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Write Your Winning Business Personal Statement Without Worries – An Easy-to-Follow Guide

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Are you feeling confused and worried about writing your business personal statement? Well, you don’t have to. 

A lot of time, students are driven to unnecessary worries about this crucial document just because of ignorance. If you are ready to approach it a bit differently, you will find writing it much simpler and easier. In this blog, that is exactly what we are going to shine a light on. 

This blog will introduce you to a series of important topics in this regard such as: 

  • How to write business studies personal statement step by step
  • Top reasons to pursue business studies
  • And a few professional writing tips

What Is a Business Personal Statement? Why Do You Need It?

A business Personal statement is the written manifestation which covers a series of important aspects regarding your decision to pursue the business studies program. For instance, it explains why you chose to study business and not any other course. Likewise, it explains your reasons for choosing a particular institute and country. 

As you gear up to write a business management personal statement, it is important to know why your prospective institution asks for it from you. Here are some reasons

  • They want to gauge your personality and attitude through the personal statement 
  • Admission committee get a taste of your communication skills from this document 
  • Personal statement helps you show how you differ from other applicants 
  • Personal statement is a great tool to prove your skills and strengths as an aspiring business student
  • Personal statement gives you the opportunity to clarify your negatives which no other document can do
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How to Write a Personal Statement for Business Studies?

The following curated steps would help you write your business school personal statement in a much easier way. 

Research business management:

To begin with, read about the current trends in business management, particularly in the country where you want to move to. 

Compare your suitability:

Compare your existing skills with the course requirements and figure out how closely they align with your suitability for the course. 

Gather points:

Brainstorm and gather relevant points that you can include in your statement. While speaking about strengths, skills and achievements, give specific examples to solidify them.

Write the first draft:

Once you are certain what to write, write the first draft. It will be easier to make an outline first and then develop it into the first draft.

Reread and modify:

Read the first draft a few times and identify the areas that lack readability and accuracy and improve it. Do it carefully sentence by sentence. 

Finalize and submit:

Once you are done with writing, proofread it a few times and also have someone else do it. Finalize only after validating your document against the requirements, format and structure. 

Pro Tip: Always submit a customized business personal statement for university that has the full focus on you. Admission officers disapprove of a personal statement if it is not centred on you.

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Business Personal Statement Examples

Take a look at these business management personal statement examples before beginning to work on yours. This will help you develop a stronger perspective for your writing. 

As a visionary entrepreneur, I believe that the ‘survival of the fittest’ concept has evolved in the digitized business space. With competition soaring in every sector, success as a business owner lies in outperforming others. Experience and ambition, backed by adequate business knowledge can help me translate my dreams to reality. Hailing from a small business family in India, I realized that running a successful business calls for skills beyond balancing the books or managing people. In the 21st century, business owners need to put on multiple hats. With automated workflows and fresh technologies creeping into the business world in quick time, maximizing efficiency is the call of the hour. Now that I have completed my BBA from one of the esteemed Indian universities, I look forward to embracing the Master’s program in Business Management from your revered university.

The deployment of technology, creative thinking and adaptability are presently the fundamentals of business management. As a part of my BBA program, I mastered the basics of all these elements. Besides, my orientation has largely infused me with the zeal and opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge. As I witnessed my father expand his retail store successfully across the state, I drew inspiration from him. Realizing the benefits of automation in business, along with networking and digitization, I wish to transform our family business to the national scale in the coming years. An international exposure in this regard would be of immense value to my career.

Studying BBA as a part of my graduation enabled me to gain comprehensive insights into the competitive business environment. Through my internship at Coca Cola, I gained valuable experience in the world of management. Besides, business owners need to be aware of so many aspects, including legal implications and people management. Making financial decisions calls for foresight and diplomacy. I understand that experience is the best teacher, which makes me opt for the advanced course in business management at your revered university. As a part of the internship program, I would gain valuable industry exposure to test my competencies.

During my graduation, I also studied Psychology as one of my papers. This bestowed me with the scope to understand the way consumers think. From the perspective of a marketer or a business owner, this is crucial for me. Besides, I am familiar with the human influences in different organizations and institutional behaviour. Exploring the motivational theories related to resource management was exciting for me. Particularly, Maslow’s model of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ helped me shape my entrepreneurial insights substantially. Besides, I am well-versed with data collection and evaluation. Realizing the importance of analytics in business, I have undertaken courses to establish my competence in this domain. Utilizing my summer holidays, I learned how to draw conclusions on exploring trends.

My recent internship at Coca Cola, one of the leading soft drinks brands in India, infused me with a gratifying learning experience. During this three-month period, I gained hands-on experience in the industry, leveraging my managerial skills. Working with seasoned professionals, I learned how to identify discrepancies and convey the same to the management efficiently to prevent crisis situations. In the coming years, I would like to get a taste of the corporate culture. Of course, studying at your university would bring me such opportunities to bank on.

I have nurtured the sportsman inside me with care all these years. Besides leading cricket and football teams for my school, I captained the rugby team at the college level. All these activities inculcated the virtues of teamwork, effective communication and leadership in me. I also represented my college at the state level last year. With all these activities nurturing my soft skills, I wish to translate the same kind of leadership skills on the business front. Reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as business journals engage me during my leisure hours. I am a regular reader of the Forbes, Business Standard and the Financial Express.

On returning to my homeland after completing this course, I would tap the opportunities as a business manager at the reputed IT companies. After gaining adequate experience, I would take on the reins of our family business. By that time, I expect to establish myself as a pro in the field of business management. Of course, I would like to contribute to your learning environment with my knowledge in data analytics, fostering peer knowledge sharing. Professional growth, I believe, stems from coordination and complementing each other’s efforts. Eventually, I believe in the superiority of the best, when it comes to competition. Healthy competition, therefore, holds the key to success from the individual perspective. A berth in your revered university will significantly leverage my profile.

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Sample – Business Management personal statement

Curated Business Personal Statement Writing Tips from Professional Writers

Ever wondered why personal statements drafted by professionals get a competitive edge? Here are some tips professional writers use to make the write-up excellent. 

  • Write a business personal statement in an engaging manner so that the admission officer finds it interesting to read. 
  • Begin your personal statement with a personal experience that drew you to business management.
  • Customize your business studies personal statement as per your profile, the institute’s specialities and the scope of business management. 
  • Write in simple language ensuring that even a reader with no prior exposure to business management understands what you are articulating.
  • Start working on your personal statement at the earliest. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin it. 
  • Have pixel clarity about what your admission officers are expecting you to write in the business analytics personal statement. Refer to the institute’s guidelines or website. 

Why Study Business? Top Reasons to Choose Business Studies!

It improves your communication skills:

The business studies program requires you to write so many papers and give multiple presentations. This will ostensibly improve your communication skills. 

It helps you understand the basics of investment and finance:

Through a business studies program, you will develop a good understanding of the basics of investment and finance. To enter the world of business, one must know how a market is influenced by investments and finance and how to take critical business decisions. 

It exposes you to the art of marketing:

Marketing is one of the core topics in business studies. It is an art that one must learn to be a good entrepreneur. Marketing is not just selling a product but rather knowing the psychology of your target audience. 

It trains your entrepreneurial skills:

A good bachelor’s or master’s program in business studies gives ample opportunities to students to familiarise themselves with the world of entrepreneurship. During the course of the formation, students get to learn the basics of entrepreneurship through theories and also get hands-on experience through internships. 

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Difference Between Business Administration, Business Management and Business Studies

Business administration:

Business administration is a process in a business establishment which focuses on all the administrative aspects. It covers all duties and responsibilities that come under business supervision.

Business management:

Business management is a process of coordinating and organizing various activities within a business organization. Hence, it covers administration, production, decision-making, capital investment, marketing, research and development, and innovation. 

Business Studies:

Business studies is a branch of study that deals with each and every aspect of a business entity. So, in the broader definition of business studies, you will touch upon finance, marketing, business management, human resource management, organizational studies, and accountancy.

Top Ten Business Studies Specializations for Career Enhancement

If you are thinking about a career in the field of business, you must first see through your skills, strengths and priorities and then choose a career path that befits all of them. Here is a list of top business studies specializations for your consideration as you begin to work on the business management personal statement pdf. 

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • International Business 
  • Finance 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management

Best Countries & Universities to Study Business Now

When it comes to choosing the destination as well as an institute for your higher education in business studies, there are numerous options out there. As you prepare your application, remember to include a personal statement that clearly says why you chose this destination and institute. 

United States

All the top multinational companies are US based. This shows the growth that the field of business has achieved in the United States. Here are some top US institutes for business studies. 

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Harvard Business School
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Tuck School of Business
Columbia Business School
Yale School of Management

United Kingdom

The UK is among the five largest economies in the world. On top of that, the country hosts some of the top business schools on the global ranking. You may consider applying to the following UK institutes for your business studies program. The application must contain a customized business personal statement UCAS.

The London Business School
Warwick Business School
Imperial College Business School
Judge Business School
University of Edinburgh Business School
Durham University Business School
Lancaster University Management School
Alliance Manchester Business School
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Recently, a growing number of students think it is good to pursue higher education in business from France. The French follow a much more advanced pedagogy to train students in the field of business. Here are some of the top six French Business Schools. 

Grenoble Ecole de Management
ESCP Europe Business School
University Paris Dauphine
Toulouse Business School
Audencia Business School
IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School


Singapore is the most developed and advanced country in Asia. The fact that English is the medium of instruction in Singapore makes it a sure bet for students from Asian countries, for instance, India. Consider applying to the following Singaporean institutes for your business studies admission.

Nanyang Business School
NUS Business SchoolINSEAD-Singapore


If you want to get trained in business studies from the heart of Europe, Spain is an ideal place to consider. After completing your course in Spain, you can easily find internship opportunities in Spain or elsewhere in Europe and thus gain real hands-on experience.

IE Business SchoolESADE Ramon Llull UniversityIESE Business School


Australia’s fastest-growing economy makes it an attractive spot for students from all over the world to get trained in business management, administration and various other business programs. Consider the following institutes if you want to study in Australia. Don’t forget to include an international business personal statement in your application though. 

Melbourne Business School
Australian Graduate School of Management
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
University of Queensland Business School
Deakin Business School
RMIT University School of Business
La Trobe Business School
Victoria Graduate School of Business


Pursuing your business studies program from the best institute is essential to have an assured advantage when you venture into a career in business. A business personal statement is a must to get yourself placed in the best place. 

We hope to have been able to present you with a wholesome picture of this most imperative document. 

Do you have any questions or doubts with regard to anything we shared in the blog? 

Don’t hesitate to let us know. 



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