How to write a personal statement for college?

A personal statement for college is the essential requirement for college aspirants. Most of these applicants must have decided to take the plunge due to sheer passion for a particular area of study and unwavering determination to make the most of life. But, many students find it a tough task to translate the passion into words. This is essential as the admission of an aspirant entirely depends upon the quality of his/her personal statement. Quality has more than one meaning here. The personal statement for college could be evaluated, scrutinized, rated, censured, praised, trashed or accepted. In other words, your future is hanging in balance and do not take chances here. Get the best personal statement from experienced hands.

I had churned out a lot of similar documents in my successful career as a professional SOP writer. Along with other works, the personal statement for college is considered as my forte. This is the opinion of my clients and almost all of them had secured admissions into their cherished courses. Therefore, you can count on me and the best personal statement will be delivered at your doorstep. I understand that some people won’t be convinced about the real purpose of hiring a professional writer. Let me assure you that my services will benefit you. As you get busy with other formalities of the application process, handling writing assignments may act as a distraction.

Tips for writing a personal statement for college

A personal statement should make an impact and eventually lead to a positive response from the admission committee. It should be a literary piece that has the capability to amaze and attract attention. It doesn’t demand you to go in detail about various academic achievements. Basically, both SOP (statement of purpose) and personal statement are the same. As the name suggests, a personal statement gives you ample opportunities to shed light on the personal aspects of your life. Many people ask me about the secret of penning down an effective personal statement. In my experience, practice makes you perfect. I am the writer behind thousands personal statements and this approach suits me well. But, a first-timer wouldn’t have time to burnish their writing process through years of practice. Therefore, following a few quick tips would enable them to write a personal statement for college that is good enough.

Express interest in the program
– It goes without saying that members in the admission committee are on the look out for those right candidates who fit in the program perfectly. In order to become qualified as the “apt fit”, you need to express interest in the program. Merely saying “I am interested in the area of study”, would come across as generic and unenthusiastic. Some candidates deliberately craft a generic personal statement because they plan to send it to many universities simultaneously. I wouldn’t call it a crime, but you need to include a unique element in each personal statement.

Mind the length- The basic difference between a statement of purpose and personal statement is the length. Statements of Purposes (SOP) are long essays and may run into several pages. This approach is not suitable for personal statements. The word count should not exceed limits. An ideal essay should be written in 500 words. This restriction calls for careful planning about what to include and exclude.

Make a master planHow to start a personal statement for college?  This is a question that puzzles many first timers. This confusion is normal as it is believed that a personal statement’s first sentence can make an indelible impression. This belief might be true in rare cases, but not always. Nevertheless, it is true that you gain upper-hand with an attention grabbing opening sentence. Be careful to steer clear of clichéd sentences and humorous statements. My advice is to make the opening sentence as personal as possible. The personal statement of college outline should be based on your personal experiences.

The second paragraph should elaborate on those unique incidents that led to your decision. The special incident that prompted you to join the course would offer an interesting reading experience for the committee members. Most of them plough through loads of boring academic write-ups on a daily basis.  Can you offer them a respite from the drudgery? The approach wouldn’t go unappreciated, I assure.

Remember that you can’t ride on the initial impression till the end. When they start searching for some “substance” in the sea of words, you should deliver it. The following paragraphs must elaborate on your eligibility for successfully completing the course. The word eligibility doesn’t mean academic qualifications. As mentioned earlier, you must stick to the “personal approach”. What is it that developed a spark inside you? If you feel like bringing in a childhood incident, do not hesitate.

The personal statement for university should speak about your skills, interests, hobbies and interesting personal attributes. These descriptions should be centered around childhood events, unexpected turning points in life etc. Weave a convincing story around the incident. Select incidents that offer moving tales and involve unforgettable life lessons. Don’t worry if you can’t remember any suitable incident. A trip down the memory lane may come in handy. You will stumble upon several episodes that fit the slot.

Have you been involved in a volunteering activity back in childhood? Did you attend a talk show or seminar that gave you an overview of the interesting field?  Some children receive awards for demonstrating exceptional talent in a particular activity. As a result, they get noticed and appropriately rewarded. This reward might have been in the form of an award or certificate. The value or size of the award doesn’t matter at all. The appreciation must have planted a desire to learn more and explore the domain inside the child’s budding mind. Many people’s decisions to chase music, writing and social work have stemmed from such childhood events.

There are many examples of personal statements for college freshmen that utilize childhood passions to craft gripping personal statements. There are other examples too. As a child, you might have exhibited tremendous leadership quality and team spirit. Your teachers and elders must have made you captain of the football team in school or assigned you the task of managing a group of unruly kids in class. All these experiences must have contributed to your eagerness to join management courses. Being a leader of the local club and playing in the village cricket team are similar triggers. Do not take these “minor” incidents lightly. They hold special significance in the eyes of the university authorities. Many childhood dreams and so-called ambitions die down with advancing age. The fact that you have kept it aflame speaks volumes of your true passion. Now, you have decided to do a course based on it. These are wonderful points to impress them.
Later, you can explain how the above mentioned extra-curricular activities have groomed you for the course. Some of them might be directly connected. For example, the appreciation you had received for those leadership roles might have made you confident enough to enroll in the MBA program. There are other examples that are indirectly connected to those skills/talents developed during formative years. Few candidates choose a course to make good use of those interpersonal skills developed as part of classroom activities. Such interpersonal skills may include abilities to work as a team, get along with people, shoulder responsibilities and fulfill commitments without fail. This is how you prove yourself a good candidate for the program.
Once you have completed the rest of the essay, it is time to edit the essay thoroughly. A poorly written personal statement can play spoilsport, even if it has all those essential ingredients to hook your readers. There is nothing wrong in seeking help from a grammar nazi. Proper spellings and correct punctuations can’t be overlooked. As a professional academic writer, I can help you out with these tasks. In addition, the write-up must be neatly structured and a logical flow must be ensured. In my opinion, it is a good idea to end the essay with a sentence that reinforces your passion to do the course and ambitions in future. The gesture would cement your position in the minds of committee members. A last-minute decision could be taken based on this sentence. Who knows.

Last but not the least, ensure honesty in each and every sentence you write. I have advised my clients against the tendency to cook up stories and fabricate stuff. This isn’t the right way to go about it. It is downright unethical. However, my advice isn’t from the moral point of view alone. Few questions based on the written information could be thrown at you during the interview. So, don’t fumble at the unexpected move and ruin your chances. After all, you don’t gain anything out of such tricks. All my clients had unique stories to tell and each one of you can definitely do the same. Write from your heart and wax eloquent during the interview. Let us hope for best results!

Personal statement sample essays
Here is a personal statement essay example. A thorough reading of the write-up will give you a clear idea. However, this is not the one and only way of writing a personal statement. Read and figure it out for yourself. The personal statement packs an irresistible narrative and communicates the author’s passion and determination to strive hard during the MA English program.

English was always tough for me. I would call it a tough language to master. However, despite the umpteen hurdles I’ve confronted, I’ve devoted my entire life to mastering it. I agree that occasional episodes of depression and hopelessness had grabbed me. I’ve sobbed because I couldn’t figure out the meaning of a proper sentence in English, no matter how hard I tried to conquer it. The voyage to fluency is hard, but a sturdy determination is what guides me now.

I took my first English class when I was ten. My initial interest in the language was not deep enough. I loved Hollywood movies, English novels and the global image it had. A far stronger connection was developed over time. My only goal was to translate, although I had little idea about the path to take. My mother tongue is Bhojpuri, the official dialect of Hindi, spoken in Bihar, the northern state of India.

After imbibing the beauty of English language for few years, I wanted to explore the language in detail.  As a Hindi medium student, my school days didn’t offer many opportunities to do this. I entered college and enrolled in BA English course. However, I continued to feel like an outsider. After all, it was just the passion that propelled me ahead. Reality was different and I couldn’t even speak fluently in the language.

And this is when the universe conspired in my favour, as the famous novel by Paulo Coelho says. I received a chance to share my hostel room with a foreign student. She was from Singapore and spoke wonderful English. My friendship with her grew over time and she helped to improve my spoken language. My passion for English literature developed during this period. Suddenly, life became meaningful and everything fell into the right track. Upon completion of the course, I returned to my village named Sasaram, situated in Bihar.

Sitting alone in the old study room at home, in a town where very few inhabitants speak English, I dream of a bright future for me. I am planning to improve my English and courageously tread a path into language teaching. The field of professional translation also has caught my fancy. In the two years I spent with my foreign friend, I devoted myself to English language and everything associated with it. I had attempted lengthy conversations and succeeded to an extent. My newfound love for English novels would only grow over time and act a tool to make me proficient in the language.

Let me make myself clear. I am not an expert, nor am I specially gifted at English language skills. I love the language even if there are words I can’t pronounce and understand. I love the language even in the midst of my constantly failing attempts to keep a conversation afloat. I promise to maintain the same level of passion, creativity and enthusiastic nature. I am a tireless hard-worker and setbacks can’t dent my confidence. English is the goal I wish to chase, the job I strive for, the language that fascinates me. I am determined to pursue it, even if it means a life full of hardships.