What is Statement of Purpose for graduate school?

If you are planning to enter grad school, a statement of purpose (SOP) should be the first thing you must be worried about. I agree that all aspirants are passionate enough and have a long term plan charted out. But, the major challenge lies elsewhere. Are you capable of convincing the admission committee about your plans? They expect you to express your interests, motivations, plans and experiences through a written document. This document is called SOP (Statement of Purpose). It won’t be an exaggeration when someone says that your academic future depends on this essay. The essay is usually written in 1000 words. Believe me, it can wreak havoc if not found up to the mark. As an experienced professional content writer, I know how to write a statement of purpose for grad school in the most effective manner.

Tips to write Statement of Purpose for graduate school

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is that no admission committee would consider a person who isn’t genuinely interested in the program. Many candidates haven’t got much information about the nitty-gritty of the program they are applying to. They might be applying due to familial pressure. Few others might be fascinated by the reputed positions to which the program can catapult its graduates. This is a vague idea to present before the committee members. I would advise you to delve a little deeper and go through the subjects offered. Visiting the website page is a good idea. Find something that catches your attention and elaborate on it. This approach can make your SOP stand out from the rest. When someone asks me how to write a statement of purpose for grad school, the above mentioned words constitute my immediate response.

The second aspect of grad school statement of purpose is a clever presentation. The admission committee wants to listen to your unique stories rather than generic statements. Let me make it clear through an example. If you say that becoming a doctor has always been your ambition, it won’t paint a vivid picture. It would not sound like a statement from the bottom of one’s heart. Instead, let me put in a different manner. Allow your mind to travel down the memory lane. You could take a leaf out of your childhood. I remember an incident narrated by one of my clients. Her story was a true one and had affected her formative years adversely. During childhood, one of her loved ones became terminally ill and succumbed to an untimely death. The medical facilities in her village couldn’t save the person’s life. The girl’s desire to pursue medical science had stemmed from the shock.

How to start writing Statement of Purpose for graduate school?

Now, it is time to sit down and pen down the grad school statement of purpose. In my career as a professional content writer, I have seen many clients who don’t have the confidence to start writing the document. Most of them are perfectionists. They don’t feel the confidence to attempt the stuff as they dread grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Remember that you need to write a lengthy document which is time consuming. Putting off things endlessly would prove harmful. Punctuality is extremely important and stay away from early black marks. So, what can you do to muster up the courage? In my opinion, the only remedy is to write, write and continue writing. Leave other unnecessary worries and pour your heart out. This raw form of writing is the excellent way to reflect your sincerity.

When you attempt a statement of purpose for graduate school, do not worry and feel disheartened if the first attempt doesn’t come out well. I have seen candidates who complain of their persistent inability to maintain the flow of writing. They might ride high on momentary enthusiasm and start out with a positive frame of mind. But, the flow fizzles out halfway through the writing process. This problem can be sorted out in a simple way. I am a professional content writer and have written umpteen SOPs. The problem used to haunt me during the initial days of career. Here, careful planning does the trick. Instead of setting out to write in a hurry, sit down and organize your thoughts. Take time to jot down important points and elucidate later. This method of writing a synopsis would cast away writer’s block.

What to avoid in Statement of Purpose for graduate school?      

There are people who ask me how to write a letter of intent for graduate school with utmost perfection. If you follow the above mentioned steps without fail, a statement of purpose that fulfills the purpose will be the end product. However, if you want to make it more eye-grabbing, there are few more steps to follow. Although the SOP is a document expected to be written in the student’s own style, a professional touch would benefit you a lot. Only a professional SOP writer can execute this part to perfection. For example, many candidates have the tendency to write an essay in the format of a novel.

They tend to narrate their life stories from the beginning. Unnecessary childhood stories, incidents from school lives creep into the draft. This approach may not fetch you the expected impact. It is always advisable to stick to the achievements from your undergraduate years and career lives. Only these episodes hold relevance in the eyes of admission committee members. Also, take extra care to follow guidelines given by university authorities.  Some universities have previously set criteria on how to write a letter of intent for graduate school. These might be related to the word count or the structure used. I would recommend you to follow them religiously.

The perfect statement of purpose for graduate school example should contain evocative descriptions which connect the candidate’s past to his/her academic interests in the present. For example, a candidate who wants to pursue a Master of Arts program in English should elaborate on the way he/she fell in love with acclaimed English authors during their sojourn in an English speaking country.  Maybe, this interest prompted them to register in a short-term course that taught some authors in detail. It should include evocative phrases to highlight the importance of goals/ambitions in the long-term. The task of penning down an all encompassing SOP is hectic and its path arduous. Contact me for the perfect SOP which suits all your requirements.