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How to Write a Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement – The Complete Guide

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How to convince the admission committee that you are really interested in their biomedical science program? 

There are not many ways but through your biomedical sciences personal statement. 

In this blog, we are piecing together everything you need to know about biomed personal statements. 

You will find in this blog detailed sections describing: 

  • Personal statement biomedical science examples
  • How to write a biomedical science personal statement? 
  • Expert advice on looking out for mistakes while drafting a personal statement

What is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical science is a branch of science that tries to understand how particular aspects of chemistry and biology can be utilized for advanced research in healthcare. 

What are the Differences Between Biomedical Science and Medical Science?

It is quite common to misunderstand biomedical science and medical science. Understanding the key differences between the two is important when you are dealing with any of these branches of science. 

Bio-Medical ScienceMedical Science
Much widerMore specific
Recommended for chemists, lab assistants, pharmacists etc.Recommended for doctors, nurses and healthcare assistance
Studies on how cells operate in the human body for inventing treatmentsStudies about diseases, diagnosis, prognosis, preventive measures and treatments.
Looks into the scientific basis of treatments and medicinesMostly looks into clinical practices and clinical sciences

What is Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement? Why Should You Have a Perfect One?

A personal statement on biomedical science is a personalized essay you will need to write if you want to study a graduate or postgraduate program in this discipline from any of the reputed institutes.  

The document is regarded by the admission committee as a crucial one because: 

  • It helps the selection panel know how sincerely you wish to study biomedical science 
  • From your masters biomedical science personal statement, the selection committee learns about your future plans. 
  • The personal statement provides insights about your relevant experiences and exposure to biomedical science.
  • Your personal statement for university biomedical science is the ultimate chance for you to talk to the selection panel at a personal level. 
  • A carefully curated personal statement would give you a competitive edge over other applicants. 
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How to Influence the Admission Committees? What Do They Expect?

Knowing what the admission panel expects to see in a biomedical science to medicine personal statement is important to impress them. Here are a few things they would like to see when they review your document.


Yes. They will definitely be impressed by a unique personal statement.


It is achieved by adding the maximum relevant points in the personal statement.


It shows how closely your personal statement establishes a connection between your profile and the requirements of biomedical science.


It is all about making the reader want to read your personal statement for biomedical science masters in its entirety without getting distracted.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Biomedical Science like a Pro?

Have you ever wondered looking at biomedicine personal statement examples and asked how one could write it so perfectly? 

Well, it is not an easy task but surely not an impossible one either. 

The below steps are the secret to it.  

Prepare your roadmap:

Build a clear roadmap for writing your personal statement. You need to have a workable plan to execute, a format to use, and points at hand to talk about. 

Gather details:

Get all relevant information ready at hand. You may refer to previous biomedical science personal statement examples , application requirements by the university etc. for collecting the most relevant and applicable details.

Enhance your perspective:

Read up on materials of biomedical science to have a clear understanding of what you can do precisely after completing a course in the domain. Spill out your findings carefully in your write-up. 

Rewrite to perfect:

Be ready to rewrite and perfect your document if the first draft does not come out well. Being able to identify the mistakes in the first draft will surely help when you attempt it for the second time. 

Have an expert review:

It is highly recommended to have a senior student or a professor or a colleague review your personal statement and give you constructive feedback for improving it.

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How to Format a Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement?


Leave a one-inch margin on either side, top and bottom of the page.


Set double spacing for the entire document. Do not leave extra space between paragraphs.


Choose any academically recognised font. Times New Roman or Arial are the most common fonts.

Font size:

Set the font size to 12 points.

Word count:

Follow the institute’s directions on word count. If no specific instruction, write between 250 and 500 words for short statements and 500 and 900 for long statements.

Biomedical Science Personal Statement Examples

Read this sample personal statement for university biomedical science to have clarity about word count, format, structure and points. 

The human body appears to be a fascinating creation. Being a biology student, I made the most of the opportunities to explore the complex system, formed by different mechanisms. Each of these systems work in perfect coordination with other systems to maintain body functions. Lately, as I pondered deeper into my career progression, the domain of biomedical sciences appealed to my intellect. After all, the daily life activities of humans largely depend on biomedical sciences. This particular stream has particularly advanced significantly in recent years. I would like to channelize my efforts and intellect for this cause, further refining research on biomedical science. The Master’s program in this field, that your university offers, will leverage my profile significantly.

Biology has always fascinated me, impacting my academic decisions since my high school days. After aggregating 90% in my Secondary Examinations, I opted for biology in my Intermediates, along with mathematics and chemistry. Next, I completed my B.Sc. in Biology from Delhi University, India. This was a crucial phase of my academic life, as I gained hands-on experience working in the laboratories. Moreover, I found both biology and chemistry fascinating, as I gained a deeper analytical knowledge in the area of my interest. On the other hand, studying mathematics and computers significantly leveraged my problem-solving skills. I looked beyond the confines of my classroom to gain competence. Combining my knowledge acquired through academic and non-academic pursuits, I explored my subject deeper. At the same time, I consistently focussed on knowledge enhancement, engaging myself with different journals. The areas that interest me the most include generics and antibiotic resistance. Looking forward, I wish to leverage my industry skills and knowledge through intensive research at your university.

I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to obtain industry expertise. It was in a local hospital in Delhi, that I got to intern as a part of my graduation program. Here, I worked under the mentorship of a vascular consultant, and the experience was gratifying indeed. In the process, I was able to obtain a deeper understanding of the area of my interest. Particularly, I was amazed by the ability of the professional to diagnose the ailments of the patients accurately. He was simply examining the physical system of the patients. As I continued with this internship, I was overwhelmed by the surgeries, the emotional impact on patients and doctors, as well as the seamless coordination in the organization. I realized that my sensibility towards my profession largely got boosted as I completed this internship. Now that I am standing at the crossroads of an intensive academic life and a professional career, I look forward to imbibe industry knowledge through this advanced course.

During my graduation, I served as a leading member of the student council of our university. Often, I used to organize different social and cultural events on the behalf of our university. Closely coordinating with the authorities of the institution, I eased up the administrative and organizational processes during their annual meetings, concerts, and other programs. All these years, I have proactively worked on my soft skills, knowing their value in the professional circuit. I love tutoring students who are in need. Of late, I have been teaching students of class 12, and the ones preparing for competitive examinations in India. Through these pursuits, I have successfully strengthened my interpersonal communication skills. Over the years, I have also worked to leverage my leadership capabilities. At college, I successfully balanced my academics, participation in extracurricular activities and council work. At the same time, I helped juniors who are struggling with mathematics or other subjects. After all, I find it a gratifying experience to assist needy people.

Above all, I know the value of critical thinking when it comes to a career in biomedical sciences. During my leisure hours, I engage myself with chess, that takes away the stress and fosters innovation. Any career in a scientific profession calls for keen observation power and critical thinking. Through my consistent efforts, I have been bracing myself up for a competitive career all these years.

It would be a logical decision for me to pursue the program from your institution, considering the comprehensiveness of the program. All types of science stand on a delicate balance of facts and hypotheses. A research-oriented career in biomedical sciences will help me leverage this balance with facts, bestowing me with a gratifying profession.

Click on the download button below to save your copy of biomedical personal statement samples PDF.

Download Biomedical Personal Statement Sample PDF

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Sample for Reference?

You may find a myriad of biomedical science personal statement examples on your online searches. Reading a wrong sample can negatively influence your writing. Find out the right sample on the basis of the following conditions. 

Correct structure:

Does the sample follow a logical structure throughout? Does it have body paragraphs sensibly divided and placed in chronological order?  

Content richness:

How relevant and rich is the sample in terms of the content? Does it appear generic or specific to the purpose of talking on behalf of a biomedical science applicant? 


Check whether the biomedical science personal statement examples have readability. Are messages easily conveyed to the reader?  

Writing tone:

Check whether the sample has maintained the right balance of a professional and friendly writing tone throughout. 

Grammatical accuracy:

Finally, consider only the samples that keep the highest standard of grammatical accuracy and sentence structures. 

Example 2 – Masters Biomedical Science Personal Statement

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How to Draft an Error-Free Biomedical Personal Statement? Here Is How!

Errors in your biomedical personal statement will cause it to either get rejected or neglected by the admission panel. Here are a few things you can consider in order to eliminate the most common types of errors.

Understand the requirements:

Not meeting the requirements will be counted as a flaw in your personal statement by the review board. Understanding the requirements and customising your writeup accordingly will solve this issue. 

Proofread and edit:

Proofread the write-up by yourself a few times and correct the mistakes. After that, have a second person read it and give you feedback. This way, some of the areas you may have overlooked can be identified.  

Don’t customise samples:

Customising biomedical science personal statement examples for your admission will not work. You need to focus on your own profile, motivation, plans and the specific program. 

Don’t write in hurry:

When you attempt to write a personal statement at the last minute, you will end up with a lot of errors in it. So, start working on your personal statement as soon as you decide on the program, institute and country. 

Avoid repetition:

Repeating points will affect the readability of your personal statement. To avoid it, prepare an outline first and carefully choose points to include in your personal statement. 

Top Ten Universities for Biomedical Science

  1. University of Oxford
  2. Imperial College London
  3. University of Leeds
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of California, Berkeley 
  7. University College London
  8. Harvard University
  9. University of Cambridge
  10. Yale University

Highest Paying Jobs Post Biomedical Science

  • Senior Clinical Research Associate
  • Senior Medical Writer
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technician
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Senior Medicinal Chemist

Did You Find It Helpful?

We would like to know whether this blog helped you or not. 

There is no shortcut to getting admission to your favourite college than through a strong biomedical sciences personal statement. 

Is there any point or topic in this blog that you think should have been a bit more detailed? 

Let us know in the comment section below. 



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