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Photography Personal Statement: All You Need to Know

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Does a career in Photography fascinate you? If you dream of becoming a photographer, you must wait no more to write an impeccable photography personal statement because your career is going to be shaped by where you get trained in photography. And to study where you want to, a photography personal statement is inevitable. 

Having done several research and case studies about personal statement for photography courses, we are happy to share all our insights about this most crucial higher study document in this blog. We have included everything in this blog such as: 

  • What is a personal statement for photography and how to write it? 
  • What are specializations in photography? 
  • Photography statement examples

Is Photography a Good Career Choice?

Yes, Photography is an excellent career choice. More than a profession, it’s an art. And if you love this art, you will not only enjoy your career as a photographer but also earn a good living out of it. 

Is Studying Photography Abroad Worth it?

A lot of students who want to study photography are caught up in this question. Here are some of the benefits of studying photography in a college or university abroad. 

  • Foreign training in photography will broaden your perspective and will teach you what to focus on in each of your captures.
  • When you find your place at the best photography institute abroad, which you secure through a photography personal statement, you will be trained by accomplished professional photographers
  • The focus, perspective and mentality of photographers in one country are quite different from those in another. Through studying photography abroad, you will get to learn both perspectives. 
  • Foreign universities provide their students with ample chances for self-improvement and soft-skill development such as communication skills, public speaking, leadership, etc. 
  • Many foreign universities are willing to welcome international students with scholarships for photography courses. If you win a scholarship, you can fund much of your expenses of studying abroad with it.  
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What Is Photography Personal Statement and Why It Is Important?

A personal statement for photography course application is an essay you need to write conveying your reasons for choosing photography as your higher study program and what makes you the right fit for this particular institute where you are applying. 

For a long time, institutes have been considering it as important as other application documents such as GPA, IELTS, recommendation letter etc. The reasons vary from institute to institute. The most common ones are:

  • Personal statement shows the applicant’s motivation behind choosing photography
  • The communication skills of the applicants can be verified through the personal statement 
  • Out of several applications, the admission panels of universities shortlist their candidates after differentiating them based on personal statement
  • Personal statement photography helps institutes figure out how a candidate they want to select would contribute to their program. 

How to Write a Photography Personal Statement?

Although you aren’t required to possess ultimate knowledge about photography or strong command over the English language to write the best photography personal statement, the use of the right strategy is essential to draft a winning personal statement. Here are the steps you would need for that. 

Read about photography:

Photography is a multi-layered higher study program. Don’t take it as just capturing pictures. Read a lot about this field of study and try to understand its scope, which path you want to tread etc. 

Understand all requirements:

Go through the photography degree personal statement writing guidelines given by your university/college. Look into specific requirements such as format, answering prompts, word length, etc. Try to incorporate them without fail. 

Brainstorm and identify sweet spots:

Based on the answering prompts given by your concerned higher study institute, brainstorm for relevant points. Identify all the strengths that make you a good photographer. Find out ways to introduce those strengths. 

Analyse a few samples:

Make it a point to go through a couple of personal statement photography examples before starting to write your document. When you do this, you will be exposed to a realistic scenario. This will improve your confidence. 

Write the first draft:

Once you become confident, take the next step which is writing the first draft. Start with the introduction, write the body paragraphs in multiple paragraphs and then the conclusion. Ensure to make both the intro and conclusion impressive. 

Refine and finalize:

Once the first draft is done, proofread the whole essay a couple of times and note down sentences or paragraphs that look imperfect. Later, come back to the pinned sentences/paragraphs and refine them. 

Pro Tip: Be ready with a 100% flawless photography personal statement. Every mistake, even if it is minor, has the potential to sabotage your admission. 

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Photography Personal Statement Example

Take a look at this photography personal statement example. It has been written for a real-world situation. Look at how the writer introduces the document in an engaging manner and transitions naturally and smoothly to ensuing paragraphs.

Camera lenses have intrigued me all the way from my early teens. I perceive lenses to be the ‘eyes’ of a photographer, as I visualize my surroundings in a way I would like to project to the world. Objects moving outside my windows, people talking in their distinct ways, buildings rocking along a moving train: it’s all about perspectives. It’s the perception in which people interpret photographers that define his uniqueness. My psychology about photography is largely spiritual. I feel an inner urge and desire to materialize concepts beyond the material world. What drives me forward is the interest in building concepts that people don’t get to feel, although the elements are present all around them.

I love delving deeper than the superficiality of images. It gives me immense pleasure to stir up the gratification and excitement, fancying scenes that I would love to capture. At fifteen, I owned my first camera, a handy cam. This led me to hunt for flowers and bugs for long hours. As my hands grew firm, I started composing innovative scenes with different perspectives, lighting and angles. It is always a great feeling to visually express myself. As I learned from experience, simpler objects appealed to my intellect. By seventeen, I was playing around with different moods and images.

What attracts me to photography is the psychology that differentiates photography from other visual arts. In photography, I believe that the eternal concept is attached more profoundly to reality. Particularly, I love exploring perspectives, and observing how different people perceive the same concept in their own ways. My graduation years have further enabled me to focus on these aspects. I believe photographs to be largely ubiquitous. These images often find their way into fabrics, and seldom do people give a second thought to what they see. Therefore, defining a photograph’s ‘reality’ becomes increasingly difficult.

Well, although photography was my fascination, I decided to go with science. All these years, photography has been my hobby. Now that I have spent more than a decade handling cameras, and presently shoot wedding events as well as corporate programs, I believe that a professional degree in photography will leverage my profile. I have decided to embrace photography as a career choice, rather than a hobby to keep me engaged during my leisure hours. The most intriguing element in photography is the powerful visual message that remains for generations to be observed and analyzed, once captured. Whether it is an abstract composition or a strong message of scenes, it stimulates my thought processes and motivates me to incorporate my perspectives.

All these years, photographs appealed to me just like a jigsaw puzzle. There are enough pieces in the world around me to compose images. However, I love being selective about the pieces I choose, that compose the most mesmerizing ones. After all, the very essence of photography revolves around transforming ordinary scenes into something extraordinary.

Well, I often find myself in the afternoons in art galleries, which inspire me to experiment and incorporate my own techniques. It’s exciting to blend different art techniques in photography. Particularly, I love Alex Stoddard’s photography, which eventually helped me in broadening my ideas in infusing my art with conceptual messages. Occasional words of appreciation motivate me to keep going. At exhibitions, I often receive a pat on my back, that further stirs my love and leverages my interest. People admire my quirky style, and this admiration is what I capitalize on. Besides, the Visual Camera Club selected me to portray my photos before their audience last winter. I also bank on the requests that I receive for taking photographs at different social and corporate events.

In the last couple of years, I have channelized my interest in web design and video production. I have rightly realized that the motion in videos integrates photography with a different dimension altogether. I have also completed an advanced course on Adobe Premiere Pro to complement my photo editing skills. These skills proved handy when I developed my portfolio website last year.

As I look forward to building a dynamic career around photography, an internationally recognized program will significantly help me enhance and expand my techniques. Besides, I would love to specialize in some areas that appeal the most to me. Particularly, I want to delve into the arena of corporate photography. Back in India, we have a rapidly evolving economy with the digital transformation influencing every industry. Corporate photography involves unique skills that I need to master. Along with learning different camera techniques, I wish to diversify my portfolio, which would strengthen my efforts to make a living with the camera.

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Most Popular Specializations in Photography

Photography is a wide academic discipline. There are multiple specializations in it which you can opt for based on your tastes and skills. Write a personal statement for photography course that amply explains why the particular specialization attracted you. 

  • Portrait Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Architectural Photography

Why Is Fashion Photography Becoming a Popular Career Choice among Youths Today?

Today’s youths are more focus-driven when they choose higher study programs. Fashion Photography has become a top career choice among many. The reasons are: 

  • Unlike in the past, today’s people, especially the youth, are more conscious about their dressing. Fashion photography influences people a lot. 
  • Anyone with a little bit of experience and exposure in fashion photography can apply to top colleges. A convincing fashion photography personal statement is mandatory though. 
  • There are plenty of colleges and universities in all the top higher study destinations for those who want to get trained in fashion photography. 
  • Fashion photography is a high-paying profession. If you are passionate about this profession, you must consider it. 

As a fashion photographer, you have a wide range of segments to explore and discover yourself such as: 

  • Fashion Labels
  • Fashion Websites and Magazines
  • Clothes Catalogues
  • Fashion Studios
  • Fashion Exhibitions and Shows
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Event Management and Organizations
  • Freelance Photography

Pro Tip: When you apply for a reputed fashion photography program, don’t forget to include a tailor-made fashion photography personal statement that explains how you ended up with this choice.

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Top Universities to Study Photography

Not yet decided where to study your higher study in photography? We have compiled a list including some of the best institutions at the global level that offer professional training in photography. Take a look at it below. 

  • Rochester Institute of Photography
  • California Institute of the Arts             
  • Academy of Art University
  • Istituto Europeo Di Design
  • Goldsmiths University of London
  • Vevey School of Photography
  • Ryerson University – School of Image Arts
  • Accademia Italiana
  • New York Institute of Photography


Have you been able to write an excellent photography personal statement? 

If you found this blog helpful in writing, our efforts have paid off.  

Kindly share with us your thoughts.
Also, we wholeheartedly welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding this blog. 

If you think there is anything more to be clarified, let us know in the comment section below. 



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