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Midwifery Personal Statement – A Guide with Examples

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Are you wondering how to write a perfect document by looking at midwifery personal statement examples? Well, most of the samples would have been written by professionals. As a fresher, writing as perfectly as those samples wouldn’t be easy but worry not. We are bringing here everything you need to know about midwifery personal statement.

By reading this blog carefully from start to end, you will learn: 

  • How to write the best midwifery personal statement? 
  • Successful midwifery personal statement examples 
  • Midwifery personal statement tips from experts

What is a Midwifery Personal Statement?

A midwifery personal statement is a document where you show how your passion, interest and experiences drove you towards choosing a career as a midwife. The document plays a significant role in your admission to the best institutes for your graduation in midwifery.

What Is the Role of a Personal Statement on Midwifery?

A midwifery personal statement plays the following roles when you submit it to the selection committee. 

  • Good midwifery personal statements speak on behalf of you to the selection panel that reviews your application. 
  • With a unique midwifery personal statement for university that depicts your strengths, skills, and experience, you can have a one-upmanship over other applicants. 
  • Your personal statement helps you convince the selectors that you have understood the institute’s vision and mission and will strive to live up to its expectations. 
  • Your personal statement can serve as a manifestation of your career aspirations which the admission panel is interested in knowing.
  • Your personal statement is the right document to explain why you deserve a seat for midwifery at this institute.
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What Should a Midwifery Personal Statement Include?

The selection committee has a few questions in their mind which they seek answers to while going through your personal statement. So, in your writing, you must try to provide answers to those questions. The core question that needs an answer is why you are interested in this profession. 

5 Questions to Ponder Before Starting a Midwifery Course Personal Statement

  • Why do you think you are a suitable candidate to be considered for admission? 
  • What are the key strengths that can make you a good fit for this role? 
  • What makes you interested in the role of a midwife? 
  • How relevant are your experiences and previous exposure to the role of a midwife? 
  • What do you consider your biggest achievement and how does that relate to the profession of midwifery?

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How Long Should a Midwifery Personal Statement University Be?

A successful midwifery personal statement is one that is concise and straight to the point.

 Keep the following figures in mind to keep the length in check. 

No of pages:

1 to 2


400 to 500

Character count:

4000 to 5000

Recommended font:

Times New Roman

Font size:

12 points

How to Structure a Midwifery Personal Statement?

While writing a midwifery personal statement, one of the major focuses should be on its structure. With a great midwifery personal statement structure, you can make your points appear easily noticeable and organized.

Write a proper introduction:

Start your introduction midwifery personal statement with an attention-grabbing line, related to your story of finding interest in the field. 

Add your academic and training background:

In the ensuing paragraph, write briefly about your academic and training backgrounds and how they influenced your decision about midwifery.

Give details of your extracurricular involvements:

Include details about your participation in extracurricular activities. Cite examples and tell how those involvements moulded you.

Explain why you wish to enrol in this program:

Here, you will talk about the specific features of the program that drew you to it. Maybe it is the action-oriented curriculum of the institute or the research infrastructure. 

Explain your reason for choosing this country:

If you are intending to do your midwifery program in a different country, cite your reasons for choosing that country. Highlight the specialities of the country in the domain of healthcare, particularly midwifery. 

Write a recapitulating conclusion:

The selection panel will take your conclusion as the takeaway. So, write it recapitulating your midwifery application personal statement carefully and end it on a positive and thankful note.  

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How to Begin a Personal Statement for Midwifery?

Midwifery personal statement opening line carries the magic wand. It decides whether the reader will read the rest of the document with enthusiasm or not. Try to grab the attention of the reader from the very first line. Narrating a personal experience is a proven method as you might have noticed in many personal statement for midwifery examples. 

UCAS Midwifery Personal Statement Example

The emotional gratification involved in the profession of a midwife largely enthralled me to establish myself in this particular profile. I believe pregnancy to be the noblest stage of a person’s life cycle. I was six years old, when my sister was born, and my mother’s pregnancy intrigued me. It was amazing to witness a childbirth, and it still stimulates me with the wonders of the human life cycle. Fifteen years on, I witnessed yet another childbirth, this time from an adult’s standpoint. Every stage of pregnancy, even the delivery was mesmerising to watch. Eventually, I believe that it is the emotional elements associated with maternity, childbirth and care that largely shaped my decision to study midwifery.

I also believe that the function of a midwife encompasses much larger aspects, rather than simply delivering babies. Future mothers deserve a high standard of care, ensuring the optimal levels of security and comfort during pregnancy. My responsibilities as a midwife would involve offering holistic guidance to women to ease up their experience. Particularly, it would be interesting to specialize in both antenatal and postnatal scenarios. With a professional course, I would learn significantly about the workload and the intensity of the process. Operating in community settings as well as hospital environments, I look forward to leverage my professional knowledge.

At times, I get the feeling that I was made for fulfilling the role of a midwife. Given that pregnancy happens to be one of the most incredible phases of one’s life, I believe that performing the role of a midwife would be a privilege for me. Particularly, I would like to support young and first-time mothers, guiding them over the concepts of family planning, breastfeeding and related aspects. Besides, I believe it to be my responsibility to enhance general public health, sharing relevant knowledge about healthy living before childbirth.

I am committed to ongoing knowledge acquisition when it comes to my profession. During my leisure hours, I scan through resources to stay updated on topics like Keeping Childbirth Natural, GAP and AFFIRM. In the process, I can formulate an opinion based on evidence. I know that this knowledge would help me furnish valuable advice to women in the coming years. As a part of my knowledge-acquisition drive, I have interacted with several midwives, right from senior practitioners to present students. Also, I frequented visits to local hospitals to get familiar with maternity wards. The more I engage myself with such activities, the more intense my passion grows.

My friends call me non-judgemental and compassionate. I believe that these two virtues enabled me to lend support to children studying in school with their respective requirements. I love volunteering activities, and all these years, I have demonstrated my listening and managerial competencies, raising funds for child-help communities. In the process, I acquired valuable transferable skills, operating in different healthcare settings. I have also worked as a teacher at a local nursery school, Rainbows and Joy, where I got the opportunity to support toddlers. Striding towards my professional goals, I integrated myself into various programs related to breastfeeding support. All this while, I honed valuable skills to work under pressure.

Back in my homeland, I am aware of budget cuts and dearth of qualified staff within the public health domain. Therefore, it would be challenging, yet interesting for me to bridge this shortage, balancing the workload with my skills as a midwife. Eventually, I would like to ensure the same standard of care every woman receives. Back in 2019, I completed my graduation, studying Health and Social Care for three years. Now that I have crossed my formative years in healthcare education, I would like to specialize in the area that appeals to me the most.

I am confident of my skills in time-management, and I would like to show my commitment through this intense training course at your university. Being a young leader, I would love interacting with families of kids around me, enjoying the holistic learning loop. Coupled with my communication and interactive skills, I look forward to establishing myself as a skilled midwife. I would love to shoulder the responsibility to assure the best levels of support, ease and comfort to young mothers.

The profession of a midwife involves lifelong commitment. The very essence of this devoted nature motivates me to propel ahead and embrace this career. The progressive and supportive academic environment at your institution would take me to my professional goals. I look forward to maturing as a caring midwife and channelizing my efforts into a sacred profession.

Want to download and read a professionally written midwifery personal statement sample PDF and learn the basics? Here is what you are looking for.

Download Midwifery Personal Statement Sample PDF

How to Leave a Positive Impression in Your Midwifery Personal Statement?

If you want to impress the admission panel through your midwifery personal statement, you should approach it a bit differently. Try these secret midwifery personal statement tips from experts for the same. 

Don’t focus on babies:

Remember that the role of a midwife is to avail timely support to a woman prior to, during and post-delivery. Midwives don’t have many roles in taking care of the babies.

Be up to date:

Read about the latest trends and inventions in the field of midwifery and show that diligently in your midwifery personal statement.

Show you value the 6 C’s:

Many NMCs across the world value the 6 C’s – Care, Compassion, Courage, Competence, Communication, and Commitment. Show how closely you bear these values.

Read the NMC code of conduct:

The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct is a great source of information for aspiring midwives. Read through it and attune your profile to it.

Don’t lie to impress:

The admission panel will refer to your personal statement at the time of the interview. Any lies in it would boomerang at the time of a real face-to-face interview. 

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What Do Midwifery Students Say About the Profession?

Here are some insights from midwifery students who are currently pursuing their training in midwifery. Analyse their opinion to learn what they think about the profession and how enthusiastic they are. Their insights might save you from writing a bad midwifery personal statement. 

  • “Being a midwife is a challenging job, but I really enjoy it. It’s quite fulfilling.” 
  • “I love every part of the job except the heavy workload.” 
  • “Delivering babies is just the tip of the iceberg. Midwifery is much more than that.” 
  • “You need to have good communication skills. To understand a woman in her most crucial time is very important.” 
  • “Before you apply, make sure you can train to be punctual and maintain good time management.” 

Roles to Apply After Midwifery Degree

A lot of people have the misconception that a midwifery degree teaches only about delivering babies. In fact, it is just one part of it. There are other roles too that this qualification can equip you to. Those are: 

  • Neonatal nurse
  • Midwifery consultant
  • Ultrasound technician
  • Health visitor
  • Public health worker

Best Universities for Doing Midwifery

  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Swansea
  • Northumbria University
  • University of Liverpool
  • Coventry University
  • Keele University
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Birmingham

Did We Help?

We are excited to know how helpful this blog was to you. 

Did you learn how to write a midwifery personal statement? 

Are you confident now? 

Or is there anything else that you wish to know more about? 

Feel free to write all your questions, doubts, and feedback in the comments below. 



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