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Zoology Personal Statement: A Quick Guide with Examples

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Are you worried about your zoology admission because you think your personal statement is not up to the mark? 

While it is true that a good zoology personal statement alone cannot guarantee you a seat at the best university of your choice, a bad one can potentially damage any chances of acceptance. 

The reason is that institutes consider the personal statement to be an integral part of the admission process. So, getting the best personal statement should be of high priority if you don’t want to compromise your admission. 

Well, if you don’t have much time to prepare a personal statement, go through this quick guide to learn about: 

  • What is a personal statement for zoology? 
  • How to write it? 
  • Zoology personal statement example

What Is a Zoology Personal Statement?

A zoology personal statement is more like your declaration to the college or university that you are applying to for your zoology admission. Through this document, you tell them that you have exposed yourself to the subject of zoology and gained the required skills and strengths to study and excel in it. It also allows you to show the degree of your passion to get involved in the field of zoology. 

What to Write in A Zoology Personal Statement?

A grabbing introduction:

Begin your zoology personal statement with an introduction that strikes a chord with the reader. You can share an experience which triggered your curiosity or interest in zoology. For instance, spotting a bird or animal for the first time which kept you thinking about it for days or a school or family trip to a zoo.

Your fitness for the program:

Go through the course details by the university or college you have decided to go to and mention in your personal statement that the course structure caters to your expectations and there are multiple aspects that you appreciate.

Your potential to complete the course successfully:

Prove that you have the skills and strengths to carry out the zoology program efficiently and successfully. This should be supported by giving evidence. For instance, an independent research or project you did in the past in zoology and got appreciated for.

What merit you can add to the institute:

For instance, prove that you have good communication skills and presentation skills. The institutes would appreciate people who can represent them at inter-college conferences. When you speak about your unique skills, don’t simply list them. Back them with ample evidence.

Your future plans:

Most institutes want to know what their students would be doing after completing the course. There are many career paths to choose from in the field of zoology. Go through them and choose one that you can most closely associate with. Talk about it in the statement. In addition to your short-term plans, talk about your long-term plans as well, for instance, in time ten years from now.

Reasons for choosing this college and country:

You must showcase how strongly you feel an identification with the institute and the country you have opted for. When talking about the institute, mention factors that convince you such as the unique pedagogy or the emphasis it gives to the hands-on experience. When talking about the country, write in the context of the country’s contribution to the field of zoology.

A strong conclusion:

End your personal statement with a conclusion that boils down the entire essay into two to three sentences. Be sure to sound positive and enthusiastic in the conclusion.

How to Write the Best Zoology Personal Statement? Five-Step Writing Strategy

Familiarize yourself:

The first step of zoology personal statement writing is to get yourself familiarized with it. Read a few samples to help yourself with this.

Read university directions:

About two third of the universities and colleges would provide their students with directions for personal statement writing such as the format, answering prompts etc. Comply with the directions if there are any.

Gather your points:

Based on the answering prompts and the ‘what to include’ topic we covered above, gather the points that you want to write about in your zoology personal statement. Pick the most relevant and convincing points.

Write a rough copy:

Write a rough copy of your zoology personal statement. Start with an introduction and then move to the body and conclusion. Allow yourself freewriting because when you do it, you will have the most natural version of your expression.

Improve, proofread and finalize:

In the final stage, go through every sentence with an eye out for grammatical or spelling mistakes. Also, ensure that sentences and paragraphs are logically sequenced and flow smoothly.

Pro Tip: A good zoology undergraduate personal statement is not one that looks too complicated and formal, but one that is easy to read and conveys your messages directly.

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Check Out Zoology Personal Statement Example

Below given is a zoology personal statement sample written for a real-world purpose. Try to read it from the perspective of an admission officer as well as an applicant. Note down the points or sections that especially attracted you and figure out ways you can approach them in your own ways. 

My natural inclination towards the animal world owes a lot to my orientation. Having spent the first nine years of my life in an Indian village, I fostered my ambition to work with animals. I remember keeping birds, rabbits, lambs, pigs and other farm animals all these years. My innocent love for animals didn’t fade away even when I moved to a metropolitan to pursue my college life. I am in the final year of my graduation course now, and this enthusiasm to work with animals still lingers in my heart. I would acknowledge all the technological advancements we have made across civilizations. However, I perceive zoology as an opportunity to harmonize the human race with the animal kingdom around. Having studied Biology Honours in my college, I am bracing up to embrace an advanced course in zoology, which would complement my interest in this domain.

Being organized and goal-oriented, I decided to choose an academic path that would take me to my professional goals. Studying Biology significantly strengthened my practical skills, besides elevating my core abilities like data collection. In the last three years, I have extensively come across theories that enabled me to assess the key techniques deployed by a zoologist. Besides, I have been a part of different practical environments as a part of my academic course, like quadrat fieldwork. During my last summer internship, I worked on a project based on animal conservation. All these efforts further complemented my efforts to explore the domain of Zoology. Besides, I studied Geology and Geography as my pass papers. These two earth science subjects have helped me broaden my understanding of the environment of the earth. I believe that as I establish myself as a zoologist, my knowledge of the environment would significantly assist me to understand how different species survive.

Standing at the crossroads of an eventful college life and a dynamic career, I look forward to being a part of your progressive academic environment. Through my projects and internships, I have taken substantial efforts to enhance my understanding of animals. As a result, I have developed a practical grounding, from which I can gain a professional expertise in the area of my interest. Particularly, I am interested in taking practical lessons as a part of this program, which includes weekly duties and handling of animals. Besides, I look forward to streamlining my skills in the field of animal husbandry. Given that I have already been a part of projects that involved building fences for farms, I am all set to embrace this dynamic program and leverage my profile. As a part of my practical projects, I look forward to managing exotics, handling estates and working on animal husbandry.

Considering the career prospects back in my country, I would love to merge my interests and professional scope. Particularly, I am keen to gain advanced knowledge of the welfare, behaviour and health of animals. Besides, gaining relevant knowledge on scientific processes to enhance animal care would be a gratifying experience for me. Given that I am acquainted with the basics, I am willing to delve deeper into the industry and gain industry-oriented skills in animal management. Besides, the program will groom me up to tap various lucrative career opportunities in the Indian animal care industry.

To elevate my practical understanding and professional skills in the area of my interest, I volunteered at a local centre for pet care. This was a garden centre, where I enjoyed working for six weeks last year. I spend my leisure hours scanning blogs and journals on animal husbandry and animal care. I believe that knowledge never goes wasted, and all these resources eventually strengthen my understanding of the industry. Apart from such activities, I love spending my time playing my guitar, table tennis and chess. Besides, I love socializing with people with similar interests over social media.

Studying the advanced program in zoology will propel my career towards the right professional avenues. I look forward to a berth in your revered university, which would enable me to refine the academic environment through peer learning. Sharing my experiences and knowledge, I would like to foster a healthy learning environment in the institution. Reinforcing my love for animal care with substantial knowledge, I can transform myself in the professional space.

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Why Study Zoology?

Man has been living with animals from time immemorial. Zoology helps us understand ourselves and all the living beings that share this world with us. Here are some of the reasons to study zoology in the modern context. These points should help you make your personal statement for zoology more convincing.

It enables you to appreciate nature:

If you love nature and its biodiversity, zoology is an ideal course for you to study. During your zoology program and a career that you take up after that, you will get ample chances to understand the animals and how their lives are connected to nature.  

It offers plenty of opportunities:

Nations give more importance these days to preserving animals that face extinction. As a zoologist, you will get ample opportunities to work on various governmental and non-governmental projects that aim to protect animals. 

It offers lots of traveling opportunities:

Depending on the organization that you work for, you will get plentiful traveling opportunities while working as a zoologist. If extensive traveling and exposure is your cup of tea, becoming a zoologist is a great career choice. 

Multiple specializations:

In zoology, there are multiple specializations that you can choose depending on your unique interests. For instance, you can do a PhD and get into either intensive research or teaching. Or you can work in a DNA lab or focus on cell biology. 

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Top Zoology Specializations

Zoology is a broad subject which consists of a series of specializations within it. When you write a personal statement, it is imperative to show which aspect of zoology draws your attention and interest. 

  • Animal Biology
  • Environmental Biology
  • Fisheries Biology and Aquatic Conservation
  • Pre-Veterinary Science
  • Wildlife Biology and Conservation

Career Opportunities After Zoology

Speaking about your career aspirations is a major part of a personal statement for zoology writing. Here are the most frequently chosen career paths by zoology graduates. 

Environmental consultant
Animal nutritionist
Nature conservation officer
Academic researcher
Science writer
Environmental education officer
Marine scientist
Higher education lecturer

Top Countries Universities to Study Zoology Abroad

If you are looking to study zoology abroad, you may consider the following countries and universities. Don’t simply pick a country or institute. Instead, try to understand how advanced the field of zoology is in your country of choice. Likewise, learn about the unique features of the institute. If the UK is your choice, remember to write a zoology UCAS personal statement. 

University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of London
University of Bristol
North Carolina State University
University of Wisconsin
University of California
University of British Columbia
McGill University
University of Manitoba
University of Melbourne
Monash University
James Cook University
New Zealand
University of Otago
Massey University


Don’t compromise on your zoology personal statement because it is a crucial document that influences your admission. 

We are certain that the tips, strategies and information we discussed in this blog would help you write a killer zoology conservation personal statement. 

If you think there is anything further that we can add to this, kindly let us know in the comments below.



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