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The Complete Guide to Understanding Imperial College Personal Statement

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The thought of writing a winning Imperial College personal statement itself can make most applicants worried, given its significance in securing one’s birth at the college. 

As there are several times more applicants than available seats, it is through your personal statement that the admission panel will make a final decision on your admission.  

In this blog, we are making writing a personal statement for Imperial College easier for you by sharing with you: 

  • 6 easy writing steps
  • The list of points to include in the document
  • 3 Different Imperial personal statement examples
  • And practical writing tips

Why Does Imperial College Ask for a Personal Statement? What Do They Expect in It?

Imperial College London is one of the finest higher education institutions in the UK. Clearly, their programs are highly competitive. They demand personal statements from the applicants because they want to draw a more realistic and accurate picture of the applicant from it. 

Because a personal statement provides: 

  • A clear and personalized version of who the applicant is
  • An account of the motivations that drive the applicant to choose Imperial 
  • Data to fill the gap from the admission panel’s assessment of the candidate profile
  • Justification for the candidate’s claim that he is a suitable fit for the program
  • Clarity on the candidate’s future plans
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Answer These 5 Prompts in Your Personal Statement

The Imperial College admission committee would expect you to answer these five prompts in your personal statement. 

It is important to address them with accuracy and clarity to impress them.

What motivates you to take up this particular program?

Give a brief account of your reasons for settling your career in this particular field. Give details on how your interest was conceived and developed. For instance, if your choice is biomedical engineering, you need to draft a bespoke Imperial College biomedical Engineering personal statement.

What and how you could contribute to Imperial?

Here, write about your leadership qualities, organizational abilities etc by citing examples from your past and assure that you will continue to repeat them during your Imperial period.

How are you planning to utilize the skills and knowledge gained from Imperial for the benefit of society?

Here, explain how you will use your knowledge and skills to make a difference or change the society in which you are going to live. Explain with realistic examples, for instance, by creating awareness or getting into some teaching roles – depending on your domain and circumstances. 

What are your key achievements?

Write specifically about your relevant achievements and give details like how you made them and how those achievements shaped you. For instance, if your chosen program is computer science, you must write in your computer science personal statement for Imperial College about any notable project you did in computing and how that made a difference to the existing situation.

Any additional information that you want us to know about you?

If there is anything else, which is relevant and can potentially add more weight to your profile, that you want the selection committee to know about you, write about them.

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How to Write an Excellent Personal Statement for Imperial College?

When you write a personal statement for an elite institution like Imperial College, write it as if you are aiming for the best opportunity in your career. The following tips should help you.

Get the submission deadline:

Have a rough idea about the last date to submit your Imperial College application and begin to prepare your personal statement and application in advance. You need to have them ready at least two weeks before the submission deadline. 

Research the program specifications:

Try to analyse the features and specialities of the program you are enrolling on and give out hints while writing your personal statement. This will add a tailored outlook to your write-up, for instance, Imperial College business analytics personal statement. 

Research about Imperial College:

Having a good understanding of Imperial College London will be very helpful when you write about the motivations for choosing this particular college. It could be the faculties, internship opportunities or the well-equipped campus.

Write a customized personal statement:

Try to customize your personal statement in every sentence. Never sound like a cliched one. To a good extent, you can achieve this by being self-reflective in your writing and also by tailoring the essay to the specific program. 

Proofread and edit:

At the end, proofread your write-up at least four to five times and correct all the mistakes. If you are not confident about the mistakes, reach out to an expert to review your Imperial College business school personal statement for you.

Submit on time:

Never wait to submit your personal statement on the last day. If anything goes wrong, you will be exempted from the pool. The best advice is to submit at least a week ahead of the deadline. 

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Personal Statement for Nanotechnology in Imperial College Example

‘Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough’…

As I recall one of the motivational quotes of Richard Feynman, I reflect upon the tremendous potential that the field of nanotechnology holds for me. I believe my academic goals to be a by-product of my exposure to electrical engineering. Capitalizing on this natural fascination and acquiring knowledge, I am all set to embrace a Master’s program in Engineering, specializing in Nanotechnology. For me, it is imperative to develop my research skills, focusing on domains like 2D nanostructures, plasmonic waveguides and optical trapping. Well, I would acknowledge this passion as an outgrowth of my curiosity in natural science, which was never a part of my academic courses.

Reflecting upon my high-school days, I spent a significant time exploring physics and mathematics beyond my textbooks. During this time, I was intrigued over the MIT Open Course Ware, which I came across on the internet. Electromagnetics appealed to me with its elegance, along with its non-intuitive and evasive theories. My appetite for clearing these concepts compelled me to watch experimental demonstrations. I also came across ‘A student’s guide to Maxwell’s equations’ online, and it appeared to be my strength. In two months, I got the opportunity to mentor some of the brightest minds of India at an inter-school seminar.

Even after I ascended college, it took me a couple of years to discover my fascination with solid-state devices and photonics. Out of curiosity, I took on advanced programs on semiconductor physics. Eventually, my interest in nanotechnology started growing acute, and I commenced with my formal research in nanophotonics. I found this to be a unique domain, where most of the areas of my interests overlapped. Knowing that nanotechnology holds the secret for research on the next-gen device engineering and swift computing, I decided to specialize in this discipline.

As a part of my undergraduate thesis, I developed SPCE (surface plasmon coupled emission) sensors. During this time, I explored several means to enhance the coupling between surface plasmon polariton and the fluorescence emission to enhance the efficiency of fluorescence microscopy to collect signals. Rather than deploying a single film of silver, opted for Ag-GaAs-Ag stack on a prism of glass, matching index. In the process, I succeeded in enhancing both the SPCE intensity and excitation field. The reason I designed the spacer layer on the upper film of silver was that, in typical SPCE studies, the glass spacers did not contribute to the amplification of signals. Besides, I adopted several combinations involving 2D materials, like molybdenum and graphene disulfide, one-dimensional materials like CNT (carbon nanotube) and fullerene, with zero dimension due to their individual properties while interacting with molecules of fluorophore. This significantly increased the SPCE. I published the results of this paper in a journal paper, after it was reviewed by a peer.

My internship at Adnano Technologies for five months bestowed me with a gratifying experience. In this company, I worked on LSPR (localized surface plasmon resonance) for SMD (single molecule detection). This involved confining the evanescent field in a small volume. I introduced a hole n the thin film of silver, as a result of which LSPR was generated. Besides, I recorded an ~8-fold enhancement in the field of excitation. However, the propagation length and penetration depth were small indeed to generate a small excitation volume.

Being an avid reader, I am familiar with the transmission of quasi-TEM microwave signals and the use of plasmonic structures in CPW. These adoptions can usher many advantages over the present technology. Particularly, it would lead to lower consumption of data, high bandwidth rate and reduced layers. I look forward to research on all these fields, along with the scope of chip-to-chip deployment. This would result in reduced loss of propagation and cross talk, without compromising with the SNR.

Presently, I look forward to study the Master’s program at your esteemed university and earn a higher degree, and eventually go for a PhD. Evolving as a seasoned professional, I would be able to contribute to advanced researches in the field of electrical engineering. In the process, I would also be able to serve my country, India, in terms of evolving technologies. A positive growth is already taking place back in the laboratories of my homeland. I look forward to complement my interests and professional goals with adequate formal education from your institution. Considering the sound academic infrastructure and progressive learning environment at your college, I look forward to enroll myself for the specified program. On acquiring the advanced knowledge, I would gladly propel myself closer to my professional goals.

If you are feeling confused or don’t know how to start your essay, here is an Imperial College personal statement masters example PDF for you to download and read.

Download Imperial College Personal Statement Sample PDF

Example 2 – Computer Science Personal Statement Imperial College

Pro Tips for Composing Imperial College Personal Statement Without Mistakes

To write a sure bet personal statement that cements your seat, here are some professional tips from the experts. 

Try to incorporate all of them during your writing for a definite result. 

Never plagiarize:

Plagiarism in the personal statement is an unforgivable mistake. It could lead to the rejection of your application. Refer to the Imperial personal statement example but don’t copy it.  

Solidify claims with evidence:

If you are citing any of your achievements or strengths, make sure to substantiate them with legible evidence. 

Maintain consistency:

Maintain consistency in formatting, quality of language, and writing tone throughout your document. 

Ensure readability and engagement:

Readability is the overall easiness that a reader will find while reading your write-up. Engagement measures how much the reader enjoys reading it. Both are essential in your personal statement. 

Root out mistakes:

Allow no mistakes – grammatical, spelling or factual. Writing your personal statement without adhering to the requirements is also considered to be a mistake. So, avoid that.

Final Checklist

  • Have you proofread your personal statement? 
  • Have you validated your document against Imperial College London personal statement examples? 
  • Does your personal statement meet all the guidelines from the Imperial college admission board? 
  • Have you got a second opinion on your personal statement? 
  • Has your personal statement been properly formatted? 
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Why Imperial College London? 5 Reasons Why International Students Dream to Study There

Global research contributor:

Imperial College London is a key contributor to many international projects by way of their research. 

Ranked among the top ten:

The Imperial has always secured its place among the top ten institutions at the global level.

Partnership with foreign universities:

The institute is collaborating with many foreign universities. Students are offered a chance to visit these partner universities.

International programs:

The university conducts many overseas programs which enable students to travel to other continents and volunteer in social and academic activities.

Diversity of staff and students:

It is estimated that about 60% of the students and 35% of the faculties of the university have non-UK backgrounds. It’s one of the most diverse institutions in the world.

How to Apply at Imperial College London?

  • First of all, register your account with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services) 
  • Complete the registration by adding your details. 
  • Provide details of your academic and professional experiences and history. 
  • Choose the preferred program you wish to apply to. In this case, the particular Imperial College Program you are applying to. 
  • Attach your Imperial College personal statement and other documents
  • Click on the submit button to file your application. 
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Imperial College London Acceptance Rate

As per the data released by UCAS, in the year 2020, the acceptance rate to Imperial College was about 13.5%. To put in actual figures, only 3,450 students could get an admission out of the total application of 25,650.

Life at Imperial

Imperial College London is one of the most vibrant academic institutions in the world. Besides lectures and labs, students are offered opportunities to take part in various activities, for instance, baking, hip hop, biking, drama and more. The number of societies, clubs and various projects together make up around 350.

A Few Reminders as We Wind Up

We hope that we could assist you in writing your Imperial College personal statement by providing useful information in this blog.

Is there anything that you feel we should have added more details about? Don’t hesitate to tell us. 

Use the comment section below to raise your doubts and questions or to share your feedback. 



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