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Geography Personal Statement: A Complete Guide

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There are not many ways to let the admission committee know that you are apt to study geography at their institute before a face-to-face interview. But how to make your way up to the interview venue? Geography personal statement is the way. 

If you haven’t yet found any useful resources about this document, here it is. This blog has what you have been looking for. Want to know what we have included in it before going any further? Well, here is a sneak-peak.  

  • What is a geography personal statement and how to write it? 
  • Geography Personal Statement Examples
  • Some useful tips

What Is Geography? What Do Geographers Do?

Geography is a branch of study that deals with the study of the earth, its physical features and the atmosphere.

One who has completed higher education and acquired authentic knowledge in the field of geography can be called a geographer. You will be required to apply with a Geography Degree Personal Statement in order to study abroad in this program. 

Geographers subject the physical properties of the earth to their research to discover the undiscovered and figure out how such knowledge can be used for preserving the earth for future generations. 

What Is Geography Personal Statement?

Geography personal statement is a piece of writing that is written and submitted by students when they apply for higher studies in the field of geography. This presentation covers a number of aspects about the candidate such as their academic backgrounds, future plans, and reasons for choosing geography as a higher study option.

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How Important Is a Geography Degree Personal Statement?

In fact, a Geography BSc Personal Statement or Geography Masters Personal Statement is a mandatory document in order to apply for higher studies both abroad and in home countries. According to some reports, about 99% of the higher study institutes ask for it from their applicants. 

  • Personal statement shows how distinguished a student is from other applicants.
  • It enables selectors to figure out the personality, attitude and motivation of the applicant.
  • Personal statement is a great way to prove your value and potential as a team player.
  • Through your personal statement, you can show how strong your motivation for the geography program is.

What Should Be Included in Geography Personal Statement UCAS?

Why you are interested in geography

It is important to show how much you can identify with the course ‘geography’ and how closely you are drawn to it. Maybe you want to know about the reasons for climate change. Or perhaps you are curious to know how to stop the depletion of the ozone layer.

Your experience in the field of geography

Have you participated in any seminars or projects on geographical changes on the planet or volunteered to clean the waste on the seashore? Those could be counted as your experience in geography.

Your communication skills

Universities are particular about selecting students who possess good communication skills – both oral and written. This helps them to make sure that their candidates can do good presentations and represent the institute at the national or international level. Hence, you must use your personal statement as a tool to taut your English proficiency.

Unique personal qualities

These days, many higher education institutes prefer selecting candidates who exude some unique personality traits, for instance, willingness to take part in voluntary activities, commitment to social causes etc. Write about them if you possess any of these traits.

Future plans

Your university wants to know what you are going to do after you leave it. Would you continue to research geography? Would you get a job somewhere as a geography professor? It is good to have a vision for your future and speak about that in your personal statement for geography degree.

Extracurricular interest

What are your interests other than studies? Would you like to sing or compose music or take part in a drama? Mentioning some of these interests can be great in your geography Pgce Personal Statement even if it is not directly related to your field of study.
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How to Write an Excellent Geography Personal Statement?

You know what to speak of in your geography personal statement from the aforementioned list of points. Now, let’s see how to write it in a real geography personal statement Oxford if you are applying to Oxford for instance or whichever institute of your choice. Here is a step-by-step writing procedure for your consideration. 

Lubricate your writing:

If you haven’t been writing for a while, you need to free up your thoughts and writing. It needs a bit of lubrication to run smoothly. Practising freewriting is a good way to start off.

Read reviews:

It is recommended to read at least two UCAS Personal Statement Examples Geography and understand how two different people with different perspectives approach it. This will help your brainstorming and leave you with many fresh thoughts. 

Go through the university requirements:

Go through every instruction that the university has given forth. They may want you to use a specific structure, or format and attempt particular question prompts. Comply with all. 

Outline and compose the first draft:

Outline your writing using all the points discussed above, incorporating the correct structure and format. After that, finish composing the first draft. You may not stick to word-by-word perfection at this point. 


Check if any paragraph looks incomplete or lacks readability. Improve if it doesn’t. Similarly, get rid of all grammatical and spelling errors. Both of which would damage the first impression that your essay can get.

Seek feedback:

Before you get done with the personal statement, it is advisable to seek a second opinion. Ask a professor or colleague or professional writer to go through your piece of writing and verify if it reads well.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your Geography Personal Statement is tailor-made for the course, institute and your profile. This is important to prove that you have an original write-up. 

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Geography Personal Statement Examples

Below are a couple of example geography personal Statements for your review. Go through it carefully and understand the writing tone, grammatical range, accuracy and the fresh perspective that the writer has used to present his thoughts. 

I Travelled To The Andaman Islands When I Was Ten. From The Moment We Took Off On The Flight To The Thrilling Descent, I Remained Captivated By The Enthralling Landscape Flying Back Below Me. It Was Then That The Questions Started Crowding In My Mind. I Wondered How The Islands Were Created, And How A Volcanic Range Emerged In The Middle Of The Sea. I also Pondered About The Seamen Who Spent Their Lives In The Vast Stretches Of Water. It Was My Passion For Travelling That Further Fed My Fascination For Geography. Be It Deserts, Stretches Of Green Plains Or Rugged Hills, My Quest For Knowledge Keeps Me Driving. Now, That I Have Studied Both Sociology And Geography, It’s Time For Me To Make A Career Choice. It Would Be Logical For Me To Embrace Geography As My Master’s Course. The Understanding And Knowledge I Have Gained In This Subject During My Graduation Helped Me Develop A Holistic Understanding Of The Discipline.

It Was Out Of Curiosity, That I Explored The Forecast, Causes, Management And Effects Of The Super Cyclone Amphan, That Wreaked Havoc In India Last Year. It Was Intriguing To Explore How The Physical Forces Of Nature Dwarf Science And Technology, Inflicting Long-Term Damages On Various Scales. As A Part Of My Academic Project, I Completed My Epq On This Disaster. As I Explored Deeper Into This Disaster, I Expanded My Literacy And Research Significantly, Which Helped Me Brace Up For The Master’s Program.

Well, I Would Acknowledge That My Fieldwork Has Been Quite Extensive. Besides, My Internship At The Geological Survey Of India Has Significantly Leveraged My Practical Skills. I Believe That Knowledge Acquisition Finds Its Ideal Manifestation On The Practical Front. This Is Why I Particularly Focused In Analyzing Data And Interpreting The Same. Now, That I Have Completed My Graduation, I Have Developed A Formative Knowledge In The Area Of My Interest. This, I Believe, Would Be The Right Time To Go For Further Specialization.

As A Part Of My Graduation Program, I Got The Opportunity To Work On Several Internships. I Capitalize On These Opportunities To Imbibe Professional Skills, Completing Proposals And Reports Under Tight Deadlines. At The Same Time, I Also Presented At Partner Meetings. Through These Internships, I Leveraged My Skills In Map Reading And Navigation, Exploring The Planned Route For Various Trips And Expeditions. In One Of The Programs, I Was Nominated By Our Head Of The College To Represent Our Institution At The International Space Design Competition, Which Was Held In The USA. It Was A Challenging Scenario, As I Successfully Competed With Students From Different Demographics, Including Britain, The US, Mexico And Argentina. My Success In The Practical Ground Helped Me Walk In The Shoes Of The President For The International Team. During These Competitions, I Strategically Incorporated My Practical Skills, Being A Part Of Different Extracurricular Activities. I Enjoyed The Teamwork, And Successfully Came Up With A Detailed Proposal Carrying Every Detail Regarding Space Settlement. This Encompassed All The Phases, Right From Logistics To Transporting Resources. Personally, I Worked On The Costing Of The Entire Procedure, And It Was Just In One Day That We Won The Contract.

What I Love About Geography Is The Very Nature Of The Discipline. It Is Relevant To Me, With Various Evolving Elements. This Makes Me Passionate About The Subject. I Am Confident Of My Skills That I Have Already Acquired Over The Years. Once I Get The Privilege To Study In Your University, I Would Like To Channelize My Efforts To Refine The Academic Infrastructure There. Peer Learning Happens To Be One Of The Most Strategic Ways To Enhance The Learning Environment In Any Institution. Being Ambitious And Sociable, I Would Like To Integrate Myself Into The Progressive Learning Environment At Your Institute.

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Tips to Improve a Physical Geography Personal Statement?

An average geography personal statement won’t work when you apply to a top university because like you there will be hundreds of eligible applicants. An excellent personal statement, therefore, is mandatory to show how you outperform all. Use these expert tips to solidify your writing. 

  • Present your story in a positive shade. Never sound pessimistic
  • Enhance your knowledge about geography through extensive reading and research
  • Write in an engaging tone mixing friendliness and professionalism in equal measure
  • Get ready with your document at least a week ahead of the date of the application closing 
  • Have zero tolerance for mistakes. Proofread at least four to five times and rectify all errors – both major and minor ones. 
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Top 10 Institutes to Study Geography

Apply with a bespoke human geography personal statement to secure your berth at any of these top 10 institutes. 

  1. The London School of Economics and Political Science (Lse)
  2. University Of California, Berkeley (Ucb)
  3. University Of California, Los Angeles (Ucl)
  4. University College London 
  5. University Of British Columbia
  6. University Of Oxford
  7. University Of Cambridge
  8. National University of Singapore (Nus)
  9. Australian National University (Anu
  10. Durham University

Career Opportunities After Geography

Having your higher education in Geography opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Here are some of them.   Don’t forget to mention your precise career path when you speak about your career aspirations and goals in your personal statement.  For instance, if you want to settle your career as a geography teacher, you must write a geography teacher personal statement. 

Climate Change Analyst
Emergency Management Specialist 
Geospatial Analyst
Gis Specialist 
Water Conservation Officer
Location Analyst 
Pollution Analyst 
Remote Sensing Analyst 
Soil Conservationist 
Town Planner


Did you write your geography personal statement? How did you find the whole process of writing? Was it easy or challenging? We are eager to know how helpful this blog was for you to understand the topic. 

In case we missed out on anything, take a moment to let us know the same by writing it in the comment section below. Also, feel free to write your feedback or suggestions. 



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