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How Many Pages is 800 Words?

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Are you thinking about writing an essay or an assignment and wondering how many pages is 800 words? Depending on what you write and how you write – single-spaced or double-spaced, academic documents like college essays or blog posts – 800 words how many pages can vary. But, rest assured, we have covered everything you need to know in detail in this blog. 

How Many Pages Is 800 Words Single Spaced?

800 words is the typical size of a short essay. When you write it in single-spaced formatting as per any specific operating manuals using standard fonts like Ariel, Times New Roman, Verdana or Calibri, you should be able to accomplish it in 1.6 pages. 

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How Many Pages Is 800 Words Double Spaced?

800 words in pages, when double-spaced, translate to 3.2 pages. When you produce essays or assignments in typed formatting via word processors – MS Word, Google Docs – institutes may recommend that you write it double-spaced. Doing so will make the reading much easier. 

How Many Paragraphs Is 800 Words?

If you are not writing more than 100 words in a paragraph, 7 to 8 paragraphs would contain 800 words to pages of 1.6. 100 words is the standard size of a short paragraph, which is easier to read and present a point briefly. 

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How Many Pages Is 800 Words Handwritten?

With normal handwriting size, you would be able to fit in 800 words in 3.2 pages. If you wonder how long is 800 words in pages when you produce a handwritten copy, it is important to realize that handwritten pages take up as much space as double-spaced pages. 

How Many Pages Is An 800 Word Essay?

An 800 word essay is either 1.6 pages or 3.2 pages in single-spaced or double-spaced formatting respectively. However, when you calculate the page count, besides spacing, two more things need to be considered. It is the size of the margins and the paragraph spacing. If you leave more margins and extra space between paragraphs, it can affect the number of pages. So, strictly adhere to the formatting rules specified by the institute. 

How Long Does It Take To Write 800 Word Essay?

Just like how long is an 800 word essay, a common question many students have is how long to write 800 words essay. It is greatly influenced by the individual’s writing or typing speed. If you are super clear on how to write a 800 word essay and have an outline ready, you should be able to complete it in 2 to 3 hours. 


Congratulations. You now know how many pages is 800 words. Are you ready to write your essay now? If you still wonder 800 words how many pages or any similar doubts regarding the formatting, rest assured, we can help you. Whatever your concerns regarding this topic are, feel free to write in the comments below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many pages is 800 words in A4 paper?

800 words is how many pages in A4 paper depends on how you space the lines. If single-spaced, it will be 1.2 pages. 800 word essay double spaced comes around 3.2 pages. 

How to write an 800 word essay? 

To write an 800 word essay, read the essay question and formatting instructions carefully. Research the topic, prepare an outline and start the writing. If you are unsure how to write 800 words essay or lack time, feel free to seek our  professional support. 



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