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Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career as a teacher? 

Do you know how much impact a teacher personal statement can add to your application? 

Congratulations, if you were looking to know how to write a personal statement on teaching. 

We discuss all your concerns regarding the same in this blog. 

This blog will present you: 

  • A comprehensive outlook of teacher personal statement
  • Teaching personal statement examples
  • Samples for primary school teacher personal statement
  • Teaching assistant personal statement examples

What is a Teaching Personal Statement?

When you apply for a job as a teacher, whether at the onset of your career or after a while into the career for a job promotion, your relevant skills, strengths, and experiences need to be portrayed convincingly in a personal statement so as to convince the recruiting authorities. 

It is an important document for you to convince the recruiters about your suitability for the role because it gives you the chance to: 

  • Showcase how seriously you have taken up the profession of teaching 
  • Establish that you have clearly understood the expectations of the school
  • Show rather than tell that you have the required set of skills and aptitude 

When Do You Need a Killer Personal Statement for Teaching?

Candidates applying for all kinds of teaching posts are required to submit a customized teacher personal statement. 

Here are some scenarios. 

When you apply for the role of a primary school teacher

When you apply for a teaching assistant post

When you apply for admission to a Postgraduate Certificate in Education program (PGCE)

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Steps for Writing a Teaching Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for teaching can be done in six simple steps. 

In fact, it becomes easier and more efficient when you compartmentalize the whole process into multiple steps. 

Gather relevant points:

The first step is of course getting to know what you want or are expected to talk about in your personal statement for teaching. Reading previously written examples of a teacher’s personal statement and researching the concerned teaching job description will help. 

Write a good introduction:

After you have all the points, start writing straight away. Begin with a solid introduction where you give a brief bio of yourself and share with the reader what to expect from your personal statement. 

Develop a sound body:

Remember to draft the body of your personal statement in multiple paragraphs. You can assign independent paragraphs to write about your skills, achievements, and strengths. 

Write a conclusion:

End your personal statement with a sound conclusion that clearly demonstrates your objective so that the reader knows what to take away from your essay in one or two sentences.

Proofread and correct mistakes:

Proofreading is in fact the most important stage in your personal statement preparation. It is in this stage that you will perfect your write-up by eliminating all mistakes and incongruencies. 

Get reviewed by an expert:

Before you submit your document, consider showing it to an expert or a colleague and get their feedback. If they give you any constructive feedback, try to incorporate them into the document. 

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Primary School Teacher Personal Statement

If the teaching role that you are applying for is primary school teacher, you need to write the best personal statement for primary teaching for two reasons. 

One, the venue for primary school teaching is highly competitive. Unless you show how you are different and unique from the rest of the applicants, you will probably find your application disregarded.

Two, a personal statement gives you the opportunity to show your relevant skills and experiences. 

Normally, you can write your personal statement for primary teaching in about 500 to 600 words. 

Teaching Personal Statement Examples – Primary Teaching Job Personal Statement Example

Imparting knowledge to children provides me with a gratification that no other pursuit can complement. This is more than bestowing them with academic knowledge. I love crafting personalities for tomorrow, who would mature to be responsible citizens of the country. Over the years, I have shared a memorable association with children. Given that I already have the exposure in the industry, I need a professional degree to scale up my career. Spending time with kids gives me a gratifying experience. In India, I have tremendous career potential as a primary school teacher. To realize my professional goals, I have decided to pursue a specialized program that would leverage my competence.

I have successfully completed a teacher training program in India. Initially, I started my career in 2015 with Intermediate students, teaching at Delhi Public School. However, I got an opportunity to reach tollers and primary school children after a couple of years. I was picked by Ryan International School, one of the leading institutions in India. It was a pleasure for me to associate with kids. Knowledge cultivation, I believe, encompasses aspects beyond academics. It is character development in kids that determines their future. My values and culture significantly helped the institution enhance the quality of its education. Besides, I channelized my efforts to foster better socialization with kids.

During the last three years of my career in the teaching profession, I have largely examined changes in behaviour of children. By this time, I was well-versed with my communication skills. I shouldered my responsibilities beyond the core aspects of teaching, organizing events for children by coordinating with other staff. Eventually, I got the right pedestal to prepare for a dynamic career where I could shape the personalities and characters of children. It gives me immense pleasure to see them learn, respond, and listen to me. Looking forward, I wish to streamline my profile by acquiring further knowledge in this domain through this globally recognized program.

All these years, I have loved walking in the shoes of a volunteer, as I participated in a wide range of social activities. Being a part of the academic circuit in India, I got the opportunity to visit different primary schools within and outside Delhi. Regardless of where I went, my priority was to foster a safe and comfortable learning environment for kids. Modules like Abacus, in particular, are important for them to master the basics. Eventually, I worked with other volunteers to develop the right kind of academic infrastructure for underprivileged children. It was a rewarding experience for me to see them succeed and progress. After all, I believe that every child enjoys equal rights to acquire knowledge.

Apart from this, I focused on providing first aid and emergency help to kids during incidents. I believe that the role of a teacher at the primary level is much more than what is perceived in the industry. Particularly, India has a significant population of underprivileged children, who are deprived of quality care and education during their formative days. Given that I enjoy my liberty to travel, I channelize my knowledge and resources to leverage my skills. At the same time, I try to translate a similar kind of learning infrastructure to new institutions, that are presently available in the leading private schools in India.

The profession of a teacher appeals to me to an extent, that I have committed myself to the same. I believe that the advanced program in teacher training from Canada will significantly leverage my skills. It would be a great opportunity to learn amidst the international academic infrastructure at your institution. Canadian universities are known for their close association with industry trends. I would like to imbibe valuable knowledge and incorporate the same in the Indian setting when I return to my country. All these years, I have enjoyed being creative with my teaching approach. The advanced course at your revered university will further reinforce me with knowledge and skills, that will help me shape my teaching methods effectively.

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Personal Statement for Teaching Assistant Job

Like teachers, teaching assistant aspirants are also required to write a personal statement while applying for jobs. 

You need to take a unique approach while composing a personal statement for a teaching assistant job. 

Who Are Teaching Assistants? Why Do They Need a Personal Statement?

Teaching assistants are qualified professionals whose duty is to assist full-time teachers in their classrooms. 

They will help full-time teachers to execute their tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

If you want to apply for the role of a teaching assistant, you need to write a teaching assistant personal statement showing why you fit the role. 

It is by reviewing your personal statement that school management will decide whether to hire you for the post or not.

What to Include in Teaching Assistant Personal Statement?

You must clearly list the following pieces of information in your teaching assistant personal statement. 

  • What draws you to the role of a teaching assistant? 
  • What relevant experiences do you have that support your choice of the role? 
  • What are your qualifications and how relevant they are? 
  • What age groups of children did you work with as a teaching assistant? 
  • Which subjects did you teach or assist the full-time teacher in? 
  • Show specific examples of your experience as a teaching assistant 
  • What are your achievements as a teaching assistant?

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Sample Personal Statement for Teaching Assistant Job

The inherent fondness for kids has been a deciding factor for my career choice. Besides, I enjoy gratifying experiences, imparting knowledge and values to children that eventually shape their careers. As a teacher, I find intense pleasure, inculcating life lessons for developing characters and personality, rather than simply imparting academic knowledge. After all, the formative years in the life of children are precious. As a responsible teacher, I believe in crafting personalities and citizens of tomorrow during their early days. This fosters a balanced mental and emotional growth in the kids, helping them mature into persons of integrity.

They say teaching is a noble profession, and personally I love being a part of the education industry. It was five years back during the summer, when my interest in teaching primary kids sparkled. What I love the most in teaching kids is the sense of satisfaction on the face of children, once they learn something new. Over the last few years, I have worked closely with children, helping them grow their skills and confidence. I have been working in close association with the parents, carefully monitoring the development of their children. Besides, I love engaging myself with kids, involving in songs and rhymes.

A greater goal of my life is to infuse a positive input into the lives of the children. Often, I hear my peers saying that males are largely under-represented when it comes to the profession of teaching. This is particularly evident in the primary age group. However, my ambition is to break the stereotypes and establish myself as a role model. For the last five years, I have worked with some of the leading primary schools in India as a teaching assistant. In the process, I have enjoyed the opportunity to help kids aged between 3 to 6 with the basics.

Now, that I have discovered my fascination to work with the kids and support them throughout their formative years, I would love to earn an internationally recognized degree in this domain. This would help me integrate faster within the primary school environment in India. The employment prospects in preschools and playschools in the country looks impressive. I would love to channelize my energies and knowledge to develop citizens, nurturing them with care.

My approach to profession enables me embrace challenges as they come. Teaching is an art, and I love addressing these hindrances with my unique approach to the profession. In the past, I have been experimental with my teaching methods, improvising tactical measures. It’s always exciting to assist students as they absorb knowledge. Over this time working with the primary school, I have been able to streamline my profile, acquiring fresh skills. Being a good communicator and listener, I can channelize my values to foster better skill development among kids. During my professional experience, I have capitalized on every opportunity to foster positive qualities in myself. Particularly, it has been a happening time for me, being a part of Welcome Club, parent-teachers’ meetings and open days. Being a young adult, I have demonstrated the virtues of commitment, organizational skills and maturity.

I understand that the profession I am in calls for assertiveness, resilience and congruence. Over the last few years, I have proactively focused on skill development. In the process, I have obtained certificates in diverse areas like business dynamics, food hygiene and junior sports leadership. Considering the tremendous professional scope as a primary teacher in India, I would like to leverage my profile and capitalize on the opportunities. Blending my theoretical and practical knowledge attending this course, I am in the quest for a degree that will help me leverage my competence as a teacher. Driven by persistence, patience and commitment, I would like to embrace a dynamic career, aiding students craft a sound formative knowledge to build their respective careers.

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Education Personal Statement Sample

Being an avid learner, I have shared the aspirations to embrace a prospective career throughout my life through business and education. For long, I have felt an urge to complete an academic degree in education. It holds a tremendous prospect for me, given that I would have the liberty to stimulate young minds, thereby influencing their lives in a positive way. A degree in Education from your esteemed organization will enable me explore different domains within the education field. In the process, I will be able to mould my career to fit the teaching industry. For me, this would be a gratifying experience to walk in the profile of a teacher, enjoying the warmth and respect that the profession bestows its professionals with.

Presently, I am pursuing my graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from one of the leading colleges in India, specializing in film production. Although this discipline happens to be my forte, my interest lies in art, design and media. Education, I believe, is a holistic field, where I can transform my present interests and skills for the benefit of hundreds of young minds.

All these years, I have been a fervent learner, channelizing my efforts to master industry knowledge. Besides, I respect my responsibilities at college, executing them with pride. Particularly, I have been proactive outside my academics all these years. Prior to college, when I was in the final year at the Intermediate level, my school authorities appointed me as a councillor for pupils in the lower classes. Besides, I served as the special needs assistant for kids experiencing difficulties with Mathematics, English and ICT. Besides, the authorities recognized my sense of responsibility and made me the class prefect and house representative for the entire year. All these experiences moulded my profile to make me the person I am.

It was only last year that I got an opportunity to work in the profile I have always wanted. Our professor in Film Studies requested me to demonstrate a chapter on silent films to the class. It was a 30-minute period, and I would cherish those moments for my entire life. Teaching has always appealed to me, given that I have the opportunity to interpret facts in the best way they can be conveyed. Blending the courses with my personal way of understanding, I could make a difference.

I am a person with a diverse set of hobbies. Apart from reading books, I love collecting insects, weight training and swimming. Besides, I have a fascination for creative animation. All these activities keep me engrossed throughout the day. Apart from this, I focus on activities that would strengthen my soft skills. It has been one and a half years, that I have started learning German.

Well, if someone asks me the reasons to choose a career in education, it would be a challenge to point out to just one factor. Education is a domain that brings me a multitude of interests to explore. Most importantly, it would be an exciting career for me to assist children overcome their learning difficulties. Considering the sound academic infrastructure at your institute, I have decided to pursue this course from this particular university. The quality of teaching, ability to learn from seasoned experts and the dynamic academic environment are some of the aspects that prompted me to apply at your institution. A berth in your university would help me translate my professional goals to reality. In the process, I can devote myself for shaping the lives of children of our subsequent generations.

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PGCE Personal Statement

What Is PGCE? What Is Meant by A PGCE Personal Statement?

PGCE stands for Post Graduate Certification in Education. 

If you want to undergo university-level training in teaching, you will apply for PGCE. 

To apply to the best colleges or universities for the program, you need to include good PGCE personal statements in the application. 

What Is the Recommended Format for Writing A PGCE Personal Statement?

No of pages:

One to two

Character limit:

2500 to 3750

Word count:

About 500 to 600

Font style:

Times New Roman or Georgia

Font size:

12 points


1” at the top, bottom and both sides.
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Types of PGCE Teaching Personal Statement

Personal statement for PGCE primary

Personal statement for PGCE secondary

PGCE Primary Personal Statement

If you want to specialize in primary school teaching as a teacher trainee, you need to specify that in your PGCE application personal statement.

What to Include in it?

  • Why do you wish to focus on primary school teaching? 
  • What makes you special or suitable for primary school teaching? 
  • What have you done that makes you fit for this role? 
  • How will you contribute to the role of primary school teaching? 
  • What are your career aspirations as a PGCE primary school teacher? 

PGCE Secondary Personal Statement

If you are applying for the role of a PGCE secondary school teacher or want to get trained in that role, you are expected to write a tailored PGCE Secondary Personal Statement. 

What to Include in Secondary Teaching PGCE Personal Statement?

  • Why are you choosing a PGCE secondary school teacher as your career path? 
  • How will you excel in this role? 
  • What are your experiences and academic backgrounds that add value and relevance to your choice?
  • How will you contribute to this role? 
  • How do you wish to steer your career as a PGCE secondary school teacher? 
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General Tips for Personal Statement on Teaching

  • Keep your teacher personal statement within the recommended word count. 
  • Read about the job description by each school and customize your personal statement accordingly if you are applying to multiple posts.  
  • Never fail to read and understand the guidelines provided by your school. They may expect you to write the personal statement in a certain way. 
  • Focus on your unique skills and strengths and show how they make you fit for the role. 
  • Support every claim you make in your personal statement with specific examples.

Few Things to Remind You as We Wrap Up…

We have tried our best to cover everything about writing personal statement for teaching programs at various levels and contexts. 

We hope that you found this blog useful. 

Did it really help you? 

Or do you have any other questions to ask us? 

If you have any doubts or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to ask us. 

We encourage you to write them in the comments below.  

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