is her openness to the world and positivity towards life which has enabled her to produce great works of literature. I am sure with her inquisitive behavior and vibrant personality, she will continue to produce great works in the future as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any query at renny123


Renny George

Download Sample Recommendation Letter for Scholarship PDF

Recommendation Letter Format for Scholarship

The recommendation letter format for scholarship is as important as the referee himself. The right scholarship reference letter template will help you customize the letter for its unique purpose. For instance, letter of recommendation for healthcare scholarship will have a unique format different from the same for MBA scholarship. 


Begin your letter of recommendation for scholarship with an appropriate salutation. Find out to whom the letter has to be addressed.


Start the intro by expressing your delight to recommend the candidate for the scholarship. Describe how you are related to the candidate.

First body paragraph:

Write about the key qualities you have found in the candidate during your association. Mention how the candidate differs from others.

Second body paragraph:

Talk specifically about the reasons that you think make the candidate a befitting one for the concerned scholarship program. Include specific examples.


Conclude the letter restating your strong support for granting scholarship to the student. Also, show readiness to be contacted for any clarification.


Close the letter by writing ‘yours respectfully’ or ‘yours sincerely’.


Add your signature and full contact details – email and phone number.

What to write in a letter of recommendation for scholarship?

Your strong support:

Include your strong support for issuing the scholarship to the candidate you are recommending.

Deserving factors:

List out a couple of deserving factors that make the candidate eligible for this scholarship. 

Your relationship with the candidate:

Prove your academic authority and close connection with the applicant. 

An apt conclusion:

A convincing conclusion where you strongly recommend the candidate for scholarship and your willingness to be contacted.

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5 Tips for Making Your Recommendation Letter for Scholarship the Best

When you apply for a highly competitive scholarship program like Rhodes, you need a very powerful and above-average letter of recommendation for Rhodes scholarship. Consider the following tips for writing a scholarship recommendation letter.

  1. Choose the right person: Getting a scholarship is difficult owing to high competition. However, if you have the LOR from the right recommender, your application will be stronger. 
  2. Apply in time: Don’t wait until the last minute to apply for your scholarship. The earlier you get ready with the recommendation letter for scholarship pdf and apply, the better it is. 
  3. Request the recommender in person: By meeting the recommender in person and telling him about the seriousness of the LOR, you can get it written impactfully and in a quick fashion.
  4. Provide the recommender with details: Your recommender might not remember everything about you since they deal with numerous students. So, provide them with all the necessary and relevant details. 
  5. Proofread and edit: Even if your recommender has proofread and edited your LOR, as an applicant, you must read it carefully and check if it contains any errors. Eliminate all those errors. 


Are you confident now to write a letter of recommendation for scholarship? 

Helping an applicant win a scholarship through your LOR is a great service. 

Write the best LOR by using the tips shared in this blog and referring to the example of recommendation letter for scholarship. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this blog, we are eager to know them. 

Write them in the comment below.



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