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A Comprehensive Guide for UCL Personal Statement Writing

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We believe that you are here because you are looking forward to studying at University College London. 

We have a few questions to ask you. 

Are you confident that you have written a perfect UCL personal statement? Are you sure that you have included in it everything that the selection panel is expecting to see? 

We are not trying to panic you. Given how significant your UCL personal statement masters for securing admission, a thorough crosschecking is needed before finalizing your document. 

Through this blog, we intend to help you with

  • UCL personal statement postgraduate writing steps
  • Masters Personal Statement Example UCL
  • Structure and format of personal statement for UCL

What Is A UCL Personal Statement? Why Do You Need an Outstanding One For Admission?

UCL personal statement is a one-page long essay that you will include in the application for your admission to University College London. The document is your self-manifestation. 

It is mandatory to write an outstanding personal statement that describes your skills, strengths, eligibility, experience, future plans etc. in the context of your application because: 

  • The selection panel takes the final decision on your admission based on the input in your personal statement
  • Your UCL additional personal statement helps the selection panel identify how you differ from other applicants
  • Personal statement turns out to be a realistic example of your written communication skills
  • Your character and personality are measured based on what you write in your personal statement
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7 Questions That Selectors Want You to Answer in Your UCL Masters Personal Statement

When the UCL selection panel investigate your personal statement, they will primarily want to see whether you have answered all their personal statement prompts. If you miss out on answering these questions while writing, there is a high chance of rejection. 

  • Why have you chosen this program? 
  • Do you have any specific academic/research interests? 
  • What attracts you to UCL and not any other institutes? 
  • What is your academic background? 
  • Have you gained any professional experiences in this specific or related field? 
  • Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities? How has it benefited you? 
  • What are your plans?

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How Long Should My UCL Personal Statement Be?

It is important to keep your personal statement compatible with word count recommendations by UCL as you might have noticed in UCL personal statement examples. Going shorter or longer than the recommended length is not encouraged. 

  • Keep your essay 2500 characters or 500 words long. 
  • In pages, it should be about two pages 
  • Keep the font size to 12 points
  • Choose Arial or Times New Roman as font style.

How to Write Compelling UCL Personal Statement in 6 Simple Steps?

Read the program description

You can learn more about your desired program from UCL’s official website. It will give you a rough idea about the various modules covered in the course. Find out how each module is executed.

Figure out what skills are expected

By going through program details carefully, you can figure out what sort of skills, strengths, and exposure it demands from an applicant to be successful in the program. See how you can match your profile to that.

Quote examples

When you talk about your skills or strengths, do not list them blindly without referring to any proof. This will put your application under suspicion. Instead, link your experiences to real-life incidents as articulated in the personal statement UCL example.

Focus on your interest in subject

Dedicate approximately three fourth of your personal statement to show how much you are interested in the subject and pursuing it at UCL be of any help. Leave the remaining portion to focus your goals and involvement in activities.

Write in advance

Once you have clarity regarding the subject, program specifications and what points you want to add from your side, sit and write. Write a draft first and then improve it gradually. Make sure that you have your personal statement ready at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Proofread and edit

They say read two or three times. We recommend you proofread your personal statement at least five times and edit it if any changes are needed. Also, it is highly recommended to have someone else also to read your personal statement and give you constructive feedback.

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UCL Masters Personal Statement Example

I was just a kid when the Great Recession hit the US in 2008, and the aftershocks rocked the third world nations. Newspaper headlines looked depressive, although I was too young to weigh the crisis. That was more than a decade ago, yet, I ponder why India took so long to recover from the recession, while the US and the UK continued to stride on despite the economic crisis. This justifies my choice to embrace Economics in my undergraduates. Feeding my curiosity in global finances with blogs, journals and magazines, I have embraced the stream that appeals the most to my intellect. Besides, studying economics from one of the topmost institutes in India has strengthened my foundation in this domain significantly. I know I have gained matured concepts of economics, and can comprehend why oil prices fluctuate, or why India could be recording a negative GDP amidst the pandemic. In an effort to further streamline my profile with relevant knowledge, I look forward to pursue the advanced program in Economics from your revered university.

Having studied both Mathematics and Statistics in my Intermediates, analyzing economic issues turned out to be rather easy for me during my graduation. Besides, my fascination with numbers and patterns proved handy, as I was able to execute things practically. I believe that success comes to an economist only after scrutinizing the roots of persisting problems. Besides, every economy is governed by its own set of laws. A clear understanding of this aspect has enabled me comprehend how firms within the framework of a country operate under certain regulations. This is how contracts are agreed upon and implemented within the business world. Eyeing a higher degree in Economics, I am bracing up to pursue the advanced program from your esteemed university.

Besides scoring proficiently in my academics, I have been proactive in the extracurricular front. In 2018, I represented India’s Finance Minister in a Mock Parliament, organized in our college. As a part of this event, I got the opportunity to explore various core economic problems of our country, and offer viable solutions. Meanwhile, I am a part of Dramatics, which helped me to get my voice heard, polishing my oratory skills. In the second year of my graduation, I acted in two plays during the annual college fest, ‘Death of a Salesman’ and ‘The Homecoming’. Besides, I was a part of ‘Sparks’, the Annual Drama Competition, where our college emerged as the winner. All these years, I have worked on my leadership and management skills. In the process, I have learnt to handle pressure and execute tasks in an organized wat. In the third year of my graduation, I was a part of the Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition, working on behalf of my institution under the Business and Costing section.

India has its own problems like poverty, unequal wealth distribution and diseases. What pains me the most is the indifference of private and progressive organizations to these issues. Right from my high school days, I have been a part of various non-governmental organizations, striving to make a difference in their lives. Realizing the dearth of social initiative to resolve the basic social problems, I formed an organization called ‘Hope Foundation’ along with some of my friends and acquaintances. The motto of this organization is to work towards the protection of children from abuse and empower them with education. Later, we also worked to gather funds to support a cancer hospital in our colony. All these experiences cultivated the desire to work on development economics for my country.

To strengthen my knowledge in economics, I have subscribed to The Time Magazine, The Economics and The Financial Express. This helps me stay abreast with the current financial affairs across the globe. Besides, I frequently visit the UK, and cherish the essence of homeliness. A couple of years back, one of my friends graduated from the UCL and spoke highly of the academic environment there. I would like to be a part of this progressive academic environment in the UK and study in your esteemed university. It would be an exciting and gratifying experience for me to work on developmental economics to contribute to my nation as well as the world in the coming years.

Check out the UCL personal statement masters example PDF we have given here. Try to figure out how the writing tone, structure, and use of correct grammar make this essay outstanding.

Download UCL Personal Statement Sample PDF

Masters Personal Statement Example UCL

Tips for Writing Your Unique UCL Personal Statement

The following personal statement for UCL writing tips have long been used by professional writers. Personal statements written adhering to these tips have higher chances of getting accepted by UCL.

Avoid flowery language:

It is highly recommended to keep your personal statement simple by using simple words and expressions. Don’t use flowery language or vague or bland expressions. 

Stay focused:

Never deviate from the actual purpose of the personal statement. The actual goal is to show how much interest you have in the subject and how your skills and strengths are relevant.

Be positive:

If you keep the tone of your personal statement positive throughout, you can expect the selectors to feel positive about it and take a favourable decision. Similarly, a pessimistic tone in the writeup will create a negative outcome too.

Use standard English:

University College of London is a prestigious institution. Students studying there are expected to have good grasp of English. The selection panel welcome candidates who write their personal statement in standard English.  

Submit before the deadline:

Don’t wait for the deadline to submit your application. Once all your documents are ready, submit them. Once the application is filed, hope for the best. Don’t bother about it until you receive any further update. 

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How to Get Into UCL?

Getting enrolled to University College London is a dream of students not only in UK but also all over the world. UCL selects candidates on merit basis. If you meet their criteria, you can also apply and get selected. 

  • Go through UCL program list and select one that suits your profile 
  • Find out the requirements for admission and verify whether you qualify 
  • Get details about the times of the year when the program is offered
  • Decide when you want to study and prepare your application 
  • Get ready with all application requirements – most importantly your UCL postgraduate personal statement
  • File your application

What is UCL Acceptance Rate?

As per the data released by UCAS, UCL acceptance rate stands stood at 15.6% in 2020. Some of the competitive programs have even lower acceptance rate. For instance, if you are applying for programs like Law, medicine, biomedical or management science programs, make sure you have a well refined personal statement for each program. Respectively. 

  • UCL Law Personal Statement
  • UCL Medicine Personal Statement
  • Biomedical Science Personal Statement UCL
  • UCL Management Science Additional Personal Statement

Top Higher Study Programs Offered at UCL

  • LLM (Master of Laws)
  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Geography
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Economics
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Psychology

Final Thoughts…

Before we wind up, we would like to know how helpful this blog was for you. 

Did it really help you expand your understanding about UCL personal statement? 

How helpful the samples were? 

Do you wish you had found more program specific UCL personal statement examples? 

Your feedback and suggestions are our input for improving the quality of this blog. 

So, we strongly encourage you to write your opinion in the comments below. 



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