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Digital Marketing Personal Statement – Everything You Are Looking for!

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If you are determined to enhance your horizons in digital marketing through a professional qualification, it’s high time you wrote a convincing digital marketing personal statement. 

Your success in the field of digital marketing is decided by where you study. If a recognized and reputed institute is in your mind, it is imperative to have a personal statement for digital marketing that clearly articulates your skills, past accomplishments, and professional goals. 

In this blog, we are discussing everything about personal statement digital marketing. You will receive: 

  • The complete paragraph structure of the digital marketing personal statement
  • 3 digital marketing personal statement samples
  • Easy writing steps
  • Handpicked tips from experts

What is Digital Marketing? Why is It Important Today?

Digital marketing is a modern way of marketing where a brand is introduced to its potential customers through various digital mediums such as websites, social media services and other internet-based services. Digital marketing has become very essential for brand building today because: 

  • People increasingly use the internet and social media these days. Targeting them through these digital media is easier as compared to other mediums. 
  • Brands without online presence are likely to be ignored by potential customers 
  • There is no limit of space when you target your potential customers through digital medium. 
  • Digital marketing helps a brand begin its campaign at a reasonably lesser expenditure.

What is a Digital Marketing Personal Statement? Why Do You Need One?

A digital marketing personal statement is a 500 words long essay you will write to a college or university where you intend to do your digital marketing course. In the write-up, you will describe the qualities, strengths and experiences that make you fit for the program. 

Your digital marketing personal statement is a very crucial document in your application because: 

  • It says who you are and how you developed interest in digital marketing 
  • It gives a sneak peek into your career aspirations
  • It shows how you are distinguished from other applicants of digital marketing 
  • It explains how your skills and experiences are aligned to your passion for digital marketing 

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How Long Does a Personal Statement for Master’s in Digital Marketing Have to Be?

No of pages:

One to two

Word count:

About 500

Character limit:


Font size:

12 points

Font style:

Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman


1” at the top, bottom and both sides

Line spacing:

Leave double space between the lines

What Do Admission Officers Want to See In Your Digital Marketing Masters Personal Statement?

Admission officers use a checklist to validate your personal statement. So, your essay must contain the following information so as to win their approval. 

  • Your academic background and how it has influenced your taste for digital marketing 
  • A list of your achievements and how they moulded your passion for digital marketing 
  • Your relevant skills and how you think they will help you during your formation in digital marketing 
  • Your career aspirations after formation in digital marketing

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How to Write a Personal Statement Digital Marketing?

Your personal statement for digital marketing should show the institute why you are the right fit for their program. To help your essay serve that purpose, you ought to approach it very specifically. 

Here are the steps that will help you write it as expected. 


The first step in writing your personal statement is preparation. To begin with, understand why you are required to write it and then plan your essay accordingly. Read about the institute and the course and understand the format and structure. 

Check if any specific questions are asked:

Some institutes will tell you to centre your personal statement around a few questions that they ask you. If you’re required to focus on such questions, go through them carefully and plan your essay structure accordingly.

Build a strong beginning:

Try to grab the attention of your readers through the very first line of your personal statement. The introduction must provide the reader with the clarity of what to expect from the essay. Also, it should be engaging for the reader to stay focused and intrigued. 

Write a body that suits the introduction:

Both the introduction of your essay and the body should complement each other. They shouldn’t be contradicting. Also, organize the body in such a way that it flows naturally and logically. Divide the body into at least four to five paragraphs with each one focusing on specific points.

Write a conclusion that stays:

Through your conclusion, you should be able to influence the reader to consider your application. For this, the conclusion must stay in the reader’s mind. Make it exceptional by reiterating the whole essay and ending it on a thankful note.

Revise your statement:

After finishing the writing, go through it a few times. Validate it against a few parameters such as the world count, structure, formatting, spelling mistakes, grammatical accuracy and more. If any area appears vague or below the standard, rectify that. 

Paragraph Structure

One of the secrets to enhancing the overall appeal and acceptance chances of your digital marketing personal statement is to structure it correctly. The following structure is an accepted one and can be used in your essay. 

Paragraph One – Introduction:

Introduce the reader to your essay by giving a background of yours and narrating your journey to the field of digital marketing. 

Paragraph two – motivations:

Elaborate your motivations for choosing digital marketing as your career. Say how the idea of it got conceived in your mind and then developed into your passion.

Paragraph three – background:

Write a paragraph to talk about your academic formations and experiences. Try to emphasize how they pruned your relevant skills for digital marketing 

Paragraph four – Achievements:

Pick up the most relevant achievements and expand them with examples and evidence. Convince the selectors that you will continue to repeat your success during the pursuit of your digital marketing program.

Paragraph five – future aspirations:

In this paragraph, talk about your aspirations about the future. How, after the completion of your digital marketing course, will you utilize the insights, skills and aptitude gained from the program for the growth of your professional journey.


End your personal statement emphasizing the core points you discussed in one or two sentences briefly. Make sure to write it in such a way that it impresses the reader and stays in his mind for longer. 

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Digital Marketing Personal Statement Sample 1

It was in the eleventh grade that I came across this famous quote from Peter Drunker, ‘Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation’. I was studying commerce, and could well contextualize this ideology with the world around me. International business has significantly transformed with the digitization of business. In marketing, I have heard that there are no limits. When this entire process gets virtualized, well, I can make out the career prospects awaiting me. At a time when every industry is going for rapid digitization, I would like to carve out a lucrative career in the domain of digital marketing. Marketing has a significant role to play in any industry, regardless of the economy. It would be a pleasure for me to channelize my efforts to fit into a fast-growing industry where I can fervently contribute.

After all, influencing the perspective of customers is an art. Particularly, when potential clients change their standpoints without realizing that they have been cultivated, it makes a great marketer. I would like to transform my existing marketing skills, strengthening the same with my acumen, vision, and communication skills. It was my interest in marketing that compelled me to pursue an MBA. Now that I have completed my master’s degree, I would like to streamline my profile with a specialized program in digital marketing.

During my Business Administration program, I was drawn towards modules like business management. Other aspects that appealed to my intellect are internet marketing and consumer theory. The world is fast digitizing, and this is just the beginning of an eventful millennium. Through my efforts, I have mastered the basics of digital marketing and analytical aspects. Besides, I am familiar with different modules of digital marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. My flair for creativity has also helped me demonstrate my ability in blogging and developing website content. It’s intriguing to pursue a career where I can continually learn and master new trends. I am already well-versed with aspects like keyword research, running sponsored advertisements on Facebook and Google, and other social media platforms. However, I need to organize my skills and polish the same, leveraging my career with an internationally recognized degree.

It was during my graduation that I capitalized on my opportunities to work on my digital marketing skills. I remember spending my leisure hours developing a website, which I later monetized myself. My first affiliate sale came through Amazon, where I earned a commission of INR 3000. Knowing the tremendous prospect of the industry, I never looked back. Now, I am looking forward to aligning my passion and career goals, pursuing the advanced program in digital marketing from your reputed university in Canada.

During my leisure hours, I spend my time mastering fresh skills in digital marketing. I find my idol in Neil Patel, and follow his blogs regularly. I have also been working as a freelance digital marketer over the last one and a half years. It has been a pleasure for me to interact with international clients and address their needs. Particularly, I find keyword research as the most interesting pursuit, as it involves researching peoples’ interests. Besides, I find my analytical skills that I mastered during my MBA fruitful as I engage myself with these pursuits.

The world is propelling towards a digitized economy. India too has caught up fast with the developments. The government’s ‘Digital India’ campaign tells the story of career opportunities that await me in the country. However, I have already established my client base beyond the borders while working as a freelancer. This is one of the prime benefits of embracing the career as a digital marketer. Once I complete this course, I will establish my own startup in India, offering cost-effective digital marketing to every industry.

Studying in Canada will significantly improve my profile. The country has got a supportive academic environment that suits international aspirants. Besides, I have got the opportunity to learn practically through the pragmatic approach that your university is known for. Considering other aspects like the affordability of education in Canada and the safe academic environment for aspirants, I have decided to study here. The advanced program at your institution, along with the assistance from seasoned industry experts and lecturers will help me leverage my skill set. I am looking for a berth in your university to pursue the program that would help me embrace a gratifying career where national demographics never matter.

We are adding a personal statement for masters in digital marketing PDF sample here for you to go through. Pay attention to the details in it such as the writing tone, paragraph structure and grammatical accuracy.

Download Digital Marketing Personal Statement Sample PDF

Digital Marketing Personal Statement Example 2

Mistakes to Pay Attention to

These five mistakes in digital marketing personal statements are considered grave by the admission panel. 

Try to avoid them in your writing to ensure maximum acceptance chances. 

Too many cliches:

From the use of inappropriate or irrelevant quotes to writing generically about your motivation for course selection, cliches spoil the beauty of a personal statement.

Not providing proof for achievements:

Anyone can claim achievements. How are you going to prove that you have made a great achievement? Claims about your achievements in personal statements should be sufficiently backed.  

Not correcting the mistakes:

Even if it is a small grammatical error, it will have a significant influence in the final round of screening, especially when the admission venue is too competitive.

Lack of adherence to the requirements:

If you produce a personal statement that fails to comply with the requirements, even if it is of superclass quality, it will make no sense to the selection committee. So, understand the requirements and meet them.

Failure to customize:

Your personal statement must be customized for the purpose. In this case, you are writing it to convince the panel about your choice of digital marketing. So, write everything that makes you best in digital marketing. Produce a tailor-made essay. 

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6 Tips That Make Your Personal Statement Powerful

Read voraciously about digital marketing:

Read a lot to understand the scope of digital marketing and how it will impact the world in the future. 

Use simple language:

A good personal statement is not one that uses complicated language. It is one that makes the messages easily communicated to the reader. 

Reflect your personality:

Listen to your heart and write. Sit quietly and try to focus on your inner thoughts that flow. Write those plainly and then prune them. 

Be straight to the point:

Avoid unnecessary detailing or background information in your writing. Instead, come straight to the point.

Be honest:

To make your personal statement yours, being honest with your writing is essential. Don’t cook up anything to impress the reader. 

Adhere to the recommended length:

Neither too short nor too long. Each word counts. Follow the recommended word count by the institute.

What Will the Future of Digital Marketing Be Like?

Digital marketing is going to be the style of marketing in the future. The world is inching towards that steadily. Studies indicate that: 

  • By 2023, nearly half of the Indian population, which is approximately 700 million, will be active internet users, who can be easily reached via digital marketing. 
  • Indian eCommerce market is going to be worth INR 7 trillion by 2023
  • Digital marketing will create approximately 5 million jobs in India by 2023 

Modules Covered in Digital Marketing Courses

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Analytics and Display ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Google
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
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Universities That Offer Digital Marketing Courses


  • University of Dundee
  • Staffordshire University
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Portsmouth
  • Liverpool John Moores University


  • University of California
  • George Washington University
  • Sacred Heart University
  • University of Missouri


  • York University
  • Centennial College
  • George Brown College
  • Lambton College
  • Fanshawe College

Career Options After Completing Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Pay Per Click or SEM Analyst
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • SEO Content Writer
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Editing and Copywriting

Did You Find This Blog Helpful?

We are grateful that you have read this blog on digital marketing personal statements fully. 

Did you learn how to write a personal statement for digital marketing without anyone’s support now? 

If you have any questions or clarifications or doubts, we would like to help you further. 

Please feel free to leave your messages to us in the comment section below.




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